Josh Chambers Promoted to Director of Recruiting Operations at Virginia Tech

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Virginia Tech men's basketball Josh Chambers
Since his hiring before last season, Josh Chambers has taken on an increasingly important role in recruiting for Virginia Tech men’s basketball. (Photo courtesy of Virginia Tech Athletics)

Virginia Tech men’s basketball announced on Thursday that Josh Chambers was being promoted to Director of Recruiting Operations.

Chambers, who was hired last summer as a full-time employee to do graphics work, gradually took on more responsibility on the trail as the season went along. Now, he’ll be the lead man on organizing Virginia Tech’s recruiting efforts.

“As the landscape of athletics continues to change, it is imperative that we do our best to stay ahead of those changes,” said Virginia Tech men’s basketball Head Coach Buzz Williams in a statement. “Josh has the most unique skill set of anyone on our staff, and it allows him to have a role in almost every category of all that we are doing. Over the past year with us, his role has morphed in a variety of ways we didn’t anticipate, mostly because of his talent, but also because of our staff’s desire to know what the next change would be in the landscape of what we are trying to accomplish. He has been critically important to executing those changes, and I wanted to make sure his title was reflective of that.”

Chambers graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015, working as a student manager prior to graduation. He then took a job with Nike’s director of international basketball, George Raveling, before coming back to Virginia Tech in 2016.

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  1. From graphics designer to Director of Recruiting Operations in after 1 year at Tech? Makes me question his qualifications

    1. please read the rest of his resume. including the fact that he is an over-achiever by virtue of being a ’15 Hokie ! and i believe CBW was a manager in his day, and turned out quite well and to be quite knowledgeable in his area of specialization.
      i’ll just go with what CBW says about his staff.
      if anyone knows anything more about recruiting than CBW – and he knows who and what he needs and designated Josh – then i yield the floor.

      Go Hokies! Congratulations, Josh. Keep us rollin!

      1. Agree. Buzz is pulling in a great recruiting class and maybe an unbelievable one.

        Buzz seems to be giving Josh credit for some of this recruiting success with a deserving promotion.

        A rather have a young buck that has met the demands of his current boss than a long resume.

        Congrats Josh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. If he’s getting the job done, I have no problem with it. Buzz made it sound like he’s already basically doing the new job, and he’s making the title match the work he’s doing.

      That kind of recognition is essential to keeping him in the fold instead of having him leave. He will work that much harder for VT because he is an alum.

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