TSL Poll: The Story Of The Year In Virginia Tech Athletics

Virginia Tech just completed arguably the best sports year in school history, which included Super Regionals in both baseball and softball, an ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament title, and a lot more.

Help us decide the Virginia Tech Sports Story of the Year. Vote for your top three picks in the poll below.

What was the story of the year in Virginia Tech Athletics? (pick up to 3 answers)

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  1. Mens basketball winning the ACC tournament was the biggest achievement, proudest moment as an alumnus, and most prominent event of the school year. In my mind, one of the 3 greatest events in VT sports history. But the biggest “story” (at least to me) means which of these garnered the most media coverage (ie, the “story.”) That seems to be the coaching change in football. It involved constant media coverage over a span of weeks: from the speculation to the firing of Fu, to the speculation of who the new coach would be, to the presentation of Pry, to the hiring of his staff. ACC tournament coverage came and went in the span of a week.

  2. There is no doubt men’s basketball winning the ACC Championship was the biggest story of the year!

  3. The football story IMHO was written 2 years ago, it just took that long to come to fruition. My opinion is Fuente could have gone 10-1 this last season and won the ACC and there would still have been a great hue and cry for his removal. I think the “story” of the football team will not be written until at LEAST to 2024 season. TBH I could not be prouder of the VT athletic program as it stands now. Those who question Babcock’s capability IMHO really are not looking at the big picture. I get that football is the engine for it all, but the improvement of the entire department is a result of his leadership. The one team that I believe does not get enough ink, is the ladies golf team. From non-existent to where they are now in just a few years is a tribute to the coaches and Whit. It doesn’t hurt that they have a GREAT home course to play on everyday. Anyway, I truly hope the fan base will chill just a bit the next couple of years with Coach Pry, he and the program will need it.
    The most satisfying thing that happened all year was to SHUT UP those Mike Young boo birds with a vengeance, what a bunch of tewels

  4. Chris, I like you using the term arguably. There were so many great moments for VT athletics this year except for the one that really pays the bills for most of the other sports- football. With it being so dismal, in my opinion it’s really hard to think of this being the best sports year in VT history. But thanks to the many student-athletes that gave it their all this year for the orange and maroon.

    1. I agree basically with your comments. It was a great year for Virginia Tech Athletics in many sports. I do think the Men’s Basketball Team winning the ACC Tournament Championship was the best. We could go on about Women’s BB, Softball and Baseball Regionals and Super Regionals that were outstanding. Many of the Olympic Sports did well also. All of this speaks well about our coaching staffs of these sports, and tells us diehard HOKIES, that we have a super effective Athletic Director with Whit Babcock’s and his leadership qualities. What a great year!!!

  5. To me it’s the broad-based success that we’re now enjoying. Tech is rounding into form as a formidable member of the ACC. The balance we now bring to the table is the true story… we’re not a “one trick pony” (football) anymore.

  6. Winning the Holy Grail of the ACC, by far the best story. I had been a long time, since a team without blue in their uniforms won it. Failed to mention the Indoor track ACC Championship for both Men and Women teams. Not very often when both win it at the same time.

      1. Still technically correct since GT also has blue in their uniforms! You have to go back to 2013 Miami winning to find the first team with zero blue in their colors.

  7. Didn’t even know about the national champions,

    that’s H U G E.

    Especially two natty’s in the same season…got a vote from me.

  8. I hate that Mekhi Lewis isn’t higher on the list. I know, wrestling doesn’t move the needle that much, but that was tremendous for him and the team. Could also be that he was so good early that we almost expect that from him.

    1. It shouldn’t be higher than Rachel Baxter and Lindsey Butlers accomplishments. Shame they don’t get the recognition. There have been less than 10 nations champions at VT (Mekhi being one) and we have 2 in one year!

      1. Rachel Baxter and Lindsey Butlers accomplishments. >>>>
        Too bad the National Dirt Judging Championship wasn’t in the running. That’s almost as big as VT winning the International Dairy Cow Judging Championship about 10 years ago.

  9. While all are good stories, IMO the ACC b’ball tournament victory is the tops by a mile.

  10. I voted but I believe the story of the year is that we were/are prominent now in the ACC in multiple sports in all three sports seasons with our best year ever in all sports with football (hopefully) on the rise as well.

    1. I would agree with the “were”, way to soon if the “are” is correct….but lets hope so!

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