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  1. When will the next domino fall?
  2. Test 123 Test 123
  3. New Board... guess I'll post the conferences map again...
  4. Ok, a wiseass uva fan sent me this...
  5. Presidents from Mountain West and CUSA to Meet in Dallas on Sunday
  6. CUSA, MWC could "dissolve," form new league
  7. Could new Big East actually get some decent Bowl tie ins?
  8. Which ACC divisional alignment is best?
  9. Super-conferences: Is 16 teams per conference too few?
  10. Big 12 to Target ACC schools -- eerinsider
  11. Navy to BigEast in 2015...
  12. Loserville next to fly the BE coop?
  13. VT to SEC won't die - OKTC on SEC's 16 team future
  14. Please dispute: The setting of the football game is just as important as the opponen
  15. If the SEC truly wants VT so badly, this could set up perfectly for everybody.
  16. Big 12 Schedule deadline is February 1, 2012
  17. So if Navy ever decides to leave the Big East
  18. Will all the Einsteins who said conference realignment wouldn't amount to anything
  19. Pitt in Coastal, Cuse in Atlantic Divisions
  20. Memphis to the BigEast for all sports...
  21. Interesting Article On WVU Exit From BIG EAST
  22. Tech Leadership (change) has a huge bearing on where VT ends up or stays
  23. The Big Eastís Plan To Save Itself By Becoming Conference USA
  24. Big East called "Big Lots" in this blog about Memphis, heh
  25. Greenville, SC TV station announce that B-12 is
  26. WVU exit fee might just get reduced due to Boise
  27. Settlement reached. WVU to pay $11 million cash plus....
  28. Boise to big east in 2012 picking up steam...
  29. Great Article on finacial benefit of adding Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC
  30. Looks like we're down to 10 conferences in 2013...
  31. I need examples
  32. WVU-BIG EAST settlement official
  33. Your Old Buddy Jack Breaks Down the WVU-Big 12 Deal
  34. SIR: BE open to negotiations with Pitt and Cuse
  35. Temple to BE in 2012!?
  36. NYT predicts 4 team playoff in 2014 for College Football, consisting of conference
  37. Cuse and Pitt to ACC definitely in 2013-2014? I don't see how the Big Least
  38. Looking at the post (ok, mid, perhaps) realignment landscape
  39. SBJ - Big 12 TV deal
  40. Expect big Conference Realignement news to come out after the Final 4...
  41. Will Four 16 Team BCS Conference Ever Happen?
  42. Can somebody please switch conferences to get this board going again? I miss
  43. Article on Pitt's transition
  44. Has anyone seen that Temple may be stuck in the BigEast-West?
  45. Georgia State to Sun Belt Conference, Karl Benson looking for 12th Football Member
  46. CUSA/MWC merger now "off" (at least for this week...)?
  47. Mason and VCU to A10?
  48. Yep...they were talking and now they are closer than ever to Final Four Playoff...
  49. Notre Dame
  50. Not so fast on VCU to the Atlantic 10...and the Big East break away is why!
  51. UT-San Antonio to CUSA in 2013
  52. SDSU not so confident about New Big East?
  53. ODU moving up to FBS and joining CUSA!?
  54. OK, who is keeping track of all the pressers tomorrow?
  55. Looks like my favorite board is back for a few days!!! YES!!!!!!!!!
  56. A few snippets re: conferences and contracts.....
  57. The ACC.....
  58. Not sure if already discussed...
  59. Marinatto asked to resign...
  60. Clemson and FSU to Big XII?
  61. Along the lines of the thread from the Hive, here is one from the Boneyard (UCONN).
  62. Big12 TV deal basically done
  63. Playoff format & Notre Dame - ACC's stance
  64. NY Times reports ND would choose ACC
  65. Looks like contract is done
  66. Tier 3?
  67. Chip Brown weighs in on FSU to Big12
  68. What the new ACC TV deals means for FSU
  69. According to this guy, Big 12 also talking to MD and GT.
  70. Since it looks like FSU is leaving
  71. Clay Travis article on the FSU rumors
  72. With the BE seeming to be officially falling off the map, is ESPN making us the new
  73. I like how everyone assumes VT will go to SEC in these latest articles
  74. Question
  75. It seems MrSEC has weighed in on FSU -> Big XII-II-II+II, some good points...
  76. FSU AD reaffirms commitment to the ACC
  77. SEC insider speaks on accademics and expansion
  78. Pitt suing BigEast for early exit (2013)...
  79. here is link on FSU BOT comments
  80. Jimbo Fisher adding fuel to the FSU-to-the-BigXII fire
  81. After Jimbo Fisher's comments and chairmain of the BOT...
  82. Liberty officially announced today its intention to move to FBS, they just need an
  83. well that FSU BOT guy done got the President of the University involved!
  84. For those railing about "Tier 3" rights...
  85. Interesting
  86. What is ACC had no choice with ESPN
  87. Could FSU be nervous?
  88. Orlando Sentinel article on the FSU flap
  89. VT Should Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
  90. FSU playing the ACC
  91. I sure hope we are proactive and not reactive with regards to realignment.
  92. Conference Choice Poll:
  93. When Pitt and Syracuse were announced as new ACC members, I was told that Texas, OU
  94. This AM on Dallas Radio re FSU
  95. Question: What are the current exit fees for the ACC?
  96. pure fun: what if the SEC went all in...
  97. Will posted this on twitter RE: 3rd Tier rights...
  98. I'm not worried about FSU and Clemson potentially bolting to the Big XII
  99. And in other Conference realignment news...
  100. My new fear, the ACC explodes and the SEC finds a more attractive partner
  101. Speaking of rights and inventories
  102. FSU president's memo from ESPN (link)
  103. Question on VT/VA
  104. Just in BC and Da U have been invited to join Big East!! Oh that is old news!
  105. Hell just go to 20..
  106. a poster below said...
  107. Does the Big Ten have any interest in expanding in this direction?
  108. How would the ACC go about getting a new Commisioner?
  109. Given the choice, which ACC conference membership change would you have preferred?
  110. Now that the dust has settled.
  111. I am so sick of the realignment circus.
  112. Anyone else think FSU got what they had coming?
  113. FSU Contacts BIG XII
  114. Gun to your head, is ND in a conference for 2014-15?
  115. Coming out of the NCAA tourney I said things would heat up, but the next 6 weeks
  116. Playoffs and ND?
  117. Comparing ACC Schedule and SEC Schedule
  118. Former FSU Board of Trustee member Derrick Brooks says Big 12 reached out to FSU
  119. Either Swafford is clueless or he knows the ACC will land the Domers...(link)
  120. What will happen first - VT to the SEC or ND to the ACC?
  121. Paul Woody provides another voice of sanity in today's RT-D (link)
  122. For those sick of realignment, ODU says see ya!
  123. Great make-believe letter from JMU President on JMU conference change, posted on
  124. GREAT article by Will....
  125. Does the regular season get shorter with a playoff?
  126. Will great article. Let's say that with the new format it becomes crystal clear
  127. It appears....
  128. They could end all of this real easily if they.....
  129. Per Twitter: SEC - Big 12 to enter into bowl alliance
  130. This was already posted on the football board, but deserves another look.
  131. If the ACC doesn't insure it is in the playoff picture, VT should get out. I
  132. What will it take to get Swofford out as ACC Commish?
  133. SEC Expansion: Not "if", but "when"...
  134. after today's announcement.......there is ZERO chance that ND comes to the ACC
  135. Perhaps the ACC can respond....
  136. So the ACC wants the BCS 4 Team Playoff to have conference champs, right?
  137. Revisiting the Pitt/Syracuse expansion. Wasn't Big 12 considering Pitt?
  138. Bad Vibes
  139. Dear ACC, welcome to Mid-Major status
  140. Not ME
  141. Mr. SEC weighs in on "what this all means" (link)
  142. Sounds like our administration is disconnected with reality
  143. Listening to Chip Brown on ESPN Radio here in Austin....
  144. And then there was Dodd's take.....
  145. There's two ways to approach a major shift in your paradigm, and I fear VT isn't
  146. Are we the only ones?
  147. Four Major 16-team Conferences -- VT will be fine!
  148. So.....assuming an ACC meltdown, who goes where?
  149. Mr JIM WEAVER
  150. Just happened to think: IF VT goes to SEC or BIG 24,
  151. Helluva article by 'Mr. SEC' on the situation. Sorta grim. We're not metioned, but
  152. So with today's news, I assume ND to the ACC is all but dead.
  153. Some of you did not believe me when I said things would heat up, remember this post?
  154. What will keep the "big 4" conferences from stopping at 14 teams each?
  155. Thinks all the realignment drama would make a great Michael Lewis book one day
  156. So joking with a buddy, i came up with this crazy thought...
  157. How does any school pay 25 million to exit
  158. Don't forget the SEC Big 12 match up will be for teams that missed the Nat Playoff.
  159. So lets say that both VT and uva fans dreams come true
  160. Anyone else thinking how bad this will hurt recruiting ?
  161. ACC dropped the ball by taking Syracuse instead of WVU
  162. Why is the Big-12 considered a desirable destination today, when...
  163. ACC has been extremely mum, for discussion lets say acc has a home run
  164. New arrangement just puts in cement striking history since BCS started
  165. There goes fsu and clemson -> new bowl between SEC and Big12
  166. Help me out with an expansion hypothetical, re: UVA/VT
  167. The big picture
  168. All this goes away if...
  169. A Dookie's answer to The Big Four...
  170. i'm gonna be in Stech's camp....
  171. With Big12's Bowlsby & Texas's Dodd so cool on expansion, IMO ACC is safe re FSU but
  172. Slive's Move is Brilliant
  173. ACC Champion vs. ND on NYD a viable opportunity
  174. Seems to be a consensus on the UGA board that if/when the dominos fall, VT will be...
  175. Question?
  176. Where do the politician's fit in????
  177. On the bright side
  178. Sixteen Team SEC Regions
  179. A list of Big XII schools (garbage)
  180. Redfish ol Redfish
  181. Don't panic, its just BCS bowls positioning themselves for after BCS expires.
  182. Really important question, who is going to get the Football Final Four games?
  183. Here's the thing I don't get with the B12 adding both FSU and Clemson...
  184. Out of curiousity, the "ideal" conference alignment is 4 "super conferences"
  185. conferences are for kids...
  186. vt needs to go to sec...end of story, no debate. times change, swim or drown.
  187. The irony here is that the ACC effectively killed the BE, and now....
  188. If you had no reason to believe any other team was leaving the ACC, and the Big 12
  189. An agreement in principle has been reached between Clemson and the Big12
  190. Roanoke Times
  191. Time to start the argument for an eight team playoff instead of 4. Would that end
  192. Conference Realignment and the NCAA
  193. Would you be in favor of an ACC retaliatory strike that involved...
  194. Is there anyway that VT muscles its way into the Big Ten?
  195. Isn't it obvious that 4 conferences hold the power in this situation and that you
  196. We will end up in the Big 12 if the SEC
  197. If doubtful occurs & FSU/CU do go to Big12, with no other invitations from anyone,
  198. The PAC and B1G wanted to use the Rose Bowl for the playoff...Slive took care of that
  199. So let me see if I have this right...
  200. A plan to save ACC (yes, ND involved)
  201. Swafford Sighting
  202. Here's a plan that would earn ACC more money & might interest FSU
  203. Stech, do you see
  204. ESPN angle
  205. As Stech says....
  206. Tony Barnhart: Wherever Florida State lands, its reps need to get on same page
  207. Here we go
  208. So, what is ND going to do in all of this?
  209. For entertainment purposes, I'm linking previous poll...
  210. People on le sewer say they have sources within VT that say we would prefer the B1G
  211. I wonder what Pitt and Syracuse are thinking right now.
  212. A point to consider regarding desire to go to big10
  213. Missed opportunity?
  214. ACC needs to call a Monday meeting and see who will agree to increase exit fee to 100
  215. "wild Speculation" - Orangebloods
  216. This is what I think.
  217. Only positives I can envision coming out of this whole realignment process:
  218. Chair of B12 expansion cttee says expansion not ruled out but unlikely in near future
  219. When teams exit does that dissolve TV contracts or are they reworked at a lower....
  220. New concept ... let the ones who want to play big boy football do their thing
  221. New blog on VT leaving ACC
  222. Who at VT would be putting out feelers, Weaver, Steger, or staff in between?
  223. Let's just say that it is time to be very concerned...
  224. ESPN blog....ND doesnt feel pressing need...
  225. USA Today: PAC-12 schools will see big payday from TV deals
  226. Anyone notice how that Tarheel fans supposedly are enthusiastic about SEC membership?
  227. Wouldn't an 8 team playoff help stabilize college football?
  228. Sports Business Journal: CBS balks at paying off for SEC expansion
  229. 30K foot view of this...
  230. Sugar Bowl thoughts...
  231. ESPN SEC Blogger Chris Low...
  232. Since ACC revenue sucks, maybe we should go to a new revenue sharing plan
  233. TechSideline-nation needs a good dose of Lithium....
  234. The rumors of FSU and Clemson leaving....
  235. Link to Finebaum tweet
  236. Clay travis with some insight
  237. Has it been confirmed
  238. Greg Swaim tweeting the ND is in heavy flirtation with the Big 12
  239. With the states of Va , NC the sec network could be worth 1 billion a year.
  240. Weaver to Teel
  241. How much are we tied UVA in this round of realignment?
  242. This is from a Baylor SIte Called "Bears Truth":
  243. Our leadership can not pass on this opportunity if the chips start to fall
  244. How The ACC Is Now Being Portrayed By Other Conferences
  245. interview with CU AD...
  246. Possible Swofford replacements: VA's retiring Sen Jim Webb or Gary Williams ---
  247. I wish someone could post with certainty the value of research $$
  248. Mikeysurf from the sabre really cracks me up.
  249. I'm hearing from a very reliable source close to the situation -
  250. Interesting read on Pitt Rivals...