Tech Sideline Has New Message Boards. Patience is Requested.

We have launched new versions of our message boards, which have been months upon months in the making … but please note that they are pretty ragged and need a lot of work to be fully functional.

So the next few days, perhaps weeks, are going to be rocky. Please hang with us while we iron things out. There’s only so much you can do in a testing environment, so we had to launch and then fix/update the rest post-launch.

We are currently working on login issues (see below), before we can get to the many issues with formatting, navigation, notifications, bugs with posting and replying, etc.

Job one is to import the current menus, navigation, and sidebars. What you’re seeing at launch is a copy of those items as they existed many months ago.

Once navigation is fixed, we will get to work on bug fixes, ironing out functionality, and taking feedback on formatting, appearance, etc. 

PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT AT TIMES, THE SITE WILL BE DOWN/UNUSABLE.  😁 We’ll try to minimize these times. Once we get things ironed out, you’ll see that the new message boards are going to be great.

Till then, hit the comments below with your concerns/questions, and we’ll help/answer what we can.

Login Issues

The biggest issues we are having early on are with logins:

1.) Many of you are able to log in on the home page, but when you try to access a subscriber area, it tells you to log in again, and when you do, it says, “Invalid Username or Password,” even though your login credentials are correct.

This is the programming team’s highest priority, and they are currently working on it.

2.) Passwords fewer than six characters are not allowed — this should be fixed now, as of 10 AM on Tuesday, May 10th.

Message Board Notes and Comments

Softball board is located here.

Yes, we agree, the phone font is TINY, and why is it gray and italicized? We are hassling the programmer to change it.

If you can’t get logged in, email me at will at sportswar dot com.

We hope to have all login issues cleared up on Tuesday, May 10th.

We hope to have updated/current menus and sidebars on the boards on Tuesday, May 10th. Menus and sidebars are currently and old, out of date version.

MANY other issues exist. 😁

— last updated: Tuesday, May 10th, 10:43 AM


52 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Using a desktop with Chrome, not able to access ANY buttons(topics) on the message board. Also not able to access the softball message board link you posted. Have logged out and back in several times. Always receive error 504 (timeout) when trying to use message board. Will, you are aware of this, we have communicated via email and really appreciate your response. Posting to see if anyone else has similar problem. We all know things are nuts at TSL HQ. Y’all hang in there.

  2. FWIW II , cannot access any boards on Android / there are NO messages re log in stuff ; showing logged in

  3. I just tried to post on the softball board twice and neither post went through, which was frustrating because it was a fairly long post about a recruit and included a linked news story.

    It seemed to work fine yesterday

  4. Big Concern for Me: Why is it we are required to Log-in a Second Time on the Subscriber and Recruiting Boards after we have already logged in to TSL? (A pain I would rather not deal with.)

  5. FWIW, (Android) showing logged in on homepage , cannot open ANY message boards

  6. Tuesday 9:50am. Still cannot post. Getting the infinite hourglass type response. Just FYI.

    And now for some good news. The way it looks on screen, is fine with me.

    1. Uh, there’s a reason I didn’t type out my actual email address. Spammers crawl WordPress comments and do evil things.

  7. Will – Just wanted to give you guys an atta boy, change is never easy! Keep your chin up!

  8. Think I’ll give myself a week off from the boards until the dust has cleared.

  9. Will – I did not see a “LIKE” or “REPLY” button to your post. Is that a bug or just not yet available?

    1. However, I do see both on other posts – so not sure if this is something you have removed from your posts?

  10. I can’t sign in. When I’m on any other page (like this one), it knows who I am and shows me as signed in as BigDave. But when I go to the message boards, it has a Login | Signup button at the top. If I try to login, it says incorrect password. If I try to sign up, it says the page cannot be found.

    1. Verrrry common problem. Happening to a lot of people. This is the programming team’s highest priority, and they are working on it as we speak.

  11. Same situation as several already stated…..password is less than 6 characters, and can’t sign in to change it. Only reason to post this is to remind you, among the firestorm you are probably facing, that folks like me won’t be able to view the solution once developed if posted on the subscriber board.

      1. Will, and others…Whatever was done, I was just able to log in with my old 5 character password. Perhaps the programmer waived the minimum 6 character password for now. Anyhow…assuming it will come back, I was able to change my password and bring it into compliance. Thanks…..Enjoy!!

            1. Still not working. Shows me up top as logged in although I cannot successfully log in. Cannot vote on posts or respond to posts. Will, you have email.

          1. Will, logged in here and for articles but when go to the boards it still asks for username and password and no matter what it says incorrect username/password.

  12. Correction to previous post. Error is with User Name not pass word. Sorry.

  13. No longer recognizes my log-in, which was 4 characters, won’t let me reset it to 6 and does not recognize the recruiting board.

  14. Cannot access Subscribers Board. I am not a new user. Pass word has first letter off which is the reason I think I’m unable to access it. Something you may fix or do I have to sign on as a new user?

  15. I understand desire to improve. But why not wait until after all sports are finished for the year. Softball and baseball, each one, is having greatest seasons, but at same time, almost too much for this old mind to handle!

  16. When I go to log in, and use my password (5 characters), it says “password must be 6 characters”. Um, how can I log in to make a 6 character password, if it doesn’t let me log in with my 5 character password?

      1. Ditto. Sent an email to Will already, but I expect that he’s swamped.

        On the one hand, no big deal if I have to change my password to 6 characters, but at present I can’t, so that doesn’t help.

        On the other hand, I’ve never been particularly concerned about someone hacking my TSL account, so why can’t I just stick with my 5 character password?

  17. So far I can only access the What’s New part of the message boards. There’s no option to post from that area.
    If I try to access any other board, then I get the Error 504. I’m sure it will get cleared up as you work out the kinks, but I wanted to give you my experience thus far.

    1. Hmm, try going to the home page, logging out, logging back in, and starting from there.

      1. I did exactly as you said and I still have the same issue, unfortunately. I can’t go to any message board except What’s New.

          1. Did you participate in our other software tests?

            I’ll be pushing out an update tomorrow morning that will hopefully fix everything

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