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  1. VT WBB TEAM played hard as steel tonight. Answered every md blow
  2. Dennis
  3. I hope I put this in the correct words.
  4. NC State at Tech Being Televised today at 1
  5. Lady Hokies Never Give Up....Played hard today...just need some baskets to fall.
  6. Congrats to Monet Tellier for ACC POW. Who thought that could happen this year?
  7. Rayne DuBose
  8. Go Hokies! Beat Clemson!!!
  9. Lady Hokies playing right now, on ESPN3.......................
  10. I am not an intense followers of WBB but I saw a letter to the editor of the Roanoke
  11. You would think by now that CBS Gametracker would have corrected the picture of
  12. this
  13. anyone really like this new board...
  14. wonder why the women have over a week off in February? you would think a non-
  15. Oak Hill has a sophmore that will be one of the best in the country ...
  16. Old Article
  17. Not a single post about last nights game!! Board change or no one cares??
  18. Wow too quiet! Think i will post some things to see if I can get some activity
  19. Article on Coach Wolff
  20. Even if we should lose to uva sunday, they might end up getting snowed in here, so
  21. Good to see Nia Evans finally cleared to play.*
  22. 19% from field, 50% from line in 1st half; UVA went on 17-4 run to end half
  23. A new commitment?
  24. Coach
  25. Go Ladies! let's get another upset!
  26. Help is on the way!!!
  27. Rev would you mind touching on the recruiting story you were going to tell us.....
  28. Go Ladies! Beat WF!
  29. when was our last ACC tournament win?
  30. Shanel Harrison at La Salle
  31. LINK, Roanoke Times story about DW:
  32. Ladies making a game of tourney game at half but wheels are coming off
  33. ACC Tourney: Wake upsets Miami & NCSU knocks off Dook.*
  34. Link, Roanoke Times story, catching up with Beth:
  35. Potential recruit
  36. Walk on for the ladies?
  37. Ah Draper Valley Golf Course.
  38. Coach Wolff hip surgery (email from Dianne Santolla)
  39. Abby Oliver
  40. For all the Bonnie fans, KU is playing Delaware on ESPN2 now
  41. Kansas
  42. Kenny Brooks and JMU take out UVA and WFU. (more)
  43. Women's elite 8: 4 #1 seeds and 4 #2 seeds.
  44. Will our incoming freshmen be able to make an impact next season?
  45. Salary For Bonnie
  46. Link, Roanoke Times story about our new addition, walk-on from Giles:
  47. Any new players signed ??
  48. Women's basketball sophomores to transfer, Montgomery and Hines-Allen leave (Link)
  49. Wake Forest Women's Coach Leaving.........
  50. Pat Summitt steps down, longtime assistant taking over
  51. Guess we know now why Weaver didn't go for a big name women's coach
  52. Juco Forward All-American picks VT over Tenn
  53. Wolff heading back to men's bb?
  54. Class of 6 so far...
  55. 2012 Virginia Tech Women's Basketball Signees
  56. UNC gets some amazing verbals for 2013: #3, #15, #18 ranked girls in the country
  57. Katie O'Connor Dumps the Hoos and returns to Kansas
  58. Recruits?
  59. Good write up about new player from Down Under on HokieSports
  60. Anyone know which of the six new girls are in summer sessions? I thought the Aussie
  61. Anyone interested in 2 reserved mid court front row seats at cost?
  62. Any word on how practice is going?
  63. ACC preseason poll, awards, released
  64. Women heading to Davidson for 1st scrimmage.
  65. Recruit Aaliyah Lewis announcing her decision today via webcast at 3:00
  66. Friday day game against ODU
  67. Ugoka gone
  68. 55-35 ODU wins!!
  69. Go Hokies! let's get a win tonight!
  70. observations on win over Appy
  71. Hokies' recruiting class gets "honorable mention" (Link)
  72. Mich State = 57, VT = 29, Final
  73. Hitting north of the border for recruits
  74. VT = 50; GW = 31 Good win ladies!
  75. Vt 50 - gw 31
  76. Is GW that bad or did we just have a good game?
  77. Girls beat Wisconsin 47-38. Good job ladies.*
  78. Way to go!!!
  79. Anybody notice that Cantley was actually involved in coaching Wisconsin Wed. night?
  80. Hokies win today! Congrats to the women and
  81. Lose by 4 to va lose by 3 to nc
  82. Nice shiny new practice facility...and NONE of these girls can shoot a lick...
  83. Tonight's effort was pathetic. This loss was inexcusable. Between this crappy effort
  84. 26% from field & 40% on FT at half; if we could shoot, we could stay in the game
  85. Beginning to wonder about coaching decisions in lineup?
  86. Does anyone have contact info for the Hardwood Club?
  87. Glad to see a better team effort against MD.
  88. On my way to Cameron with my daughter.
  89. Next coaching search: Women's bball...sorry but the 1st half doldrums scream poor....
  90. Hokiepro, welcome back. Still telling us how bad the program is?
  91. Incredible night for a Hokie
  92. Moving Story Regarding Tech Womens BB Player
  93. NC State game preview
  94. Brick masons showed up again tonight
  95. Watched some of the FSU game on ESPN3...
  96. Easy recruiting spot: Floyd Co. high...just offer the best 1-2 seniors they have ...
  97. I'm gonna drink the kool-aid again!
  98. Rough January, Rough Season
  99. Clemson 47 VT 37.
  100. I have only been checking the posts from time to time but WOW....
  101. OK Loss to Miami...
  102. One perspective on 2014 recruiting
  103. What's Up with L. Hall?
  104. Why isn't Uju playing tonight?
  105. Very good win @ GT
  106. Good win ladies! 70% on 3 pt shots; 53% overall; Tellier 24 pts in 1st road win
  107. Wow, ladies with a 30-24 halftime lead. Let's bring it home!!!!
  108. Does anyone have an extra pink shirt from today? I need one!
  109. Do the ladies practice against boys?
  110. Love the talent that DW is bringing in to the program from all over
  111. This team is worse than AWFUL...
  112. WOW. This Hokie fan aint ready to jump off the wagon because of a rough road.
  113. Another shoulda won game
  114. Interesting read re: Bonnie Henrickson's departure 9 years ago.
  115. PSA: Cox Tidewater is showing our game against UNC on channel 1011
  116. Hokies stomp FSU 71-52. Way to go Ladies.
  117. Go Ladies! let's sweep WF!
  118. OK, so in less than 2 years Wolf has equaled the ACC victories Beth had in 3 years.
  119. Nice to see us scoring!! We need the win against Miami bad...
  120. Maureen Donovan - former Hokie Basketballer to be inducted into...
  121. At least WBB wasnt' picked last in the ACC
  122. Good way to start the season. Balanced scoring.
  123. Nice win against ODU. Lost to them by 20 last year.
  124. 3-0 with wins over ODU and Florida.
  125. Ladies go to 4-0 with 87-49 win over Bucknell
  126. VT v. Hofstra
  127. Good luck this afternoon !
  128. VT vs. Richmond...
  129. Were The LAdies missing two players vs Richmond?
  130. Lose at IU by 6...FTs 4-11, IU 20-25...
  131. Hokies 72 Mich St 66...good win ladies!
  132. VT vs USC Upstate
  133. VT at Radford
  134. Who is going to Hampton game on Wednesday?
  135. VT vs BC
  136. Team is improved but........
  137. Ladies let one slip away to UVA
  138. Miami at VT
  139. A tip of the cap to Wes Moore, first year coach at NC State. He has the Pack climbing
  140. Hello....I'm Duke. I shoot better from 3 than your men shoot from the foul line
  141. Shocking stat...fouls VT 18, Duke 9...