Times And TV Coverage Set For Virginia Tech-Oklahoma Super Regional Matchup

Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech will host Oklahoma this weekend. (Jon Fleming)

Game times and TV coverage for this weekend’s Virginia Tech-Oklahoma Super Regional have been set. The Hokies and Sooners will play a best-of-three series with the winner advancing to the College World Series in Omaha.

Game 1 will be played on Friday at 3pm and will be televised by ESPN2. Saturday’s game will start at noon, and ESPNU will have the coverage. If necessary, Game 3 will be played on Sunday, and the start time and TV coverage would be announced after all of Saturday’s Super Regional Games have been concluded.

No. 4 overall seed Virginia Tech (44-12) breezed through their Regional this past weekend, going a perfect 3-0 with a win over Wright State and two victories over Columbia. Oklahoma (40-21) was the No. 2 seed in the Gainesville Regional. They went 3-1 over the weekend, beating host and No. 13 overall seed Florida in two out of three games, including a dramatic 5-4 victory on Monday.

Tickets will go on sale for Hokie Scholarship Fund members at noon on Tuesday. All remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public at 2pm. Click here to buy tickets.

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  1. Just got through reading the comments to this article. I believe VT has the whiniest fans in all of college sports. Impressive!

      1. You also included Reston Hokie2, You and your Fair Weather Buddies. You Punks are now Loud and Proud-We’ve been there before-and left Defeated and Deflated. Old Dudes have been crushed too many Times. Keep that Faith though-I always have.’

    1. Probably been following them alot longer than You, I’ve seen alot more Heartbreak than You’ve seen success. So kiss my Butt.

  2. I’m a happy Man, I will watch the Games, glad there aint no ESPN+ coverage, stick that up your Butt. Go Hokies, I ‘d rather play the Sooners’ Baseball Team than their Softball Team-them Girls? are GREAT! Been catchin some Crap from other School fans about our 1st Series being a Joke with Gonzaga, Wright State, and Columbia. A Basketball School(Gonzaga), Wright State( if VT hadn’t played them in BBall, I wouldn’t know where it was-and it’s the Wrong State), and then Trashing the Ivy League Sissies from New York City-almost like Middle School Bullies. I always heard the Ivy League doesn’t even give Scholarships, Simon and Garfunkel met there for God’s Sake-a Midget and a Sissy-though I love their Music. Confidence Level is High on the Hometown Hokies-I may show up Anyway.

    1. I saw one talking (or in this case writing) head who predicted Gonzaga to advance out of the regional.

    1. Yep. I tried right at 2:00 to get a couple GA tickets for Fri. and/or Sat. and couldn’t get any. I was able to get them for Sunday Game 3 if there is a 3rd game. You do get a refund if that game is not necessary.

  3. being the no. 4 overall seed doesn’t earn the privilege of a prime time telecast >>>>

    It could have been prime time on the ACCN. 🙂
    Think ESPN is gonna do anything to help a competing network?

    1. ESPN owns the ACC Network. Of course they will favor the SEC over the ACC.

  4. Of course, being the no. 4 overall seed doesn’t earn the privilege of a prime time telecast fo at least one game. Of course not.

    1. I mean, the teams that have a better time slot than us are #1 seed Tennessee (6pm Fri), #5 Texas A&M vs #12 Louisville (8:30pm Fri), and #2 Stanford (7pm) on Saturday. Technically the other seeded matchups between #3 Oregon State and #14 Auburn are prime time, but only for the west coast where it’s being hosted bc they’re both at/after 10pm EDT.

      It sucks, but I also get prioritizing higher seeds and matchups between seeded teams, especially when they’re apparently randomly using whatever air time they have available on ESPN2 and ESPNU with only 2 out of 16 scheduled games happening on the main ESPN.

      1. If there is a way for the championship game of the CWS to be on radio and a pay wall, the ncaa will find it for VT.

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