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  1. Test
  2. Beat FSU!!!!!!!!
  3. Who's favored in tonight's game and by how much?
  4. Test Thread - Feel free to reply it you want to try posting on the new site
  5. FYI: Tickets for UNC Basketball Game Now On Sale To General Public (Per HokieSports)
  6. I like that you can see how many people are in each forum but
  7. How many times have we beat UNC since joining the ACC? This bet with co worker
  8. For those who need it: Watch VT vs. FSU live online @ 7pm (link)
  9. OPT: VT - 69 FSU - 58 Doe-Doe's points/rebounds = 17
  10. Gotta win this one tonight!
  11. No one here so far. Cheap tickets too.
  12. Sad...
  13. This is a hard game to watch!
  14. Here we go again
  15. Ugga-lee basketball both teams
  16. "vt you have permission to score a basket"
  17. Somebody oughta compile our scoring margin and W-L record in last 32 mins of games.
  18. Sort of painfull watching the game.
  19. it's good that FSU has depth....cause the foul all the time
  20. Varsity vs the JVs tonight
  21. Dang....it's gonna be one of those seasons
  22. Virginia Tech Basketball...It's Craptastic!
  23. Gonna be a long year in basketball....
  24. Eh not expecting much from this team this year.
  25. What kind of offense do we run? WTHeck are we doing? Please Explain?
  26. only 10 minutes to try and post. Ugh. This board as bad as BB. Will not waste
  27. Hudson's Knee?
  28. Weak inside play.. as usual. We need some men in the post, right no we have boys.
  29. Let's talk about the freshmen
  30. this is why the Wake game was such a bad loss
  31. Sfhokie
  32. If SG insists on giving big minutes to Hudson and Victor, we will continue to loose.
  33. HIGHLIGHTS / Commentary - fsu (1-1) 63, VT (0-2) 59
  34. A few observations following that game
  35. On the plus side, DFS had a good all around game
  36. Did we ever try to set screens to free the shooter, away from the dribble
  37. Stat of the night. We lost 64% of everything from last season.
  38. 'The Stat' -- 3-Point Shooting Percentage...
  39. Just back from the game. I may catch some grief but....
  40. Teel Time: First 0-2 ACC start in 6 years puts Hokies in deep hole
  41. Dribble, dribble, dribble
  42. Didn't realize we lost +60% of our scoring, rebounding and assists from last year.
  43. What type of offense do we run? It seems to lack flow and players for the most
  44. Our offense needs to be tweaked - way to much standing around.
  45. We never seem to win the games that come down to the last minute.
  46. Guess what looks eerily similar as to what it did the week leading up to 11/26/11
  47. Problem is our best scorer is also our PG and only ball handler
  48. Has an ACC coach not taken a team to the NCAA for 5 stright years and kept his job?
  49. The play that hurt us................................................ ................
  50. Big 10 currently ranks 1 in RPIratings.com rankings, Sagarin Ratings, RealtimeRPI
  51. Predictions on VT's final reg season record? I can see 18-13, 19-12 no 1st rd. NIT
  52. Early in the season we were getting scoring from Eddie, Hudson and Brown to help out
  53. The ACC refs during our last two have been just plain BAD
  54. So, just to verify, the loss to a terrible Wake team was not really a bad loss as
  55. Thoughts about Green/Rankin/Brown playing together. I haven't seen Marquis play a lot
  56. Dont really see the team winning more than 5 or 6 ACC games
  57. Ha,my cuz in Roanoke said he just pulled SG over for speeding...
  58. This ACC campaign reminds me of a beauty contest in which the contestants are not
  59. Time to re-seat for Basketball
  60. The expectations of some people on this board are mind boggling
  61. dook/uva tonite. Guess I'll watch with the mute button on so I don't have to
  62. Drugs
  63. Watching the JMU-VCU game on espnu...didn't realize Gene Swindle played for JMU
  64. Don't want to bring up the unspeakable subject of the Currys again but I truly forget
  65. Bennett / UVa got it going this year
  66. Hate to admit it but the who's look tough this year!
  67. VT will start 0-7 in the ACC ... Any takers?
  68. UVa's pack line D....
  69. How many conference wins this year? I say 3.
  70. not to be negative but this team is nit at best and out after 2nd game
  71. Hoops preview vs BC
  72. Is the perception of this years team taking a hit for past years sins?
  73. We better bring it tomorrow. I watched BC-Clemson last night
  74. Opening Line: VT -8, O/U 124
  75. For the REV-- Frank Mason
  76. I see where Greenberg gave walk-on Joey Racer a scholarship for the second semester.
  77. EG: pro prospects. What's the scouting report?
  78. Went to see freshman Marcus Derrickson of Paul VI
  79. "It it is to be, it is up to me."
  80. Does the new board format warrant a new year special for TSL Memberships?
  81. Best thing going for VT...3 pm tip..not at noon...an extra three hr to wake up.
  82. Greengerg's messages to students
  83. Blacksburg HS player going to be a good one
  84. Like the "decorum"debate on Gameday
  85. Do we now use official game threads for in progress games?
  86. Poll: Best way to see threads in a forum topic
  87. OPT thread?
  88. Will the Phreak make an appearance today? Need a feed to the game!!
  89. For those who need it: Watch VT vs. BC live online @ 3pm (link)
  90. Hearing bad news about 1 of our players for todays game.
  91. Poll: Today's Game
  92. Green twists knee and won't play today!! Hope Rankin can step up!
  93. Wake Forest down by 36 last at home against NC St. Very solid.
  94. Woot, game is on, and in HD, here in Memphis!
  95. FIRE SG! We might lose bc his best player is hurt! (TIC)
  96. Good to see VD getting points inside!
  97. Rankin can break down the opponents D better than anyone we have. These young guys
  98. UNC getting trounced by FSU
  99. BC is the worst team I have ever seen.... We are a close 2nd
  100. Keep working it inside!
  101. Are the Heels overrated, or is FSU better than we thought?
  102. Really having trouble getting excited about roundball ---->
  103. Greenberg's black cloud isn't going away. Wonder how long we'll crush our fans with
  104. DFS, Eddie, Rankin are 0-17 from the floor...I seriously think walkons could shoot
  105. Malaise and failure to finish.No spark, no leader = BAD (I hate to say it, but true)
  106. FOUR 2nd half FGs!!!!
  107. And now Seth will say the D sucked, when the O is SO SO SO horrible. It's his denial
  108. Too much talent on this team to play this poorly
  109. terrible....good luck greenberg...it doesn't look good sir
  110. I'm so over it................
  111. I feel like we have returned to the Ricky Stokes era.
  112. Anyone else kinda missing Delaney and Allen right about now?
  113. Seriously...Hud playing 1 more minute = malpractice by the coach, and...
  114. Maybe Next Year.....
  115. Well that sucked. However, 1 or 2 bad losses at this point in the season isn't awful.
  116. Look on the bright side...
  117. We stink
  118. Seth's teams haven't showed up in the last 5 regular season ACC games
  119. Are we the worst team in the ACC?
  120. To go 0-3 two weeks ago was unthinkable. Now NCAA is unimaginable.
  121. Playing Tight???
  122. Bright side
  123. Chris, does anyone know when EG may be back?
  124. VT having to play freshman is ... Oh wait, BC played more freshman than we did
  125. Stiney to help?
  126. Nothing displayed today that indicates this Hokies team is well coached.
  127. Stat of the game: Davila/Barksdale/Raines - 9 for 13 from the floor. Everyone else:
  128. Looking ahead at ACC games
  129. haven't seen this discussed...why was Seth wearing his PJs today?
  130. VIDEO LIGHTS - bc 61, VT 59
  131. Tough game, another L doesn't help the frustration level, but I thought the team
  132. How much do we miss Brad Greenberg?
  133. Seth should have anticipated injuries when he planted Garland on the bench for
  134. How much do we miss Jimmy Carruth?
  135. Maybe the sky isn't falling, but the hoops program has definitely maxed out with Seth
  136. Well, on the plus side, I guess we won't have to deal with the annual
  137. NIT appears to be the more realistic goal now....
  138. What are the odds the team just mails it in after this loss?
  139. If we can't beat Wake, FSU, or BC, who are we going to beat in the ACC this year?
  140. I can't wait until we get rid of Greenberg and then don't even sniff the top half of
  141. Without Seth we would be irrelevant with no NCAA appearances...
  142. The few Greenberg fans left here will be singing a different....
  143. We've scored a 3 in every game for about 9 seasons
  144. I'd ike to get Will & Chris' opinion on whether VT's problems are coaching or just
  145. Realistic SG replacement
  146. We are what we are....do any of you really think
  147. You crybabies R nuts. We've had two bad losses all year.
  148. 3 losses have been close, seems like the whole team is in a shooting slump.
  149. Honest and hypothetical question about Greenberg...
  150. Mighty ACC ... How many make NCAA's this year
  151. What is SG contract....how much and how long?
  152. VT athletics is slowly becoming irrelevant again on the national scene. Not good.
  153. Dear Hokie Nation, temper your expectations.. We do not have great senior players, VD
  154. Is it possible for a VT coach to endure a losing season anymore?
  155. Attendance will decide the fate of SG
  156. ECs Status? Any news?
  157. Tougher practice...
  158. This 'youth' thing's tiresome, e.g., Eddie being just a Soph,. Many teams are young--
  159. Is our post play our biggest weakness? Not big enough, or guys not "playing" big
  160. What upset me the most
  161. see what good coaching can do....see Turgeon at MD
  162. One top 10 basketball poll filled with ACC teams (link)
  163. Suggestion for hokies at the game Thursday
  164. Perhaps SG needs an AWL for awhile.
  165. J Eddie please report to Cassell ...
  166. Just a bit of perspective in all this debate about Seth
  167. I love how the few SG fans remaining are comparing our program.....
  168. Ok, Chuck and the rest of the Seth Kool-aid drinkers...
  169. Anyone else coming to the game at UVA-C this weekend?
  170. Monday question: Where does VT basketball rank as a program/coaching job?
  171. How serious is Eric Green' injury?
  172. Do we need to use our remaining scholly on a junior college point/combo guard?
  173. With Brown, DFS, Green and Eddie, it seems like perimeter shooting is our relative
  174. Does Seth's agressive behavior stifle leadership development on the team?
  175. What is the status of Eric Green for Thursday????
  176. Erik Green Status?
  177. Are we satisfied to just have a team or do want to be competitive? Seth has been
  178. Buy or Sell: Seth Greenberg has taken VT as far as Seth Greenberg can take VT hoops?
  179. EG practiced today
  180. Why not try Raines & Davila together?
  181. Why not try Raines & Davila together?
  182. OK, so you're the A.D. You've decided to let SG go. Who are you going after to be
  183. Before accepting mediocrity as our destiny, shouldn't we at least TRY to change that?
  184. Sort of getting tired of Chris and Will trying to ride CSG out of town on a rail.
  185. Interesting article in paper where SG says team misses a "high energy" player
  186. My thoughts on Seth...
  187. Separation of Greenburg and fans
  188. There is no definition of "Real Fan"
  189. Maybe SG should be told to hire an assistant to take on the O
  190. Is the AD as much the problem with VT basketball as the coach? After all, we've...
  191. Another perspective in the Seth Greenberg debate
  192. How about SG calling out Alex Lin of UMD for not making it through admissions??
  193. Joy! I got 2 free tickets to the VT @ FSU game on 2/16/12.
  194. Okay, what makes a Shaka Smart successful (relative) at VCU - would he do it at VT?
  195. scott Drew on ESPN halftime tonight. Got to do a big promo for Baylor and Big XII
  196. Any idea who's calling our UNC game on ESPN?
  197. Disturbing stat re: fast-break points from Hokies Journal on WashPost.com
  198. Blog update - Hokies basketball gears up for UNC
  199. Glass-half-full guy says...
  200. 14.2 seconds
  201. Carilion Clinic: manage your healthcare the way you want.
  202. Here's some good news about our season...
  203. Notre Dame 120 Pitt 44
  204. A few posters wanted to know Greenberg's record against the Sagarin top 50 is/was
  205. going to c'ville for vt-uva game...what is the spread...any chance hokies will pull
  206. IMHO, TSL format was fine before. Don't see the need to upgrade...to what??? This??
  207. OPT: VT=??? UNC=??? tie-break: Erick Green's points=???
  208. SIR: All Men's Basketball Individual Game tickets are now on sale at hokiesports.com
  209. Tips and Tricks: Threaded Format and the Ignore Feature
  210. Vegas Line says HOKIES +7.**
  211. Hokies Coach Seth Greenberg misses JT Thompson (WaPo article)
  212. ODU beat Towson 71-41 tonight, Towson has lost 38 straight games...
  213. What day is it? IT'S GAME DAY!!!!!!!
  214. % chance VT beats UNC tonight - me 6.3%
  215. "We're not going to go up and beat Virginia Tech just because we lost on Saturday"
  216. Hokiesports.com game notes "interesting side notes"
  217. Looking for a Bimbo Coles Jersey.....
  218. Bad sign for Basketball program
  219. The main reason I'm jealous I can't go to the game...
  220. Wake Me Up when fball season is here again
  221. Email sent to students Re: UNC tickets
  222. North Carolina basketball game preview and pick:
  223. mebbe they's skeered ....
  224. EG???
  225. I gotta a feeling that Seth will get "T'ed Up" and hit the locker room early tonight.
  226. Winningest Basketball Coach in Virginia Tech history?
  227. For those who need it: Watch VT vs. UNC live online @ 9pm (link)
  228. Fan Support!!!
  229. Seth going with Brown to start tonight Zo coming off the bench.
  230. What's the mood of the team tonight?
  231. Looks like ZO showed tonight
  232. Great, my wife comes home and UNC can't miss. *sigh*
  233. can we get some coaching
  234. IF DFS is a 4* recruit, then Harrison Barnes is like a 8 *
  235. Say what you want about Joey Racer but I love how he pops off the bench to greet &
  236. SG has brought in a bunch of "4 Star" players that certainly don't play like that....
  237. Tourny or Bust next year for SG, thoughts?
  238. How do you lead by five points at the half and potentially lose by twenty?
  239. DFS is sooo lost right now
  240. Anyone care to rewatch the game and count our passes into the paint?
  241. Looking for a leader on the team?
  242. I thought we would be up and down this year
  243. Jeff Allen Was Underappreciated
  244. Two tell tale observations about tonight's coaching
  245. HIGHLIGHTS / Commentary - unc @ VT
  246. My observations tonight...
  247. What if!!!!
  248. I can't begin to count the number of times I saw VD out of position on both ends of
  249. Blog updated: UNC postgame
  250. A show of hands - who expected us to have the worst team in the ACC?