Virginia Tech’s Ditching Collarbone Stripes, Will Unveil New Football Uniforms Soon

The Hokies are moving on from this uniform design that they’ve worn since 2018. (Virginia Tech Athletics)

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. Virginia Tech will reveal new football uniforms soon and yes, the Hokies are ditching the divisive collarbone stripes.

Both athletic director Whit Babcock and football coach Brent Pry, who are attending the ACC’s spring meetings at The Ritz-Carlton, confirmed the upcoming reveal.

Neither Babcock nor Pry gave a full rundown of what the new unis will look like, but they did confirm it’ll have a more classic feel that goes away from the collarbone-striped look Tech adopted in a re-brand ahead of the 2018 season. 

Pry said he went to some of the Hokies coaches and staffers who played during Tech’s heyday — like defensive line coach J.C. Price and safeties coach Pierson Prioleau — to get their input, presenting them with a lineup of options and getting from them a thumbs up or thumbs down. They narrowed down the choices and repeated the process before coming to a final design that Pry said pulls from the Michael Vick days. 

“It’s a more traditional look and people I believe will appreciate it,” said Babcock, who thinks they’ll be revealed in “a week or so.”

Tech veered that direction with a special uniform that had a modern-retro look in 2021 to celebrate the 1999 team that played in the national championship game  The Hokies only wore them against Syracuse and in the Pinstripe Bowl against Maryland, however, with a special “NY” logo on the helmet for the latter as a Yankees tribute. Tech lost both games. 

The Hokies wore these throwbacks in 2021. Will their new unis be similar? (Virginia Tech Athletics)

There will likely be more variety with the helmets in this latest iteration. When he was hired in 2014, Babcock aimed to get the VT logo on every helmet design, feeling that the Hokies had gotten away from their brand with various special designs like the Hokies tracks and Flexing Gobbler looks.

Since Babcock began working at Virginia Tech, there have only been two occasions where the Hokies have not featured the interlocked VT on both sides of the helmet: Frank Beamer’s final game at Lane Stadium, when Tech had a No. 25 on one side and the school logo on the other, and the 2021 Pinstripe Bowl, when the Hokies had a Yankees logo on one side and the school logo on the other.

“So people may see some of our other logos this year,” Babcock said, “and I think they’ll like it.”

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  1. Always thought those black uniforms back in the 2010 were sweet! Would love to see the team rock them at home atleast once this year! Think how cool it would be seeing Drones connect with Jennings, Felton, or Lane down the sideline for a TD or APR sacking the opposing qb for a 10 yd. loss in the black uni’s! Hurry Football!!!

    1. Black uniforms, universally, are the worst and have no business in the lineup of uniforms for a school whose colors are orange and maroon. I have hope the adults are regaining control

  2. I’m amused that uniforms from the 90s and 2000s are considered “classic” and “retro”. To me they are neither, but rather are simply “dated”. IMO, Classic and retro were the previous shoulder stripes.

  3. I amused that uniforms from the 90s and 2000s are considered “classic” and “retro”. To me they are neither, but rather are simply “dated”. IMO, Classic and retro were the previous shoulder stripes.

  4. Would prefer the old ones that have three alternating color stripes straight over the shoulders
    The ones we were using when Vick was there.

    Just my 2-cents worth, which I don’t think will be considered. LOL

  5. Hearsay but apparently people in the know are saying these won’t be revealed in a “week or so” I’ve seen rumblings of July. Maybe they are releasing them earlier then expected

  6. yay! “Hokies are ditching the divisive collarbone stripes”

    they weren’t bad from the front, but the backs were horrible:
    like they couldn’t figure out a clean way to terminate the 2 “stripe”
    ends as they curved around the collar.
    as close as i could guess, was it supposed to somehow remind us
    of Torgerson Bridge or the arch on Lane’s west facade. either way
    or some other “design or building” – it was a failure.

    i hope the numerals font goes to a more robust style. those latest
    “new post modern” numerals were dink and wussy. did already
    wealthy nike dictate some future right to select that font to rub our
    nose in the poor contract they negotiated with the clueless interim
    ADept leaders who dumped their mess on the, then, new AD
    to sign with out time to fully review the devastating details?

    bring back the clean, distinct 1999-2000 jerseys. i don’t care who
    the qb or head coach was. 1999-2000!

    Go Hokies!

    1. Spot on. Tech should never wear any helmet but the “ Vick” solid maroon, maroon face mask, no stripes. . It’s clean and says all business

      1. I’m on board with that, but I still do love the matte maroon helmets with orange gobbler logo. Those were fire.

  7. I am all for the classic look, especially when combined with the new VT logo’s softer or scriptlike angles. This modern change adds to the classic and fits in with the rest of the University’s new VT logo style.

  8. I’d like to see a “blue collar”, workman-like uniform that looks like we mean business, a uniform that becomes a “brand” and a tradition like Notre Dame or Michigan, USC (California) or like Clemson in our conference. I’m glad to be rid of the “Space Cadets” uniform.

    1. 100%. My daughter just graduated from Bama. They don’t even mention uniforms down there. You know what they talk about? Toughness, discipline, etc.

  9. I like when we pair Maroon with grey. Throwback to original colors. I don’t think we’ve seen it with football. Otherwise all maroon or maroon with white pants and Maroon helmet of Mike Vick era.

  10. I’m just hoping and praying that the new uniforms will actually be Chicago Maroon and Burnt Orange rather than the purple and halloween orange that we so often display.

    1. Wow! Someone actually gets it! Chicago Maroon is to maroon what navy is to blue. It is almost black
      For burnt Orange see U of Texas, not Clemson

  11. Glad to see a throwback to the ’99 classic uniform and get rid of the last reminder of the disater that was Fu.

  12. I was fine with the collarbone stripes, but if they go back to a more classic look I will be fine with the change.

  13. Great, did not like the collarbone stripes.
    Love the traditional unis. Hope they have the orange lettering like 1998

  14. OK. But please get a uniform design and stay with that design. Make it easy for viewers ( especially non Hokies) to know the Hokies are on the field and not some XYZ Central SW University College team in clown outfits (not uniforms).

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