This thread is kind of funny.

The thread originates because one person thinks it is notable that a Charleston, West Virginia sportswriter penned a phrase (referring to the SEC, Big Ten, Pac 12 and Big 12 as the "top 4" conferences) that easily could have been written by any writer anywhere in the country. In point of fact, I think virtually every objective observer agrees that the ACC presently stands fifth in the pecking order of college football conferences. And probably has been since Virginia Tech and Miami joined the league. (Before 2004, I would give the Big East the edge over what some then considered FSU and the eight dwarfs.) Some might disagree, but if the ACC is competing for fourth, I think it is competing with the Pac 12, not the Big 12.

Another poster questions why anyone would bother to read a West Virginia newspaper, then goes on to trash the writer, the state and so forth. Turns out some of us Hokies actually live in West Virginia, or grew up here or have some other connection with the State. In point of fact, Mitch Vingle is a pretty solid sports reporter and has been for years.

I'm a Hokie and I'm certainly not here to justify or apologize for the poor behavior of WVU fans. But when some Hokies get on their high horse and start making the arguments about why a Tech-WVU football series ought not be resumed, they need to look at the beligerence, the stereotypes and the general bad attitude some Hokies tend to display toward anything and everything associated with West Virginia. Sitting where I sit, in Charleston, West Virginia, I can certainly understand why some West Virginia fans and some West Virginians, generally, might think that Hokies are a bunch of arrogant asses.

The football programs no longer compete against one another. They aren't going to compete against one another anytime soon. Folks need to drop the attitude and let it go. Negativity toward others, even if you believe it justified, does not cast Virginia Tech or Hokies, generally, in a favorable light.