TSL Podcast 225: Brent Pry

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TSL Podcast Episode 225: Brent Pry

Virginia Tech head coach Brent Pry, fresh off hiring his staff and finishing up recruiting, joins us on set to discuss where he is in getting to know his team and what his goals are for the spring. (54 minutes)

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  1. So he challenges the experts to ask some tough questions, and we get the trip down memory lane about all the closed bars in Blacksburg. I was waiting for the question concerning what’s his favorite flavor of ice cream.

  2. Great job again. Glad to see you getting access to the coaches and former coaches/players. Can’t want to see more of these.

  3. Huh. I did not know until now that Pry had an accent. First time I have heard him speak. Nice job. Though may want to ease up on the “finally” got him here language and position it more as “thrilled he is here” so he is inclined to return.

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