Alabama Defensive Lineman Transfer Khurtiss Perry Commits To Virginia Tech

Alabama defensive line transfer Khurtiss Perry announced his intentions to play for the Hokies on Tuesday. (Khurtiss Perry’s Twitter)

Virginia Tech got more help on its defensive line Tuesday when Alabama transfer Khurtiss Perry committed to the Hokies. 

The 6-foot-2, 265-pound Perry, who visited Virginia Tech last week and had drawn heavy interest from Wisconsin and Louisville, announced his decision on social media.

Perry is from Pike Road, Alabama, and spent two years with the Crimson Tide, redshirting in 2022 before getting action in one game in 2023. He has a pedigree, however, listed as the No. 65 player nationally and No. 11 defensive lineman in the 247Sports Composite rankings as a high school recruit in the 2022 class. A four-star recruit who had 76 tackles, including 22 sacks, as a senior, he picked Alabama over Auburn, Clemson and Texas.

He has versatility up front, someone who could play end but ultimately will probably end up inside as a three-technique with the Hokies. Though defensive tackle isn’t a big concern in 2024, with Tech having added three transfers in Aeneas Peebles, Kemari Copeland and Kelvin Gilliam over the winter, the Hokies lose three seniors from the group after this season: Peebles, Josh Fuga and Wilfried Pene.

Perry has three years of eligibility remaining. 

“He reminds me of a kid we had at Penn State named Kevin Givens, who’s still playing for the 49ers,” Hokies coach Brent Pry said from the ACC’s spring meetings in Amelia Island, Florida. “[He’s] 6-2, 285, but explosive. This kid’s Alabama high school film is impressive. And I think [Perry] weighed like 268 when he came to our place. Maybe 270. So I think he’ll be plenty big enough.”

Perry’s commitment puts Virginia Tech at 84 scholarships, with one to play with ahead of the 2024 season. Pry said the Hokies have looked at several defensive backs, searching for a hybrid type of player like Derrick Canteen last year. 

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  1. You can’t have too many quality DLmen. Keep ’em fresh and running to the ball. And I too, like getting transfers from a big name school over our SEC, Big 10, and ACC foes.

  2. If CC is on vacation, please extend his time away. This is fantastic news. Keep the lineman coming. Games are won and lost in the trenches.

  3. Be honest, did you ever think we would see a day where VT is getting transfer portal players from Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma, Duke among others? Our program is really trending in the right direction. Some sportswriters are seeing it and I definitely see it. VT is maintaining a good balance of offense and defense and special teams players. We have athletes that will compete in the ACC and beyond. We have some tough games in 2024, but I think our team can beat anyone on their schedule. The days of Clemson dominating the ACC are gone. There is plenty of other competition in the league.

      1. Coach said 285 and going to be plenty big enough with his quickness.

        He will be a hybrid D lineman at VT inside-outside

        Those types r hard to block

        1. This kid’s Alabama high school film is impressive. And I think [Perry] weighed like 268 when he came to our place. Maybe 270. So I think he’ll be plenty big enough.”

          1. My bad reference was to penn state guy who ended up 285 and is still playing.

            Anyway Brent likes him so he must have a plan

      1. Honestly, this shows you how far VT has fallen that we have fans surprised we have kids transferring to Tech from Duke. OMG.

    1. Yes. Many high schoolers jump into the big pond and find there are too many bigger fish so they go to where they have a chance to play. We are a smaller pond at this time.

      It would be more interesting and gut wrenching if VT guys transferred to Clemson, Alabama and Oklahoma.

    2. that we can pay players, getting bench players that don’t see the field to get paid to come to VT makes sense. Now that you can transfer whenever, if you can’t cut it at the big schools, get the bag to go the lesser schools.

  4. Kid looks like he has eaten himself out of DE. We could use DE more than DT, but maybe let him play some DE this yr and DT next yr.

    1. How it’s structured helps VT currently, too. I am impressed how the collectives and VT have pulled this together.

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