Virginia Tech Working Six ‘Satellite’ Camps for Summer 2017

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Virginia Tech recruiting
Virginia Tech is hosting six camps spread out across the region this summer.

As the Virginia Tech recruiting staff and coaches continue to evaluate prospects for the Class of 2018 and beyond, the Hokies have scheduled another round of satellite camps throughout the region in order to enhance their recruiting in several key areas. Here are the camps, in chronological order. The camps aren’t technically satellite camps of old, but serve the same purpose. Camps will be hosted at other universities.

Richmond — Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. on June 5

Georgia — Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, Ga. on June 6

Mid-Atlantic — Monmouth University, West Long Branch, N.J. on June 7

Florida — Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, Fla. on June 7

Washington D.C. — Howard University, Washington, D.C. on June 12

The “757” — Hampton University, Hampton, Va. on June 13

A noticeable absence on that list is a camp for North Carolina recruits. Virginia Tech has made a big marketing and recruiting push towards players in the Tar Heel State, and has experience moderate success so far. However, it seems like Virginia Tech didn’t feel a camp there was necessary.

The Hokies do hit on key areas. Virginia Tech has three in-state camps, all of which are near population centers. Tech also has a camp in Atlanta, which meshes with their emphasis on the state of Georgia in recruiting.  Virginia Tech will host camps in Florida and New Jersey as well, two areas where the Hokies have traditionally relied on.

Note: This article has been amended to clarify the type of camp that Virginia Tech coaches will be attending.

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  1. Will be surprised if anyone shows up in Atlanta. If you go to the registration website, the camp and registration info is non-existent.
    Also I had to LOL for the host of the camp in DC. None other than Mike London. Go figure!

  2. Why don’t you guys read the poster and the fine print at the bottom and leave it be!!

  3. Check out the website for the D.C. Camp. Is their a session on running a football program into the ground?

  4. I wonder if the lack of NC camp signifies the fact that no NC school was willing to host the Hokie staff, rather than that they felt they didn’t need one in that state?

    1. Chris and I have been wondering the same thing. Perhaps they were unable to find an NCAA institution to work with down there. Or, maybe they just felt other areas were more necessary.

  5. Ricky, I think what’s confusing Born2b is your wording in the heading to the article. From what he says, we can’t legally “host” a camp somewhere else, but our coaches can “work” in a camp hosted by another institution. Maybe you ought to change the word “host”? Would that satisfy Born 2b?

    1. That’s a fair criticism. Hopefully the situation is explained more in the article.

  6. How can they work two camps hundreds of miles apart on the same day (June 7)? Maybe they all have split personalities?? I assume we pay the home institution a pretty good fee for hosting these “camps.”

  7. This is a very misleading article. Schools can no longer host satellite camps. Coaches can only work at camps hosted by other NCAA institutions. The graphic clearly states these are camps at which the staff are going to be working at other camps. It might just be there wasn’t a camp in NC available for the staff to work at.

      1. I don’t disagree, but your wording throughout implies that they are doing something illegal.

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