Elijah Howard Enters The Transfer Portal

Elijah Howard
Elijah Howard has entered the transfer portal. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech cornerback Elijah Howard has entered the transfer portal with three seasons of eligibility remaining. He made the announcement on Sunday afternoon via Twitter.

Howard played cornerback for the Hokies, getting on the field for 23 defensive snaps for his career, plus a further 119 snaps on special teams. He saw most of his action on kickoff coverage and as part of the punt return team.

Briefly moved to running back during the 2022 season, he never saw game action at that position, as he was quickly moved back to cornerback following injuries to Cam Johnson and Devin Alves.

Howard’s departure drops the Hokies to 89 scholarship players, which means that at least four more scholarship players will be departing the program soon.

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      1. I’d say that they are very much in touch. So you have a conversation with your coach and you ask him what are the real prospects of me seeing significant playing time. He tells you that absent some serious improvement you are most likely going to be the 3rd or 4th option. So now is decision time, if you are honest with yourself no matter how confident you are, maybe you know those in front of you are just plain better. So, now the decision is to stay (if you are allowed) and be a career backup, or try to go somewhere that you have a legit shot at seeing the field. Maybe not a P5 school, but a place to play…….These days players have options, can’t fault them for exercising those options, as long as the coaches are honest. I don’t like it either, but that doesn’t make the players “bad people”. I want the ones that are on the team to want to be on the team, no matter their place.

        1. Broken Hawk was referring to the fact that Elijah Howard thanked his “brothers” for “going to war” with him. Fore_Hokies’ response was related to that “war” analogy, not anything else.

          Not that your comment is wrong. 😁 Just clarifying what the discussion was.

      2. It’s not just this generation. “Love is a Battlefield” by Pat Benatar in 1983. That was 40 years ago. I always cringe a little bit when I hear that line.

        1. My teenaged (at the time) nephew once asked my father (a Korean War vet) if he had ever been in combat. Dad’s answer was “No, but I’ve been married to your grandmother for 55 years…”

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