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    Quote Originally Posted by sideline guy View Post
    Bottom line, this was a very, very, very winable regional. Our roster was strong enough to win and we gave it away. We play smart clean baseball and VT wins. This team had a great year, but they should be kicking themselves for giving away a regional title. Who knows when we get this chance again.
    By "very, very, very winable", you mean toughest by far right?

    I mean, OU was certainly one of the strongest 2s. Uconn was without a doubt the strongest 4, and Coastal is always tough and has experience in these things.

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    Exclamation Seems that way at times; I enjoyed the diversion from football and hoops;

    For me and I'm sure for a lot of VT fans, it was the first time in a while concentrating on Hokie baseball. Getting to know the team in a short time was fun; frustrating at times seeing the limitations and awesome at some of the finishes; walk off's etc. Baseball is an especially humbling game at any level. For me, I wasn't very good when I was younger; better later; coached/commissioned all levels of youth ball from T-ball, 4a, all stars, and middle school; where the basics, fundamentals and small ball were all you could manage. It's a team game with extreme demands on the individual players, where the weakest link is always exposed. I appreciate what Coach Hughes has accomplished with the talent available, and like what the players have done as well. After the last few years of football and basketball trauma, stress, and dealing with increased expectations; maybe it's time to refocus on being a Hokie fan and enjoying the competition. Sure, let's aim for championships, but I wonder if we've lost sight of game day and the process. Anyway, I've got a goal for next year's team: beat Carolina.


    Quote Originally Posted by King of Hokies View Post
    Our baseball team exceeded expectations this year. How was this weekend a tragedy?

    Bottom line is that our roster was very limited this year. We are 2 position players short of a very solid roster, and we could use a dominating pitcher as well. We don't have much speed at all and our fielding is just not top-notch.

    Those are roster limitations, people. And they are due to letting our program drastically slip during the last 6-7 years of Hartman's career, while it became a super-popular ACC sport that became a mainstay in UNC and UVa's portfolios (FSU, Miami and GT were always very strong).

    We competed very well and beat many teams that were flat out better than us on paper. Swept pool play in the ACC Tournament and got to the Champ game. Didn't hit for squat in that game but still kept it close by a great performance from a little-used pitcher. Earned an NCAA regional host seed for the first time EVER in school history. Had 2 All-ACC players and 1 All-American. Spanked our hated rival in a game that they dominate due to a $30 Million windfall more than a decade ago.

    Other than the disappointment of not advancing to Super Regionals, which I personally did not favor us to do (and I would have bet money against if forced to make a bet), I don't know how anyone could be anything other than pleased with this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King of Hokies View Post
    I disagree. This team showed up super clutch from early May on. We were looking at an 8 seed and wondering if we'd even make the ACC tourney in April. Then two huge series sweeps got us a 6 seed. Then a 3-0 record in pool play (including a thrashing of our pool favorite and hated rival) put us in the ACC championship game. That also got us a NCAA regional in the 'Burg with a #13 overall national seed. Even though we lost the first game we hung tough through two elimination games at made it to the bracket final. We were one clutch hit/two fielding errors/three failed bunt attempts (take your pick) from taking it to Monday.

    I can't see how anyone in their right mind classifies those facts as "playing it's worst ball when people started paying attention." Apparently you weren't aware of our series losses to GT and Miami in March and our 0-6 record vs. UNC/NCSU in early April?

    I understand that folks on these boards were paying attention, but the average Hokie wasn't really paying close attention until the win over UVa in the tourney, period.

    And you are right, this might not have been the worst ball of the year, perhaps just a return to norm after playing some of the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3Up3Down View Post
    I thought you could not have a good college team in cold weather cities???
    hence the "for a team in the NE" clarification

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