Virginia Tech Football Game vs. Virginia Canceled

Virginia Tech football’s game vs. Virginia is canceled. (Jon Fleming)

On Monday, Virginia Tech athletics announced its football game vs. Virginia, originally scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 26, has been canceled. With that, the Hokies’ season (3-8) is over.

After the tragedy in Charlottesville on Nov. 13, where three UVa football players – D’Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr. and Devin Chandler – were murdered, the Hokies embraced the Cavaliers. Head coach Brent Pry and the Tech players were understanding and thoughtful with their comments, even though the Battle for the Commonwealth Cup was up in the air.

“With UVa losing a couple of their players, we’re praying for those guys,” running back Jalen Holston said after Saturday’s game vs. Liberty. “We just know it’s bigger than football.”

The decision was made late on Monday evening, and for the first time since 1969 (53 years), the Hokies and Cavaliers will not meet on the football field. Virginia Tech (3-8, 1-6 ACC) ended its season with a 23-22 win over Liberty in Lynchburg, which snapped a seven-game losing streak. In light of recent events, Virginia (3-7, 1-6 ACC) did not play its scheduled game vs. Coastal Carolina on Nov. 19.

Speaking with the media before Liberty, Tech linebacker Alan Tisdale said some of his teammates pitched the idea of traveling to UVa to pay their respects. Pry reached out to Virginia head coach Tony Elliott, too, just to tell him he loved him.

“If we don’t [play], we’ll want to go down to Charlottesville, some of the players, and just show our respect,” Tisdale said. “It’s football, but at the end of the day, it’s bigger than ball. So just show some respect and some camaraderie with the team. Just go down there.”

Virginia Tech athletics said additional details for those with tickets to the Virginia game will be shared in the coming days. 

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  1. This season will go down as one of the most emotional / stressful seasons of all times. New coaching staff, new players, one point loses, and now last game canceled, due to a senseless act of violence. Hoping this will be ours and UVA’s low point and next season we will both come out stronger. Have a great Thanksgiving Hokie Nation.

  2. The good and the bad. The Good-Our 2022 nightmare season is finally over- man that’s good. The bad- Man the economic to both programs and the local state impact seems significant. During one of the country’s toughest economic times right before the holidays, people’s wages will take a hit, and there will be local and state revenue lost with this game not being played. It would have been really neat to see this game get resechedule 1 or 2 weeks later or heck 4-6 weeks from now since both programs werent going to a Bowl. Plus both programs could have arranged either a separate donation fund or maybe 25 to 50% of the game proceeds could have went to go fund the families for OR we could have started a scholarship foundation on the behalf of all 5 students OR All of the above. There are alot of ideas that could have been born as a triumphant show of solidarity to honor UVA and the students. My bestfriend and bestman in my wedding is a Cavalier and so are plenty of my highschool neighbors and classmates. I care strongly about UVA and regard them as another great state institution so there is no intent to show any insensitivity here as we know 1st hand the pain they feel but it seems like we could be missing a big opportunity to turn this tragedy into something greater.

  3. I think it’s the right call. I don’t think either team could play the game hard knowing what’s happened. There’s always next year.

    1. From what I have read, UNC was UVA’s main rival back then and VMI was ours. I guess the break in scheduling was due to other scheduling conflicts.

  4. I think probably the right call. The only other thought is whether the players that passed on would have wanted the game to be played. To go out there, and honor them by playing the game they loved. It could have been a serious love fest and a wonderful day. It would have been the first game where Hokie fans probably would have cheered for both teams, the entire time. Could have been special. But again, I get it. In the end it’s probably the right decision.

  5. Dissappointed – YES, I was looking forward to one last tailgate with my friends from hither & yon.
    Understanding – YES, I felt this would happen, thought too much too soon, better to cancel.

    Still bummed, but still understanding. May everyone have a joyeous Thanksgiving. Sorry we won’t be together this Saturday.

    GO HOKIES!!!

  6. Absolutely the right call. No one knows how anyone else feels about a tragedy. No one!
    And – let’s respect everyone for that reason – and let them heal in their own way.

  7. A great call. If for no other reason it will leave an ongoing mark (no game played) to be sure ALL remember the tragedy that occurred in 2022.

  8. I am torn. I hate that the game will not be played, the first time since 1969 that the two teams will not meet during a season.

    That’s me as a sports fan.

    Much more important, though… is respecting UVA’s wishes, and being there for our brethren who are in need. They were there for us in 2007. It is our turn.

    Getting back to fan mode. Nice to see Pry get a big road win against an 8-2 team, to end the season on a high note. I hope the offseason will produce any needed changes, going forward, and will lead to getting us back on track.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

  9. The captains should go to each funeral or at a minimum a representative player. It’s the least we could do. Perhaps coordinate with the other FBS schools in the state.

  10. I completely respect and understand this decision, but I’m a little bummed. I had tickets, it’s my birthday, and it would have been the first game for my parents in Blacksburg, my wife’s first VT game, and my great aunt Faye’s first game in Blacksburg since at least 1998 when her brother who she used to go with (who was an alum) passed away. Still, I’m alive and their players are not and this is a completely reasonable and understandable decision.

  11. I think it would be a tremendous show of respect if they loaded up the busses and brought the team to Charlottesville for a gathering. Some of these guys played against each other in High School in football and other sports. When a brother is down – you pick them up . Sportsmanship and friendship goes a long way in life .

  12. They just need to do what they need to heal and get back to normal. One of the wounded players was released from the hospital today. Looking forward to watching him play next year.

  13. The coaching staff handled this who situation extremely well and can tell they are outstanding, high quality people. I have my concerns over their coaching skill at this point but am certainly thankful we have hired such good people.

  14. I don’t think the deceased players would have wanted the game cancelled. I think this was the wrong decision on UVa’s part. I understand the sentiment but how does cancelling the game make it better? Now those seniors who thought they had one more game, don’t have it.

      1. You do hear about certain teams playing for a teammate who died in a tragic accident or collapsed on the court and died and they say so & so would have wanted us to play. But this is a much different situation with 3 teammates being senselessly murdered. I can understand the UVa. players not being in any frame of mind to play a game. And I don’t think our players would really have the desire beat a rival that’s still in a state of shock. Give them a year to heal and renew the rivalry next season. I wish they could have found another opponent to play next week for the seniors, but the logistics were probably too tough to make it happen. We’ll move on to basketball.

    1. Because if the deceased players could want something, they’d still be alive and this article would’ve not been written. We’d also be spared your ridiculous comment as well.

    2. Man I just think this sentiment is so far off base, UVa made the right call! Let them grieve and heal. It’s just a game, they are dealing with REAL tragedy.

    3. Really??? Not up to us to question our brothers up in C-ville in this situation. I hope you realize that by now. Very poor judgment.

  15. That was the right decision on all levels, that’s enough football this year for both of us given the circumstances and records.

  16. Personally disappointing but completely understandable given the circumstances the UVA program is dealing with right now. Very classy of Tisdale and the others planning to head to Charlottesville to pay their respects.

    1. You forgot the 18-years long interruption following the 1905 game, from 1906-1922. Series resumed in 1923…

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