Virginia Tech Freshman Forward Darren Buchanan Jr. Enters Transfer Portal

Darren Buchanan Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech forward Darren Buchanan Jr. (middle) entered the transfer portal on Tuesday, March 21. (Jon Fleming)

On Tuesday, Virginia Tech forward Darren Buchanan Jr. announced his decision to enter the transfer portal.

A 6-7, 235-pound freshman from Washington, D.C., Buchanan redshirted in 2022-23 with fellow freshman center Patrick Wessler. The Woodrow Wilson product, who was the All-Metro Player of the Year and the D.C. Gatorade Player of the Year, originally chose the Hokies over Georgetown, Rutgers, George Mason and George Washington.

Buchanan was one of four freshman in the 2022 class, joining fellow All-Metro selection Rodney Rice, MJ Collins and Wessler. Collins played over the course of the season while Rice played sparingly while dealing with two separate injuries (ankle, finger).

With Buchanan’s departure, the Hokies’ current frontcourt consists of John Camden (6-8, r-Fr.), Mylyjael Poteat (6-9, Jr.), Lynn Kidd (6-10, Jr.) and Wessler (7-0, Fr.). Grant Basile and Hunter Cattoor both have the option to return for next season and use their COVID year of eligibility. Not counting that veteran duo, who have yet to announce a decision, Virginia Tech has three open scholarships for 2023-24.

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  1. I know nothing about any of our players who’ve transferred out but I always wonder if grades or girlfriend / friend issues or the lack there of, played a part. Their transfer may have nothing to do with how well they like the coaches or fit w/I MY’s system.

  2. Hey David are the 3 open scholarships including the 2 committed recruits? And if Basile and Cattoor decide to comeback do they actually count against the limit?

  3. like everyone else, love MY; but the number (& quality-Radford, Nolley, etc) of players that leave every year seems uncomfortably high

    1. Maybe they don’t fit his system LOL. Actually I don’t know but that’s the blanket excuse on the boards when people bring this up. I agree – it’s a potential issue.

    2. Nolley and Radford were not MY recruits…it is not surprising at all either they wouldn’t stick around or that MY wouldn’t want them

    3. Let’s compare apples to apples. How do other ACC teams do with losing/winning in the transfer portal? And how many players have we benefited from the transfer portal? I’m thinking MY has done a pretty good job at bringing players in. Alleyne is the one I wish MY had kept, but everyone, including Alleyne, thought Maddox would be a big upgrade.

  4. The player hating in these comments is amazing.

    Not one poster has any idea why Buchanan is leaving. DC area POY same size as Mutts and he is not ACC talent?

    Won’t surprise me to see him playing for a future opponent and dealing on us inside.

    1. tallahasseehokie:

      You’re missing the point of this message board. We posters have far more passion than direct knowledge concerning whatever it is we are bitching about. It’s why we do what we do.

  5. After an impressive last year, MJ Collins performance became inconsistent…..especially after the face injury. Seems like coach could have trotted Buchanan out there a little. There were many times when this team could have really used a 5th offensive threat. Looks like CMY was trying to build longterm depth and felt most confident about Collins and Rice. I trust CMY perspective….especially if AJ Swinton & Bronny James are on the way!

  6. This is EXACTLY the way the transfer portal is supposed to work. Mutually beneficial to all parties.

  7. No shock. Not an ACC level player. Story of recruiting…HS recruiting has flat stunk..Had a window of success, we have done nothing with it. The only decent recruit was coached by the asst coach we hired. Really gotta start questioning the HS recruiting and why it is so poor. Can’t get athletes. Very Wofford level recruiting.

    1. You think Blacksburg is a hotbed for basketball players. It’s not and never has been. Amazing how folks thinks that VT compares to big cities and money Colleges..just a amazing..

      1. Buzz and Seth brought talented classes here. MY still has yet to prove he can do it. All it takes in basketball is 2 good recruits a year and by year 3-4 you can have a very solid team. That’s all I ask from this team. Every 3-4 years make a run at the top of the ACC and make the dance.

      2. Stores Connecticut, Iowa, Creighton Nebraska, Manhattan Kansas, and many more are not Bball Hotbeds. Check I live outside Atlanta which is definitely a hotbed and Ga Tech had been UNABLE to produce a productive program since Coach Cremens. The locals here are beside themselves trying to figure out why Kennesaw is the best program in the state. Va Tech has the right ingredients to be and maintain an exceptional basketball team just like the womens team. Its building right in front if our eyes. Patience.

  8. Do basketball players that redshirt their freshman year’s ever become starters/significant contributors at P5 schools?

    1. Wouldnot be surprised if that’s where DB winds up. GU is maybe 2 miles from his HS.

  9. Attrition and turnover is inevitable. And I can’t help but wonder about possible reasons in this case:
    – Missed talent evaluation by CMY and staff? Not everyone can fall out of bed and be the DC Metro Player of the Year.
    – Youthful ambition and impatience? Not willing to wait & work for a year or two to get his turn; meanwhile, relatives & peeps telling him how great he is and how his talent is being wasted?
    – Eclipsed by the competition? Unlikely. The “4” is arguably the weakest spot on the team with Mutts’ departure.
    – Homesick big city kid out of place in Blacksburg? Mebbe..
    – Academics too tough? Mebbe, but Wilson is the top public HS in DC; the one that serves the wealthier neighborhoods in NW

  10. He evidently had a little serious talk with CMY.Id be surprised if he isn’t warming a bench somewhere else next year!We need a really good 4 out of the portal that’s what this roster has been missing.We need a stretch 4 then we will have 5 shooters on the floor at the same time.

      1. A little harsh? The young man’s statement was professional. Hope it works out for all. AH

        1. He seems like a fine, Christian young man. I wish him the best. Maybe it was too much of a culture shock coming from DC to the mountains of SW Va. I know, being from rural Rockbridge County, I would be like a fish out of water moving to DC.

  11. Well either we’re getting a stud stretch 4 from portal or UH OH

    Any chance we land the Wyoming guy? Only connection would be Carleigh Wenzel (rs on women’s team) her brother played with him at Wyoming

  12. Hate for a kid that hasn’t even seen the court to transfer. It will be interesting to see where he ends up.

    1. Hey, I hate when that happens too. It’s happened with football too. We had a WR a few years ago that transferred after just redshirting

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