Virginia Tech’s Bowl Streak, and How It Compares to the ACC

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Virginia Tech football
Virginia Tech’s bowl streak seems safe with Justin Fuente running the show. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech football’s bowl streak seems to be safe for the foreseeable future. (Photo by Ivan Morozov)College football bowl streaks don’t mean as much as they used to, given how many bowl games there are now. That said, not making a bowl game means your program isn’t doing well.

Even through tumultuous times, Virginia Tech has kept the bowl streak alive for the last 25 seasons. Technically, that’s the longest active streak in FBS, even though Florida State has actually played in a bowl game 36 consecutive seasons. That streak dwarfs many others in the ACC and the rest of the Power 5.

Courtesy of @OX_VT on Twitter, we’ve got a good look at the bowl streaks of all FBS schools, including those who haven’t been to a bowl game in quite some time.

(Infographic by @OX_VT on Twitter)

Let’s break down the data. First, a look at the ACC teams that have been to a bowl game for at least two straight seasons.

  • Florida State — 36
  • Virginia Tech — 25
  • Clemson — 14
  • Louisville — 8
  • Miami — 5
  • NC State — 4
  • Boston College — 2
  • Wake Forest — 2

Duke and Virginia both went to a bowl game for the 2017 season, which put them back on the plus-side. However, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, North Carolina, and Georgia Tech all missed a bowl game in 2017. For Syracuse, not being bowl eligible is beginning to become a problem.

Here are the Power 5 teams who have not made a bowl game in at least two straight seasons.

  • Kansas — 9
  • Oregon State — 4
  • Syracuse — 4
  • Rutgers — 3
  • California — 2
  • Ole Miss — 2

Syracuse might not have as many problems as Kansas does, but the Orange are still trying to dig their way out of a deep hole. As for Virginia Tech, the Hokies’ bowl streak seems to be safe under head coach Justin Fuente. Tech is 19-8 over the last two seasons, and the Hokies should contend for the ACC Coastal Division in 2018.

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  1. Think about almost 25 months of extra practice time during the VT streak. Depending upon the bowl, that is 4 weeks of legitimate practice time preparing for the bowl game. That factor alone has helped VT separate itself from UVA and many other ACC schools.

    1. It’s gotta be a great recruiting tool, to be virtually guaranteed to play an extra month of football. What better place to do that at than VT, where rules don’t have to be violated to keep the streak going!

  2. You need a separate category for 1 game. 1 game is 1 game, it is not a streak. It could be the start of a streak, you have to have 1 before you have 2, but 1 is not a streak.
    If UVa goes to another bowl next season, I will make the argument that 2 games is not a streak either, it’s called a pair, two consecutive, but still not a streak.
    Forewarned, young fella.

        1. Yeah, Kansas fans at that bowl were wearing t-shirts that read “Our coach can eat your coach”!

  3. FWIW: I think Syracuse breaks the streak this year. OOC includes three very manageable games (@Western Michigan, UCONN, and Wagner). In conference, while highly unlikely they beat Florida State or Clemson (though they did get Clemson last year), NC State will lose a step and the Cuse gets the puppy pack at home. UNC still isn’t going to be that great (also a home game). They do have to travel to Pitt, Wake, and Boston College, but they should be able to win at least one of those. And who knows how Louisville will do without Lamar Jackson (and the Cards travel to Cuse).

    I fully expect the Orange to get to at least 6 wins. They have a pretty good one in Babers…. and he’s finally starting to bring in his guys.

    1. Maybe but as soon as Babers gets any traction, he’ll leave. It’s stepping stone, not a destination. Doug Marrone, an SU alum was the most-successful ‘cuse coach in the last decade and the best he could do was 25-25 in 4 years. He left for the NFL (Bills). Syracuse is a coaches’ graveyard: facilities stink, climate is awful, limited in-state recruiting base, apathetic fan base, etc. No positives…

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