TSL Podcast 271: Hoops Raises the Banner

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TSL Podcast Episode 271: Virginia Tech Basketball Raises the Banner; Football Loses at Duke

Virginia Tech football suffers its seventh consecutive loss down in Durham, while Tech basketball is off to a 3-0 start, and they unveil the ACC Championship banner. Join the TSL Podcast crew to discuss it all. (82 minutes)

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  1. What happened to the team that beat BC???? After loosing to ODU, I thought I saw a much improved and more motivated team take the field. The defense was crisper and tackling much better. Even the offense looked better. I didn’t expect the team to go undefeated the rest of the season, but I did expect improvement game by game with our new, fresh, coaching staff. Instead, each game has gotten worse, mental toughness is non-existent, penalties run rampant, and they look like a group of players that meet on Saturday for a game. I lay it totally at the feet of the coaching. I do not believe our talent level is nearly as low as our record. Hopefully we will not wait years to make drastic changes in our staff while our recruiting is non-existant.

  2. Didn’t have a chance to listen to the podcast, but boy, does VT deserve a refund on the banner or what. Not even the same size as the two banners next to it and can barely read the “ACC” on it. Par for the course this year I guess. I won’t even comment on how pathetic the football team is!

  3. As always, I enjoyed watching the podcast today. I can’t point my finger to any one particular issue ( because there are so many), but something just seems quirky about the entire team including players and coaches. A few of my friends and I were discussing the other day how VT looks like a replacement team who doesn’t really practice and just shows up on game day to give it a whirl and see what happens on the field. On the sidelines, all I see are players sitting on the benches or standing with their heads down and very little team comradery. It’s been like that all season which is a huge concern. I hope like heck, we can somehow find a way to beat Liberty. Go Hokies

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