TSL Podcast 220: Hoops, New Football Hires, Recruiting

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TSL Podcast Episode 220: Hoops, New Football Hires, Recruiting

The TSL Podcast crew goes over recent Virginia Tech hires, football recruiting, and some new support staff. (90 minutes)

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  1. I live in New Jersey, so I do not typically read any local (Virginia) coverage of the Hokies. TSL is my #1 and only source for info on Tech sports – from game times to results to recruiting to player and coach interviews. I concur with the writer in Namibia – TSL is GREAT!

  2. Sitting in Namibia, I seldom have the time to watch a full podcast on You Tube. However, I recently found that it has been broken up into topical sections. That’s a ‘GO’!!

    As a side note, TSL is GREAT! Honestly, being an ocean and hemisphere away, its wonderful to be able to follow you and Tech sports. The coverage and writing are solid & always informative.


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