Tech Sideline Announces NIL Poster Deal with Justyn Mutts

Justyn Mutts NIL Poster
Justyn Mutts dunks on Duke’s Paolo Banchero late in the 2022 ACC Tournament final. (Liam Sment)

Tech Sideline is pleased to announce that we have signed an NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deal with Virginia Tech star basketball player Justyn Mutts to produce a poster commemorating Mutts’s iconic dunk over Duke’s Paolo Banchero in the 2022 ACC Tournament final.

Ordering instructions are below, but please read through the text first to answer all questions.

Here’s the play that helped seal Virginia Tech’s first ever ACC Championship:

Here’s information about the poster, which will be produced in 18×24 size, glossy, on high-quality paper:

Two Versions of the Justyn Mutts Poster Will Be Produced

There will be two options for purchase:

1.) A limited-edition version of the poster signed and numbered by Justyn Mutts, available for $100, with no extra charge for shipping and handling.

2.) An unsigned edition of the poster for $25, plus $7 shipping and handling. If you order four or more in one order, no shipping and handling will be charged.

Justyn Mutts will receive $70 for each signed poster sold and $15 for each unsigned poster sold, making this a significant NIL opportunity for one of Virginia Tech’s most popular athletes.

Pre-orders will be taken for a week. At least 250 of the signed posters will be produced, but if pre-orders exceed 250, then the quantity will be increased as appropriate.

Once pre-orders are finalized and the poster begins production and shipping, the quantity of signed posters will be fixed and no future offerings of signed posters will occur. An unlimited number of unsigned posters will be available.

The poster will be printed by Bison Printing in Bedford, Virginia. Bison Printing will also handle order taking and fulfillment.

Place your pre-orders at the link below, and thank you for being a part of this fun and exciting event. If you have questions, please reply in the comments below or email Tech Sideline at [email protected].

Note: as of 1:15 PM Monday, April 4, PayPal orders are not processing properly. Sorry for the problem and we are working on it.


Place your pre-order here:



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    1. Patience. This is a “proof of concept” venture and a first-time effort at this sort of thing. NIL will grow and mature at its own pace.

    1. My thoughts exactly when I saw this. If he can make what he would make playing overseas or G league why not ?!?

      1. I don’t remotely know the rules inside and out, but if he’s doing this as an NIL deal, wouldn’t that mean he’s at least undecided? If he’s certain he’s leaving, wouldn’t it just be…a deal?

        1. Well, he’s still a student-athlete at Virginia Tech, thru the end of the Spring semester. 🤷‍♂️

  1. Great idea! Happy to support one of our all time Hokie favorites. Looking forward to receiving our poster.

      1. All time attitude maybe as in morale booster. Wouldnt make our top 25 list based on one season- maybe if he played 4 years.

  2. Just bought my signed poster. Already had an extra 18×24 poster frame lying around. Can’t wait!

    PS – I believe it’s “numbered”, not “numberd”. 🙂

  3. If I wanted to order one signed and one unsigned, I imagine the $7 shipping still applies to the unsigned one?? Or no?

    1. Any order of $100 or more automatically drops the S&H, so you should not be charged for it if you do that combo *in one order.*

  4. Order placed! Love this idea and hope it is successful and can be done for more players and more sports!

  5. I’m not having luck ordering this. I tried twice on 2 different browsers (firefox and edge). I get all the way through ordering and after I click on complete (or whatever button it was) I just get this spinning circle and it says “redirecting, please wait.”
    I’ve been waiting for over 10 minutes now.

    1. Thanks for trying to order. We’ll work on getting some customer service set up.

    2. I tried to use PayPal and got the same experiment. I restarted and was able to successfully order with a credit card.

  6. Not a big fan of NIL but this is easier to accept than a player getting $5k for just leaning against a fender in some dealer’s car lot. And yeah, it is cool. 🙂

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more Mapmaker. Some of the NIL deals are totally preposterous. Hope Mutts’ deal goes well- great player and ambassador for VT athletics.

  7. Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!!!

    All joking aside. Great idea. I’m ordering now!

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