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  1. If possible, will you please enable posts w/o text in the body?
  2. Time stamps on posts should be GMT - 5 hrs; not GMT - 4 hrs.
  3. Repost from lounge since I found this board.
  4. Is there a way to switch the font?
  5. Tutorial on how to post pics directly (and full-sized)
  6. Is there still a UWS board?
  7. CC info was missing card # and had an old expiration date listed.
  8. When viewing in linear format within a thread, can you change the page size? Default
  9. How do I insert a URL?
  10. Will "TSL Host" icons return for Will, Chris, Bstreet, Raleigh et al?
  11. The time is an hour off. GMT -5, maybe?
  12. I suggest heavy drinking and lobotomies for all in order to
  13. Any plans to enable avatars?
  14. Can I get the 'Go Advanced' reply post as my default?
  15. 'www.techsideline.com' works but not 'techsideline.com' on chrome.
  16. In topic view, anyway it can be noted on the side that a TSL Administrator has....
  17. Is the Recruiting Targets Board messed up for everyone else?
  18. Tags (Metadata) for Published Content
  19. Having trouble typing in a title
  20. Checked out my profile, the formatting was all weird (using Google Chrome fyi)
  21. 2nd advertisement on the right column
  22. Suggestion for in game chat
  23. Post Deletion
  24. Edit Profile information...
  25. Is th site having issues for those running IE7 as well?
  26. General opinion very antiseptic in appearance. A sports website should have larger
  27. Don't know if its an issue for everybody, but I have had on two computers now that if
  28. timestamps on threaded view
  29. Sigh, long day. I'll visit with ya'll tomorrow and discuss things.
  30. I like the site, hoping for a mobile version though, any chance that'll happen?
  31. How come it takes 25-60 seconds each time I click for the page to load?
  32. Forum posts viewed in linear mode only fill about half the column (other modes OK)
  33. Timestamps
  34. Today I've tried Win:IE 8 / Firefox iPad: Safari / Linux Mint: Firefox and Chrome
  35. why do i have to log out before i log in and why do i have to log in 3 or 4 times to
  36. TT Live Notes for 1-9 won;t load.
  37. Official Game Threads
  38. Topic View
  39. I don't understand people complaining about speed on the new website
  40. Comments on mobile
  41. Hokie newslink window opening behavior
  42. what's up with the extra large blank space at the top of the web pages?
  43. Will and crew...
  44. SIR - Issues w/ BB and FB recruiting signees lists...brings up Recruit Search instead
  45. Much better font today looks like a bold Palatino.
  46. mine is shutting down often when go to post
  47. Advertisements
  48. So... no UWS board?
  49. I seem to still be having an issue with the time stamp
  50. SIR - Issue with RSS feeds?
  51. Testing Image Upload Ability
  52. Any idea if TSL will be Tapatalk native?
  53. My time stamp keeps getting reset to Atlantic time zone when I am forced to log in...
  54. Any idea why its saying i joined Dec 31, 1969?...
  55. All my drop down menus at the top suddenly got HUGE font!
  56. Since changeover, no more email alerts with link to new articles. Anyone else?
  57. Maroon banner with striped background?
  58. I'm sure this all falls under the category of IE8 problems....
  59. new site
  60. Poster poll or hit research to determine order of Forums in drop down?
  61. When you are looking at posts in the linear view, is there a way to see more than...
  62. Picture test
  63. would appreciate tips on searching the board.
  64. takes forever for me to go from one page to another in excess of a minute -
  65. is it possible to do this?
  66. When posting a link, is it possible to give it a title?
  67. Recruiting Database
  68. How do I get the list of threads to sort by the newest thread to the board being
  69. I am not getting email notifications of responses to post
  70. Anyone else having problems with authentication on an iPhone?
  71. Test Post Here
  72. How do I delete my post?
  73. Suggestion to clear up / distinguish the Poster, Date, Year, Time at end of threaded
  74. Test
  75. Order of replies
  76. Having trouble with having the boards show in Vbulletin format
  77. Just FYI re Mobile
  78. I don't get the 'remember me" box or option when I log in. I even cleared history,
  79. When opening a thread, what are these little "page" icons
  80. This is how you delete a post.
  81. playing on the site with my new macbook and love it
  82. Two reply buttons once in a thread. Just letting you know I came across this
  83. was the board broken yesterday?
  84. Tech Talk Live Notes never shows article, just advertisements
  85. Please bring back the previous site!
  86. Change is always tough, but question ....
  87. Request - make it easier to transition between boards
  88. Deleting a post/thread
  89. Suggestion re: hyperlinks
  90. Large threads, any way to bookmark what you've already read?
  91. Can you change layout when viewing post?
  92. Weird issue with order of posts in threads
  93. Minor issue/question about text in posts
  94. On all of the recruiting pages making the recruit's names as a link to rivals or
  95. Most people online at one time
  96. Does the target board work?
  97. Two word regarding the new site: NEW COKE
  98. Tracking specific users posts...
  99. Will, what's the difference between "New Posts" and "What's New" ??
  100. Still have to log in for every use
  101. Loving the Topic Hybrid view. For those looking for 'latest post'...hybrid is
  102. How to you get a poster's email now to send a message?
  103. Is it just me, or are others having trouble clicking on Hokie News??
  104. Stickied post-game threads
  105. Unable to change Threaded view to the classic vBulletin/linear/whatever it's called
  106. "What's New" page crops time and forum name off - Chrome
  107. For everyone viewing threads in threaded mode -- a tip.
  108. Marking within a thread
  109. Where is the Women's Basketball schedule located?
  110. hello world?
  111. Incorrect Font Rendering in Chrome vers. 16.0.912.75 m
  112. Is there a way to get an email when there's a response to your post w/o getting
  113. Didn't get an email for Coleman article...
  114. Seems to me the big change that everyone is struggling with is the inability to just
  115. RE: "New Posts"
  116. Can,t open BC article on me IPad.
  117. Search for a specific username or topic?
  118. HELP me understand post "timing"
  119. I'm still unable to have the boards show up in vbulletin board display automatically
  120. FYI--Past recruiting classes
  121. I still have to log in independently to access message boards
  122. Is Brinkleys still needed to post photos?
  123. We should have last night's board formatting issues cleared up.
  124. Photo insert ?
  125. The time stamp for posts still seems to be off by 1 hour
  126. "bump" threads feature
  127. If the envelopes with or w/o letters in it are supposed to signify the NEW post than
  128. IE8 issues seem to be fixed, at least the delay
  129. Anyone else have issues with this font?
  130. Update on known issues with the site
  131. Hello World?
  132. How do you edit your profile?
  133. An issue I haven't seen mentioned...non-functioning back button
  134. Thought on improvement for threaded view when drilled down on a single tread
  135. Icon interpretation, please.
  136. Issue with text width in messages
  137. Will - Recommendation for Fball/Bball schedule table on home page
  138. What happened to the Rich Text buttons?
  139. Just a basic question, sorry. I want to add a link to a youtube video to one of my
  140. Did the "Report this Thread" option disappear?
  141. Tips and Tricks: Viewing the New Board in Threaded Format
  142. OK..Will asked for constructive questions, so I have one. Keeping in mind I'm barely
  143. Trouble logging in with Safari
  144. The best part of the new format, imo, is the single page load
  145. Order once you are in a thread
  146. Will, can you re-start the old board??? thanks, don
  147. Will/CC: I like the new board. Some comments and questions!!??
  148. Does the "Remember Me" function not work anymore
  149. Will - does the new site have the same permalink structure as the old?
  150. Tracking software
  151. Starting today, in linear view, the blue down arrows no longer take me to the first
  152. Having issues with the "Printer Friendly" button on some articles
  153. First new thread. Is there a way to tell if a message continues beyond...
  154. Having issues accessing the boards using Firefox.
  155. iPhone app
  156. Problem: 20+ sec TSL response times on my desktop since the new TSL started.
  157. New Posts/ignore particular boards
  158. Couldn't close/delete a thread on the free board...
  159. Love the new board, but PLEASE reply with quote...
  160. Login Problems/Possible workaround
  161. You can't have this combination linear/thread mode
  162. scrolling after every click
  163. OK Will.. I have a question. Which view are we SUPPOSED to be using (what is it
  164. Wasn't the new site going to have a blog area?
  165. Maybe my computer, but I'm still having tons of problems with IE8 and this site....
  166. But I want a mobile plugin for TSL NOW!
  167. Some Game****s were drinking ****tails while a rooster cried, "****-a-doodle-do"
  168. I must be an idiot!
  169. Enhanced editing features not showing up in vBulletin mode
  170. Is TSLMail still a weekly feature along with new article posted email?
  171. On my Android Tablet, whenever I click on a forum I quickly go to a TSL list site
  172. For years I have been addicted to TSL
  173. Will any chance you can do what HokieHaven does and have the entire post in a preview
  174. Still having enormous problems with TSL and IE8...
  175. Can message board names text be bolded??
  176. Every time I post on the in-game chat board it says I do not have enough characters.
  177. Zing (that ensures my post is always at the top) ...which leads to my question (one
  178. UWS has been removed from public board listing and Search Results
  179. Thread sorting (Board vs Reading Post)
  180. Can we get a sticky note that says "Reply with Quote"?
  181. Shouldn't "Reply to Thread" put your post under the OP?
  182. Sticky: There are too many f'n stickies
  183. Problems with Firefox: "An internal server error occurred. Please try again later."
  184. Clearing my cookies has cleared up most of my problems for the new site. I'm using
  185. Envelope icons
  186. Topic View - Topic Individual Page Links
  187. Site running funky today; "Forums" drop-down menu not working once I access a board
  188. Its official, went through signing day without being able to access TSL
  189. Is there something wrong with the recruiting board? seems to be stuck on the same
  190. Locking user preferences ... from January 18 ...
  191. Irritant of the Day. Does the Search feature work? When I want to go back and look
  192. Thread Jump - Irritant
  193. Test ...
  194. OK, here's another question - about the "Ignore" feature. According to the vBulletin
  195. When I hit the What's new button the listing of the forum on the right is cut in half
  196. Returning thread format to most recent.....
  197. Time stamp for posts in linear mode not appearing in IE9
  198. Most annoying thing about the new site
  199. RSS feeds?
  200. An "Unread Topics" button?
  201. Will, a solution to the unread thread / topic problem...
  202. Few thoughts and suggestions....
  203. Is it possible to bold posters handle-name in the main board pages?
  204. Issue with Tapatalk - need help
  205. Finally had time to sit down & mess with the new boards a little while
  206. How do you............................................... ...........................!
  207. View preferences not being saved on Chrome
  208. Thought on How to Get Folks Up to Speed on Board Setup
  209. OK Will : I've now had to log in 3 different x to do the same operations!!
  210. Will, A couple more suggestions (in case you didn't get my pm)
  211. Is the "Hokie News" always a day behind for everyone, or is it just me?
  212. When I click "Edit your About Me" under My Profile, I don't go into edit mode.
  213. Question re: Boards now sorted by "Thread Start Time"
  214. Odd thing with the ignore feature. You can still see the begining/subject of a post
  215. BTW, regarding fonts, links, bold, et cetera.
  216. Why in topic view
  217. Signature permissions
  218. The last thread started is not always at the top; it will be for a while and then an
  219. why does the site forget what i have viewed?
  220. Posting Timestamps No longer Appear
  221. Video Tutorials: TechSideline.comís New Message Boards
  222. I'm sure this has been answered but what is the difference between...
  223. I don't have the extra posting options (insert pics or embed videos)
  224. Suggestion for forums
  225. Is there any way to customize what forums show up when I click on "What's New?"?
  226. How do you embed a video?
  227. I use the hybrid display mode. Up until this afternoon, if I clicked on a specific
  228. Automatic Daylight Savings Time feature not working right
  229. What is the best way to insert an image into a post?
  230. 'Hokie!' above users' avatars?
  231. ForumRunner iPhone app issue
  232. talk sports
  233. Am I correct that if I don't accept the email notices from TSL I won't get my
  234. Will, can there be a separate "what's new" section for the lounge?
  235. The menu with Community / Forum Actions / Quick Links not viewable from What's New...
  236. Will/Chris--what is the calendar function for??
  237. Style chooser options missing?
  238. 2 poll nitpicks for the bottom of the priority list
  239. Will, ForumRunner iPad app abruptly stopped working w/ TSL yesterday
  240. How do I update my profile?
  241. problems embedding videos
  242. Next Thread / Preious Thread - where is the love for the SubscribersBoard?
  243. TSL Pass Ticket Exchange Board
  244. Did something happen to disable quotes in signatures?
  245. Post Picture
  246. Going back to thread from a single post? I have to click back like 3 or 4 times...
  247. Not sure if it has been mentioned but poster with usernames like xxxxxxHokie...
  248. Forums show up in basic vBulletin view instead of normal TSL on Android tablet
  249. Is there any way to make it so that post content is above the thread list?
  250. I noticed that posting times are 1 hour behind. Sorry if already mentioned.