Devin Farrell Enters The Transfer Portal

Devin Farrell
Devin Farrell has entered the transfer portal. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech quarterback Devin Farrell is in the transfer portal. Farrell is the second Hokie quarterback of the day to enter the portal, joining Tahj Bullock. Farrell has four years of eligibility remaining.

Farrell served as Virginia Tech’s third quarterback in 2022, though he never appeared in a game. He was in a tight battle with Bullock for the third spot on the depth chart this spring, but being just a year behind Kyron Drones, and only a year ahead of Pop Watson, Farrell likely thought that he was going to be squeezed for playing time in future seasons.

The Hokies now have four scholarship quarterbacks on the roster, and they stand at 87 scholarships overall.

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  1. How many people remember that Tom Brady was once #6 on the Depth Chart @ Michigan. He hubng around, worked his way up to the starting position in his Jr. year. However, over the course of his Fr. and So. years, he played in 6 games, threw 20 passes, completed 15 for 0 -TD’s. He was a 6th R NFL draft pick in 2000. Wondering if there had been a TP during his college years would have have transferred.

    1. We also had dial-up internet, no transfer pool, or NIL. Times change. If Tom played today he would transfer and perhaps he would be drafted higher than the 6th round.

        1. Or he would transfer 2+ times, never actually learn a system or how to play the position, and fade into obscurity. Times change, but it’s not always positive if there are no strategic controls in place.

  2. Hopefully this will give us room and impetus to bring in what we really need OL and DL.

  3. Keller and Black are next and then I will be six for seven from my post a couple months back.

    1. Keller and Black would both be shocking. Black got the ball a lot in the spring and looked pretty good. Keller has played plenty and is athletic. Those would shock me big time.

    1. Tools that had him tied for 3rd on the depth chart. Sounds like they weren’t that great of tools.

      1. Per an offensive coaching staff that to date doesn’t appear to know what they are doing.

  4. good news… need to get 2 more into the portal to get under the limit (assuming we don’t add any more). Bullock and Farrell just haven’t shown anything in game time or spring game time to show they are developing fast enough to get playing time at QB.

  5. Farrell was the BEST QB on the roster – watch it. Another Russell Wilson. Too Bad for us.

    1. Farrell was a great athlete. Probably ends up as a slot receiver. He cab go somewhere else to show he can play QB. It’s fine. Nobody knows what 17 year olds become.

    2. Russell Wilson worked his way into the starting lineup his RS-FR year. Got to deliver early or others will get a shot.

    3. I don’t agree here. I saw Farrell play a lot in high school. He’s a great person but definitely not a Power 5 QB. I saw Malik Willis play in high school too, and there’s no comparison. Malik was much more dynamic high school QB

    4. You are right he was the best QB on the roster from what I observed in the Spring game. Can’t wait to watch Wells try and force one in on his own 20 for pick 6

    5. Your are correct from my observation only QB on team with any sort of downfield vision. Can’t wait for another year of watching Wells try and force one in on his own 20 for a pick 6.

  6. Both Bullock and Farrell were recruited by the past coaching staff and didn’t find a way with this staff to playing time past or in the future. It’s just the way things work out. They seem to be good kids and I hope they find a suitable landing spot to play some ball going forward. They both are probably G5 backups or FCS players. QBs seem to flip around the portal pretty routinely.

    Watson seems to have a future here if he gets some PT (both Playing Time and S&C). Looked interesting in the Spring Game but we all know that doesn’t mean squat really.

        1. Judging by the coaches playing him before Farrell in the Spring Game. The coaches determined Pop was above Farrell and Bullock, they saw no path to PT..they left.

          We have 4 QBs still in Wells, Drones, Pop and Witke. Davi on the way..and like 50% of QBs in D1 enter the portal. This is where the fat needed to be surprises here

    1. Almost every D1 team gets a portal QB each yr, so I hardly say we are all-in on anybody long term. We have portaled a QB going back to the end of the Beamer era with Brewer. (Brewer, Evans, Willis, , Burmeister, Wells, Drones). In 10 yrs since 2014, we have started a QB we got from the portal to start the yr 9 times of 10 yrs. It is only getting more common place nationwide just now..we were ahead of the curve..haha

      1. Our last true home grown QB was Tyrod Taylor who was getting PT his Freshman year over a junior established QB. Cream rises to the top.

      2. The portal didn’t start until Oct ‘18, so only Wells and Drones were “portal” guys. And I don’t consider Evans a transfer. His JC eligibility simply ended. He had to go somewhere.

        Nevertheless, the only homegrown QB VT has relied on to any significant degree in the last 10 years is Hendon Hooker. I expect this will continue to be the norm. It’s just where VT is in the pecking order – not quite blue blood enough to get top QB recruits any more than occasionally, but big enough to be attractive to under-recruited or underutilized QBs in other programs. This, of course, assumes VT and the ACC maintain their current places in the pecking order.

    1. My assumption would be Pop, but lets hope he doesnt have to play so preserves his redshirt.

      1. If he is the better player, play him. Kids portal like they change underwear. The concept of redshirting is starting to fade, mostly because players don’t stick around. Especially QB..they portal at a higher rate. If Pop is the best available, play him…forget about the RS…odds are he won’t be here in 4 yrs. Even if he starts next yr abd stars, he will enter the portal to create a NIL bidding war.

        1. Exactly correct. Redshirting good players only hastens their portal Entry. Play the talent that deserves to be played regardless of seniority. Bryce Young is pretty skinny (like Pop) but the kid can play.

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