Dallan Wright Enters The Transfer Portal

Dallan Wright, Virginia Tech
Dallan Wright has entered the transfer portal. (Ivan Morozov)

Virginia Tech wide receiver Dallan Wright has entered the transfer portal, per reports from Evan G. Watkins at 247Sports.

Wright, who has three years of eligibility remaining, only got on the field for one snap during his career, which came during the Pinstripe Bowl against Maryland. His progress was hampered by a season-ending injury last year during August camp, and he was unable to practice with the Hokies this spring.

Wright’s departure drops Virginia Tech to 13 scholarship wide receivers and 86 scholarship players overall.

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    1. I’m sure it’s at 84. He would know. But we don’t take guys off the list until it’s officially announced. He probably knows a couple that haven’t been announced yet.

  1. Need to get to 85 scholarships, but we’re still recruiting the portal. I haven’t heard talk of freshmen delaying enrollment until spring. It that still an option if numbers get tight?

    1. how bout more players leaving….. could happen.

      85 was not the hard limit, go down to 75-80 and free up room for transfers

      1. Seems to be working well for Coach Prime.

        Anyway, best of luck to Mr. Wright. Hopefully no more injuries.

        1. Funny, I read the article in the Athletic and was thinking the same thing, sure 80% of the team is … a lot. but qualitatively I’m guessing the same thing is happening here. Welcome to the new world of college schollies.

      2. I understand…but to get to that number we’ll most likely need to get rid of redshirt freshmen. So, a kid commits to Tech, lifts weights for a year, then gets shown the door. That’s tough.

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