Tech Sideline Announces Nick Brown as New Director of Media

Nick Brown
Nick Brown (SMA ’24) is the latest full-time staffer to join Tech Sideline, as our new Director of Media. (Will Stewart)

Tech Sideline is pleased to announce that Nick Brown is joining our staff on July 1, 2024, as our new Director of Media.

Nick is a May 2024 graduate of the Sports Media & Analytics (SMA) program at Virginia Tech, where he also minored in Finance. Nick learned the crafts of sports broadcasting and production under long-time Virginia Tech play-by-play announcer Bill Roth, who launched the SMA program in 2016.

“Nick is a tremendously talented and creative journalist who has excelled in our SMA program at Tech,” Roth said. “He showed great leadership and organizational skills as the Sports Director for 3304 Sports this past year, and I’m delighted he’ll stay in our community as part of the Tech Sideline team.

“Nick was born for this job! He’s a lifetime Hokie who values Virginia Tech traditions and history. I’m proud of Nick and how hard he has worked. That hard work pays off, and I’m delighted for TSL and Hokie fans who will get to see and hear his work. This is an exciting day for Tech Sideline and the SMA program.”

Nick will be responsible for a multitude of duties, including managing and expanding the content on our YouTube channel, directing and producing the Tech Sideline Podcast, designing and carrying out our social media strategy, directing our team of SMA interns, and overseeing and deploying the thousands of photos and hundreds of videos that TSL produces each year.

“We are so excited to add Nick to our staff,” TSL Founder Will Stewart said. “We’ve wanted to hire a Director of Media for over a year, and Nick is perfect for the job. He’s already making a positive difference in our A/V production and planning, and our social media presence is going to improve by leaps and bounds.”

A native of Blacksburg, Nick grew up a Hokie, thanks to both of his parents — Jeff and Anne — being Virginia Tech alumni (Class of 1992 and Class of 1993, respectively). Over a dozen members of Nick’s extended family have graduated from Virginia Tech.

“I remember growing up with my dad as a subscriber of Tech Sideline,” Nick said. “I always thought it would be an awesome job covering Virginia Tech through the cool message board site that my dad would log onto every day. Now that I have graduated from this amazing university, I can truly say that this job is everything I could have hoped for and more growing up in Blacksburg.

“I thank God, my family, friends and Bill Roth for helping me get to this position. I am so grateful for the opportunity that Will Stewart and Tech Sideline have given me. Tech fans, we will have so much fun together through social media and our YouTube channel this year and beyond.”

As a student at Virginia Tech, Nick was part of the 3304 Sports Leadership Committee for three years. He was the organization’s Director of Broadcasting as a junior and the Sports Director as a senior. He also served as the play-by-play radio voice for Radford Bobcats football for the last five years, dating back to his senior year at Radford High School. Nick interned with Tech Sideline his sophomore, junior and senior years, learning podcast production and creating the Tech Top Five series of videos.

Nick is Tech Sideline’s second full-time hire from the Virginia Tech SMA program, joining Managing Editor David Cunningham (SMA 2021).

Please give Nick a warm welcome here and on social media:

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  1. Nick, congratulations on your decision to stay Home! You remind me of my time working part time and a student at VT. I almost took an offer to stay and manage a business where I worked. Maybe I should have…

  2. Congrats to you Nick. I have really enjoyed your contributions to TSL up to this point and I am sure that will continue to the case.

  3. Congratulations Nick. Since Brown is a pretty common last name, I didn’t make the connection until I saw that you were from Blacksburg and your parents names. I played on an intramural basketball team with your dad. “Mutts and Jeff”, since we had 3 guys on the team named Jeff. Hung out a fair amount with both of your aunts during my VT time as well. Good to see you pursuing this, and especially with TSL.

  4. Congrats! TSL does a great job with the podcasts ( as well as the written content) and Nick’s participation is truly added value. Now…..from someone who was in marketing, branding etc, image is EVERYTHING….unless you can pull off Burt Reynolds lose the “ stash”.
    Just food for thought.

  5. Congrats Nick! My wife and I sat next to you and your dad the first year we bought season tickets for men’s basketball. I still remember you getting up and putting the horse mask on your head, it got me every time. It’s been awesome to see everything unfold for you. Couldn’t be happening to a better and more deserving person!

  6. Happy for you Nick! And I love that you and your family are Hokie born and bred. Bill Roth is the best play by play man I’ve ever heard on the Tech Network and I’ve been around for 73 years! He does us all a service by heading up the sports broadcasting curriculum at Tech.
    Have a great career!

  7. Congratulations, Nick! No doubt you will do great things at TSL in your new role!!!!

  8. Get on your horse and ride fast Nick. Sky’s the limit. Work to do to take TSL to the next level. Will: great hire!

  9. Way to go Young Man. mrs laphroaig and I are very happy for you!

    And you can call me for an interview any time! Promise it will be really something. . . . special!

  10. Congrats Nick! Glad to hear you’re staying around. I hope you’ll continue your great work on the Bobcats radio broadcast too.

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