You’ve Been Dinged!

What does that mean? Well, if you’ve been dinged, then you’ve put up a post or a comment deemed unacceptable by TSL staff. Either your post was an outright violation of our Terms of Use, or we just decided it was out of bounds for whatever reason (we do that sometimes).

“Ding” is a cute title, but it’s serious business. Accumulate too many dings, and you’re history. Here’s the rundown:

  • One ding:  A warning on the site.
  • Two dings: Warning #2
  • Three dings: Deactivation for a week. You’ll be barred from posting on the chat boards, but will still be able to read.
  • Four dings: Deactivation for a month.
  • Five dings: Permanent deactivation and banning.

Pretty simple system. Don’t mess it up.

Dings are handed out at the sole discretion of TSL staff. We’re moody, inconsistent, and yes, sometimes we play favorites. If you don’t like our decision to ding you, or if you’re disappointed that we failed to ding someone you think deserved it, too bad. Start your own web site and forum, and run it by your own rules. These are ours. Ding Hall of Shame

3/4/14:  vtdavis4321 for calling AXD1985 “[mentally] handicapped” in an exchange that had been civil, to that point. (Ding #1)

1/16/14: StankVT06 for calling James Johnson a clown on the basketball board.  (Ding #1)

11/15/13: Salemite for calling H Bentley Strothers JD a “moronic a-wipe” and telling him to “piss off” in successive posts. (Ding #1)

11/2/13: Oldcheme for calling Shane Beamer “worthless” and Frank Beamer a “massive looser.” (sic) (Ding #1)

9/23/13: OrangeHokieFan for saying Logan Thomas has a low IQ, doesn’t have the smarts, doesn’t have “tight screws” upstairs, then just saying he “stinks” on the Football Forum. (Ding #1)

9/21/13: NCHokie83 dinged for calling “The Bear” a jackass and telling The Bear “blow me”. (Ding #1)

9/17/13: Pancaker becomes the first TSL Poster to be dinged twice in one day, this time for being a jerk to BigDave on The Lounge. When you specifically target other TSL users, you get dinged! (Ding #2)

9/17/13: Pancaker gets dinged for a political post on The Lounge.

9/14/13: Hokie Hi VPI gets two dings for this winner on the Football board during the ECU game: I hate Frank Beamer. Worst special teams in nation ** — Hokie Hi VPI  (Ding #1 and Ding #2)

9/10/2013: Reston Hokie2 for complaining in the comments section of an article that the article was written for the “bed wetters on the site” (and for a long history of divisive name-calling) (Ding #1)

9/7/2013: rpdiddy dinged for saying “Logan [Thomas] sucks so bad” on the TSL Pass subscribers board. (Ding #1)

9/6/2013:  HokieMark88 dinged for saying D.J. Coles had “no guts, no heart” on the Football chat board. (Ding #1)