Jason Abbey Commits To Virginia Tech

Jason Abbey
Defensive End, Class of 2023
Freeman High School, Richmond, Va.
6-4, 215

Virginia Tech and Brent Pry picked up their second commit in the 2023 recruiting class on Friday night when Richmond’s Jason Abbey made his pledge. Abbey is a defensive end from Freeman High School.

Abbey, who is listed at 6-4, 215, picked the Hokies over offers from East Carolina, Marshall, Kent State and Vanderbilt. 247 lists him as the No. 33 prospect in the state of Virginia, though at this stage of the recruiting cycle their rankings are incomplete. He is unranked by Rivals, who also have yet to complete their 2023 rankings. New recruiting network On3 lists Abbey as the No. 9 prospect in Virginia.

A Google search lists Abbey as having made 17 tackles for loss and seven sacks as a junior in 2021, though his stats aren’t listed on any of the recruiting services. Both Fontel Mines and defensive line coach JC Price recruited Abbey to Virginia Tech.

Abbey was originally offered a scholarship by the Hokies on March 4.

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  1. Don’t be downton on this Abbey. Good frame, athletic, maybe needs some development. He tackles a lot with his long arms above the waist. However, VT’s staff will get this corrected and may have a gem here, especially if he is still growing. Also, getting a gateway into a fine Richmond school. Did I say Virginia? 🙂

  2. Don’t sleep on guys like this. I was one of them. There is a hunger there to prove people wrong. JMHO

    1. bc they dont have to, they have better talent they can offer. not a knock on this guy, i think Pry and Co. will coach him up, but PedU can get players the are more ready out of HS than we can.

  3. I like his size. If he can add some good bulk he could be a player that will be fun to watch.

  4. Hope he works out, but we need 4-5 star athletes to sign, not 3.

    3 stars will only get us what we’ve been getting,
    mediocrity teams and results.

    1. Thanks for the negative comment for someone who won’t be on campus for a year. At least let him get on campus before judging him. He may be a boom or a bust, but way to early to be judging him.

      1. I said I hope he works out……but we will never get better signing a roster of 3 star recruits, why is that so hard to understand?

    2. His tape makes him look like a 4 star, FWIW. My observation: he’s making tons of plays in the backfield despite his poor stance technique at the line. If we could coach him to get his feet a half step forward underneath him at the line, he’ll be truly lethal off the snap. He’s got a tremendous get-off as it is, but he’ll be even better once we get that cleaned up.

    3. Most of VT’s best players were 2-3 stars who developed into stars. Need to trust Pry and Price on evaluating the young man’s potential.

    4. You should get into coaching with this expertise .. big $ for being able to judge talent like this

      1. Do you really want me to name all the 4-5 star recruits we have gotten that have led us to such great seasons?

        I understand you have to start winning first before the top players will come, but we need this staff to persuade some top recruits to come to VT and THEN the winning should come.

      2. I was a coach, and I know that the upper echelon of college football aren’t winning nc’s with a roster of 3 star recruits. No need to get defensive and no one’s being negative, just realistic.

        1. Well said. The Pollyannas on here only want positive vibes … Back in the day the 33rd player in the state was an after thought in our recruiting. Maybe with a chip on his shoulder this recruit can prove PSU wrong in their assessment and everyone will be happy.

          1. I certainly hope he does, and I’ll be rooting for him! But when you start seeing 4-5 star recruits choosing Tech you’ll know the tide has turned!

          2. Back in the day the 33rd player in the state >>>>

            132786Hokie – You and your Toledo bud have a handle on this. You too Chris. Please comment on how the #33 player in the state of Virginia can be a 3 star according to the rating services?
            1)Is it strictly based on the number of offers and who they came from?
            2)How many offers do the likes of ‘Bama, UGa, Clemson et al give out and how do those offers affect star ratings?
            3) How many 4-5 star players attend colleges’ camps AND actually work out – as opposed to just soaking up the love from the coaches?
            Inquiring minds want to know.

    5. Boo birds chirping early…you may as well follow softball cause 4-5 star recruiting classes wont happen till the wins increase.

      Thats the way it rolls in the middle of the ACC coastal. Pry and company have to turn a big ship around.

      1. Your probably right, but doesn’t have to be if you are a good/great recruiter.

        What’s so great about Memphis? Yet Penny Hardaway started getting top recruits from day one.

        Present the vision, be persuasive, and you can sell some players that THEY will be the ones to turn the ship around.

        Vick didn’t come here because we were so established, he came because we were in driving distance and he wanted to be the first Vick, not the second McNabb.

        1. What’s so great about Memphis?>>>>
          Ask Landers Nolley (and his dad?) how he liked it then – and now. :-).

    6. Toledo, send a couple $100,000 to one of the NIL companies representing our athletes and there’s a better chance we will sign some.

        1. in that game we don’t stand a chance.>>>>

          The NIL business is in its infancy. Wait till Ad Agencies and Sports Management organizations start recruiting ‘clients’ – and see how that changes the star system – and where the top players go. It’s all about controlling the Big Bucks. Pun intended. 🙂

          It may be Econ 401 – but there’s no reason why an Agency/Sports Management can’t get VT players some NIL time in DC, Richmond, Norfolk, etc

  5. Seems to be pretty quick and runs well but he a little hard to tell how good he really is since on most plays no one looked like they were seriously trying to block him….maybe that’s because of his quickness and not the offensive people he lined up against looking dis-interested in blocking him. Hope so. Anyway..welcome to the Hokie Nation young man!!

    1. Exactly what I thought. Mostly he was poorly blocked or unblocked. Although a couple of times he threw guys around to get free. Maybe he’ll be a beast with a few years development/.

  6. Thank you Chris. This kid looks like he can grow into a DE or who’s knows what plan the coaching staff has for him. But I trust their judgment as I don’t think they would have offered him if they didn’t have a plan for him.

    1. Exactly. Give Jason two years to add muscle mass and he becomes a 6’4″ 240 lb. edge rusher. Need to trust the staff eval – this is not Pry’s first rodeo at judging high school talent.

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