Rashaud Pernell Will Not Enroll At Virginia Tech

Rashaud Pernell
Rashaud Pernell, who signed with Virginia Tech and was introduced at the Spring Game, will not enroll. (Jon Fleming)

Virginia Tech’s 2022 recruiting class suffered a big blow when Highland Springs defensive tackle Rashaud Pernell announced on Twitter that he would not be enrolling.

Pernell, who was considered a great fit for the scheme, was a very important recruit for Justin Fuente before he was fired, and also a very important recruit for Brent Pry as he looks to reestablish in-state ties, particularly at major programs like Highland Springs.

Pernell was rated as the No. 14 player in the state of Virginia by 247. He chose the Hokies over West Virginia, Boston College, Maryland, Minnesota, Wake Forest, Pitt, Penn State and others.

This is a strange decommit, as Pernell signed with the Hokies and was set to enroll this summer. Just four days ago, he publicly congratulated Highland Springs wide receiver Takye Heath on his Virginia Tech commitment.

Virginia Tech football has not issued a comment on the Pernell situation.

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  1. Excessive speeding. He didn’t meet conditions to come back to team. Live and learn. He will go JUCO for a year.

  2. I shudder to think what the big “NIL” deals are going to do to mid to lower tier teams like Va tech. I will FOREVER be a Hokie fan, but the fact is it big dollar deals will dominate the landscape of power 5 recruiting. We will be forced to take 3 star athletes and do something we haven’t been able to do under Coach Fu… Develop players! Scary, I know but that is where we are. It will take big money to get big recruits. Sad state of college football.

  3. Glass half full, it’s a postion we over recruited this past year. Granted some of those guys will likely move to the OL

  4. C.R.E.A.M

    For the younger crowd-Cash Rules Everything Around Me

    This is just a symptom of the beginning of the downfall of mid-major football programs, like VT. We cannot or will not pay like some of the others.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! It is VERY sad! Fact is, unless there are some regulations put in place NIL is Pandora’s box if you will and now that we have opened it college athletics is poisoned WAY beyond repair. There is no going back. Unless there are regulations put in place. First the transfer portal, now NIL. I hate to say this but, mark my words, this is gonna get ugly!

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more Tony_Eads except unfortunately, it’s already ugly. Our chances against the big boy powers were dwindling rapidly before NIL and the TP. Now, quite candidly, we have a snowball’s chance in youknowwhere to ever get back to where we were in our heday. So sad.

  5. Yeah this doesn’t add up. Academics or a rat somewhere. Sad. We seem to get gut punches even after LOIs are signed

    1. Would VT let a commit out of a letter of intent to chase a better NIL deal? Did he get let out of his letter of intent?

      1. He had to be released from his LOI for some reason. Better go bet another DT in the Portal

    1. That is my guess. High school graduations are happening everywhere right now. It is possible his final grades were not good enough to enroll.

      Of course, that is just a guess, and I have nothing to back that. Whatever it is, I hope he lands on his feet and has a good college career.

            1. Bring told never signed NLI because of academics..rumor amongst some RVA ADs is academics.

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