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  1. Has anyone seen the new renovations to English Field?
  2. Will all of the field improvements be completed before the 1st game?
  3. test
  4. How's the team looking for this year?
  5. Purple turf
  6. who are best new recruits coming in ? anyone know ?
  7. is admission to VT BB still free?
  8. ACC Baseball broadcast TV list is out (link)
  9. MLB question...
  10. Wow.Just watched KE presser and it looks like Centerfield High is gonna have a
  11. test
  12. 2 VT field photos............................................ ...!
  13. What is the outlook of the team this year?
  14. Recruting Question???
  15. Whatever happened to....
  16. What's the prognosis for the team this year?
  17. Baseball preview from CT, Q&A with Hughes
  18. FWIW This guy has us making the ncaa's this year...
  19. Live stats today????
  20. Won 1st game 6-4
  21. Hokies come back from 2-0 hole to beat Kennesaw 3-2.*
  22. Hokies win 11-1 today, start off 3-0 on the year. 1 more game in GA tomorrow vs. KSU.
  23. Are the baseball games being broadcast this year? If so, anyone have a link?
  24. Baseball loses first game of season
  25. Should be an interesting weekend...
  26. Andrew Aizenstadt and Collegiate Times baseball coverage
  27. Baseball at the Beach-VTvsWVU Friday game time change to 11:00 at MyrtleBeach BB&T
  28. Does anyone have an update or score on the Hokies/wvu game? **
  29. Baseball at the Beach- 1:00 vs Coastal Carolina Notes from win over WVU
  30. Game vs. George Mason now going on...
  31. down to Iowa, 2-0 top of 6th and they have bases loaded; relief pitcher comes in with
  32. Tech wins at High Point 10-6...details inside...via hokie sports
  33. It's still early to draw any conclusions BUT after 9 games
  34. Collegiate Times sports blog - Hughes and Mason on the early season
  35. Is Ronnie Shaban hurt??...
  36. Hokies take the first one from Yale 15-3...
  37. Postgame recap - Yale games 1 &2
  38. Did they cut down most of the trees with the new outfield wall at English?
  39. Are the hammering Hokies going to be on the radio this year? If so, which station?
  40. After Yale tied it up in the top of the 9th
  41. Anybody know why Pinder's not playing today?
  42. Maybe Rash is breaking out of his slump
  43. 11-2; great start guys!
  44. Article: Tech Pitching is Off to a Strong Start
  45. Just realized we play at UVa this weekend. Time to see what we're made of in the
  46. Thinking of trying to catch some home games. Question.
  47. LINK to the latest poll. We're getting some votes, & UVa dropped out of Top 25:
  48. Report on VT's Baseball team on.....
  49. Listening to the Tech-UVa game on the radio....
  50. THAT was pretty freakin awesome. GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
  51. Final Score vs UVA???????
  52. Come on Hokies, let's win again today and clinch this weekend series
  53. VT leaves bases loaded in the top of the 1st
  54. Zagunis with the homer!!! 2-2 tie!
  55. Vt/uva
  56. Tickets for Tomorrow's game
  57. Hokiesports frozen again???
  58. Missing Ronnie Shaban BIG TIME this weekend...
  59. Tough Heartbreaking series!!!
  60. Radio Broadcasts
  61. English Field on the hill is cooler friendly correct?
  62. Tech beats the Highlanders 7-3...was a close game for the most part...
  63. VT Baseball - Wagner
  64. Has Pete settled in with Martir, Mantiply & Zecchino as the weekend starters?
  65. Tough draw this weekend...series in Atlanta at #15 Ga Tech starts today
  66. Forgot to mention. All three games will be on ESPN 3 this weekend.
  67. Ouch, GT up on VT 11-1 in the 6th inning
  68. Hokies on ESPN3 against GA Tech
  69. VT now up 11-5 in bottom of 8th. 2 RBI dbl by Rash, then RBI dbl by Wernicki.
  70. VT wins 12-9...
  71. Game 3 vs. Ga Tech
  72. CAn we win 2 of 3 or even sweep this weekend's series with Duke?
  73. VT wins 9-6 tonight; anyone know why Shaban in to pitch in 9th, but didn't face any
  74. VT beats Cornell 5-4 on bottom of 9th hit batsman.
  75. Crap... Not a good start for Mantiply vs Duke
  76. And another bad start. Already 2-0 Duke. Walk, HBP, double and then
  77. SS and 2B flip flopping positions after each batter
  78. One technical foul call and Karl Hess is trending on Twitter again
  79. Todays not a total loss
  80. Getting ready to go from 17-6 to 17-9 with sweep by Duke
  81. Somehow, some way, we need to get rolling in ACC play... (VT RPI #43)
  82. Hokies in Tallahassee!
  83. Hokies down 3-0 at FSU in the 6th with a rain delay.
  84. We lose 2-1 Good pitching on our part
  85. 6-0 top 2nd...Noles score 6 with 2 out in 1st...Hokies load bases t2
  86. We lack talent to compete. Pitching is poor, only 1 good starter, virtually
  87. MLB Question
  88. Hokies win 8-4 in the first game of the series againt BC...
  89. Today's game is on CSN
  90. Nice win!
  91. Nice Sweep....
  92. Hokies are in 4-way tie for 8th in win column in ACC play...
  93. 6 teams for 2 spots...
  94. Joe Saunders starts tonight for Dbacks
  95. Saw # 7 Florida in the CTL airport this pm
  96. New recruit... maybe
  97. Top ten Miami in town...first game kicks off at 5:30 pm
  98. Our 2nd game pitching is brutal....
  99. I don't get Hughes' lineup changes...Rash 2nd in lineup...and he probably leads
  100. Hokies win 5-4 over 'Canes ...
  101. Any telecast/Intraweb access today?
  102. For the baseball experts, what is the typical number of pitches a guy can make?
  103. Hokies win 3-2 with 2 runs in the bottom of the 9th!
  104. I love it when my reverse mojo works! Way to go Hokieball!
  105. 2013 recruiting
  106. BLOG updated - Miami wrapup
  107. Who will pitch Tuesday against Coastal? and will some of the walking wounded get a
  108. Joe Saunders picked up his 1st win last night; after two starts his era is 0.64
  109. Good win over Coastal Carolina tonight. 4-3 in 10 innings. Were down 1-3 in
  110. Baseball Bracketology
  111. Unfortunately, Tech is making a mess of the WF series. Lost 5-1 last night. Down
  112. Tech gets it done in the second game 8-6. Thank goodness Tech scored 3 runs in the
  113. Tech blows an early 6-2 lead and loses 8-6 in the third game. Had their chances.
  114. Updated 6 teams for 2 spots...
  115. Why can't we start an ACC game well? Already 4-0 Terps T2...
  116. Joe Saunders pitches complete game 3 hit shutout
  117. Whats up with Jake Atwell?
  118. Sat game: same story...down 3-0 top 5...one UMD player with 2 HR
  119. Sun rubber game: 2-1 Hokies b3 Mantiply pitching, Ks Terps d
  120. Tech wins game 3...
  121. Updated 6 teams for 2 spots...
  122. Hokies Cruise to 21-2 in non-Conf play with 6-0 shutout of NC A&T
  123. Hokies NOT on the bubble? This cant be...
  124. RPI...what a joke...win 18-0 and drop two spots to 34...the kicker?..
  125. Are we still on bubble? Leaning in or out?
  126. Congrats to Johnny Morales for his recognition as one of nation's top shortstops.
  127. Hokie Austin Wates wth amazing catch
  128. Updated 2 spots for 6 teams, or 3 spots for 7 teams...
  129. How much will this layoff hurt Tech in the NCST series? State
  130. Baseball America A. Fitt and his top 25 chat and RPI
  131. RPI update...Hokies are #31...
  132. Anyone know who the best person to contact on VT's staff with regards to recruiting?
  133. Article: The Baseball Bubble
  134. As usual Hokies fall behind early 2-0...anyone know what happened to Rash?
  135. Why did Sosnoskie leave? I can't recall why but he is having a good year at Francis
  136. Live Stats froze in bottom of 11th tied vs NC State>>>>What happened?
  137. I didn't see Morales in today's lineup and
  138. Anybody know how badly Rash is hurt? Is he done for the weekend or can he come back?
  139. Big opportunity for Hokies today...both GT and Wake lost...
  140. As a Hokie fan just prepare for "close but no cigar" finale to the season...
  141. Tech also loses game 2. 6-2. Close through 6 innings, and then NCST broke it open wi
  142. Bad day today... Wake beat Miami too, now we're in 9th
  143. Bone to pick with VT Baseball PR
  144. Awesome....blow a 3-0 lead....
  145. Updated 6 teams for 3 spots, Duke is eliminated....
  146. Player Status?
  147. did the hokies make the ACC tourney?
  148. State's Elliott Avent suspended three games for Bburg blowup
  149. Midweek game: Hokies trail Liberty 3-1 in 5th..
  150. PSA. Hokie hardball live @ UNC on ESPN3 at 6p on Friday
  151. Anyone going to CH Friday night?
  152. Here's hoping we can win the opener and put one in the bank toward making the ACC
  153. Duke beat BC today...
  154. Smh...2 hbp with 2 out both score on double now 2 out error
  155. pete hughes in the dugout right now mumbling...
  156. Wake up on Klumpsem 5 Zip
  157. 11-2 and UNC is STILL scoring on us in the 4th....I still believe our midweek...
  158. Wake wins going to be tied with them 2 games left
  159. Miami came back to win 5-4...
  160. so are VT, Wake & GT all battling for 2 spots? Am I reading the standings right?
  161. Poor Baseball Fundamentals
  162. Leaving G'boro for Chapel Hill to pull these Hokies thru-Let's Go! l
  163. I see Duke already beat BC this afternoon, eliminating them.
  164. Mantiply gives up one walk, but unfortunately, it was right before the HR. 2-1
  165. So, if GT and Wake each win one more game then we are eliminated correct?
  166. Our radio play by play guy for 101.7 in Bburg cost us this one
  167. Miami beat GT. Tech is still alive. Must beat UNC with GT losing to Miami.
  168. not looking good, GT up on Miami 2-1 in 7th; we don't have any hits through 5 and
  169. GT beat Miami 2-1. No ACC tournament for Tech, and most likely no
  170. Can I jinx the UNC pitcher by saying he has a perfect game
  171. Tim Kelly
  172. We could still an At-large bid to the Regionals. A blogger on ESPN.com has us solidly
  173. Anyone have a list and some info on recruits that have committed to VT for next year?
  174. NCAA Chances
  175. Mercy Rule at the ACCT GT 17 UVA-5 .....wow For a team that barely made
  176. OB and Angela's Wedding
  177. GT wins ACC Tourney
  178. Wow 5 ACC teams hosting regionals !...I will be pleasantly surprised by a bid
  179. Deja Vu
  180. Every team in the top 40 of teh RPI made the tournament except for:
  181. Anyone know which Hokies are playing in the Coastal Plain League this summer? More
  182. Hokies in the Minors...quick update...
  183. Kent St. beat Kentucky 7-6 in 21 innings.
  184. da U looks to be two an through for tourney
  185. Bad year in Virginia for collegiate baseball
  186. Yima hoos go down the toilet
  187. ACC is really taking the gas pipe...
  188. Ahhhh. Tonight's music selection brought to you by Bob Dylan.
  189. For all the regular season hype...
  190. 'hoos Chris Taylor drafted in the fifth round by the M's
  191. Well this is a bummer...looks like we're losing a top signee...
  192. Joe Mantiply to the Phillies, Ronnie Shaban the the Cardinals
  193. Another VT signee drafted...in the 35th round
  194. Maybe one day we'll be as good as SUNY Stony Brook. How bout them Seawolves!!**
  195. Site for VT bb players and their summer league participation.
  196. No Hokies playing in the Valley Baseball League!?!
  197. Cold Weather teams in the CWS
  198. Baseball recruiting news from twitter...
  199. Scoggin pitches 2 hitter for Peninsula Pilots in 6 - 0 win. Go Hokies! - - - - NSIR
  200. Baseball Scholarship limts are at 11.7
  201. Tim Smalling story- Went to a Modesto Nuts game on Sunday with my 9 and 11 year old.
  202. I had lobbied to click for box scores on the daily MLB Roundup
  203. Is the 11.7 scholarships for Baseball a NCAA limit or a VT limit.
  204. Looks like we lost Velazquez to DBacks
  205. Played golf with Johnny Grubb (Padres, Indians, Rangers, Tigers) Friday
  206. R. Shaban got his 7th save tonight for Johnson City Cardinals; he has 9 appearances
  207. Joe Saunders starting this afternoon
  208. Atlanta Braves get pitcher Ryan Dempster from the Cubs.
  209. Ichirosanity!
  210. Horan and Zagunis doing well this summer. Go to article on Cal Ripken league
  211. Horan and Zagunis do well this summer. For info on Zagunis go to link on Ripken
  212. We will get a new commitment today out of the 757. Glad to see Coach Hughes down in
  213. Joe Saunders is an Oriole......
  214. Liberty is about to have nicer baseball facilities than we have.
  215. Jo and CC going head to head Sat. Go O's
  216. any news on how we look for next season? new guys in ?
  217. Gutty performance by Joe last night
  218. 2013 schedule is out.
  219. The Giants win the Pennant The Giants win the Pennant The Giants win the Pennant!!!
  220. Does the baseball team ever play in the Tidewater area?
  221. Buddy Sosnoskie gets an invite to O's camp
  222. How about that Josh Hamilton singing...
  223. OPT: VT=??? Maryland=??? tie-breaker: VT's 3-point percentage=???
  224. This is why 7-6 is better than 6-7 in the other sport.
  225. 35 days and counting til opening day!! nm
  226. Uva travel arrangements
  227. What's the outlook for this year's team?
  228. what's our practice status and schedule? any one got any first-hand report?
  229. wow, hokie baseball getting a lot of fan interst and media exposure ...
  230. Baseball fans .... keep an eye on InsideTheACC.com
  231. Neither baseball nor softball teams traveling to Tallahassee this season.
  232. Article in today's Richmond Times about Stubbs and Clontz helping the program.
  233. Season opener in 2 days - what does the rotation look like?
  234. Game on Radio- anywhere ?
  235. Hokies win 10-9
  236. Tech wins 2nd game against Kent State 8-1
  237. Hokies take 2nd straight from Kent St 8-1....
  238. I may be reading more than needed into this but I think we're gonna be.....
  239. Hokies now 3-0!!! Only went 8 innings but score was 9-0
  240. Baseball up 5-1 after 2 innings in the Sunday finale against UNCW
  241. baseball 4-0 and softball 9-1; great start to season for both
  242. VT / College Baseball Pitching Rotations
  243. Baseball ranked 24th this week!*
  244. What?? CC didn't pimp his article over here?
  245. Hokie Baseball lead story yesterday on Perfect Game
  246. Change in schedule for weekend due to weather
  247. My story on VT head coach Pete Hughes
  248. Is anyone broadcasting the baseball games on radio in the NRV?
  249. As good as last weekend was...we're not ready to play today....
  250. Tickets for the Irish Classic 3/1 - 3/3 in Cary, NC?