This is the Last Month for Justyn Mutts Poster Purchases

Heads up: If you interested in purchasing the Justyn Mutts poster that we introduced last April, this month (September 2022) will be your last chance.

As of this writing, we have over 200 of the signed posters and over 200 of the unsigned posters remaining, ready to ship.

Here’s the order link — note that Justyn receives $70 for each signed poster sold, and $15 for each unsigned poster sold:

Justyn Mutts Posters from Bison Printing

This has been a fun project, and Justyn has benefitted quite a bit from proceeds of sales. Over 500 of the 750 signed posters have been sold, and a few hundred of the unsigned ones have sold, as well.

More Details About the Justyn Mutts Poster

There are two options for purchase:

1.) A limited-edition version of the poster signed and numbered by Justyn Mutts, available for $100, with no extra charge for shipping and handling. 750 of these were produced.

2.) An unsigned edition of the poster for $25, plus $7 shipping and handling. If you order four or more in one order, no shipping and handling will be charged. About 500 of these were produced.

Justyn Mutts will receive $70 for each signed poster sold and $15 for each unsigned poster sold, making this a significant NIL opportunity for one of Virginia Tech’s most popular athletes.

The poster is printed by Bison Printing in Bedford, Virginia. Bison Printing also handles order taking and fulfillment.

Place your orders at the link below, and thank you for being a part of this fun and exciting event. If you have questions, please reply in the comments below or email Tech Sideline at [email protected].

Place your order here:

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