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Why do you assume Tech would be able to find a replacement who is capable of doing better?

Think about UVA football. What would prevent Virginia Tech from turning into that sad program? We have the same recruiting base as they do, if anything recruiting is easier for them than for us.

10 wins a year? In the chase for the ACC championship basically every year? Why are you so quick to give that up? I don't understand, do you believe it is easy getting to the National Championship?

Beamer has gotten to a National Championship before as head coach. Hell, he had the lead in the third quarter of a national championship game. If he would switch offensive coordinators I believe he could get back there, and fairly soon.

I am not in anyway convinced that Tech is more likely to get to a National Championship with a different coach than with Beamer. Convince me otherwise.
I think it is a medical condition known as "keyboard optiorectomorphosis." If you sit at a keyboard long enough with a funny name, you start developing a dementia that makes you think you know more about game of football than a guy who has done it better than 99% of his peers for more than a quarter of a century and gets paid millions to do it. Eventually, this leads to a physicial impairment where the nerves from your butt to your eyeballs get conflated and you get a crappy outlook on life in general. Yes, there are people out there who have become completely fed up with a program that wins more than any other and that does so in a clean way, and they demand a change. Because, goldarnit, they are entitled to a national championship from these people who actually put in 20 hour days working on it because they post on message boards. Here is wisdom: never mistake this message board for the real world. It's Fantasy Island and it has more Tattoos than Texas has cowpies. But it is high entertainment.