Virginia Tech Football Releases Depth Chart

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Virginia Tech football has released the depth chart for Friday night’s game against North Carolina. Here are the offensive, defensive, and special teams depth charts, via @andybittervt on Twitter.

Virginia Tech football  


There’s a surprise on the offensive line, where Kaden Moore starts at right guard, backed up by Jack Hollifield. (Though it’s likely that Brock Hoffman, Johnny Jordan or Silas Dzansi would fill in for Moore if needed before Hollifield would play.)

Kaleb Smith being listed ahead of Jaden Payoute at one of the wide receiver positions might be a surprise to some, but Smith (19 games, 9 starts) has the experience over the oft-injured Payoute (4 games in 2019, none in 2020), who was limited in fall camp with a hamstring issue.

Defensively, Norell Pollard is listed in a tie with Jordan Williams for the starting nod at one of the defensive tackle positions, after many assumed that Pollard would start next to Williams.  Instead Mario Kendricks is listed as the other starter at defensive tackle. Beyond that, there are no surprises, except perhaps for Armani Chatman being listed as a co-starter with Dorian Strong, though it was reported recently that Chatman is having a strong fall.

On special teams, Jon Parker Romo gets the nod at PK, with Peter Moore at punter, and as previously reported, returners will be Keshawn King (kickoffs) and Tayvion Robinson (punts).

Virginia Tech football opens against #9/#10 North Carolina Friday night at 6 PM on ESPN. Virginia Tech has announced that the game is a sellout.

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  1. Barring injuries I can see 8-4 and if Burmeister goes down it gets ugly REAL fast.

    With injuries, .500 or worse. I’ve been CJF supporter thru it all but I think this is his swan song.

    Sorry guys, I’m usually PATT but just being real (in my opinion) here.

  2. Worried about our size, or lack of it, on the D Line. I realize it’s going to take a few more recruiting classes to get the right sized guys for the new scheme. Curious to see if J Ham will use Foster’s “leverage” approach and try to get penetration on some plays. I’m not sure we have the bodies to stuff the run at the LOS yet. Most teams now have O Lines that average over 300 lbs (like we do). Will be interesting to see if we can stop UNC’s running game?
    Go Hokies!

  3. Good looking group on both sides. I’m fired up to see these guys play Friday night. On D besides the starters looking forward to seeing Fuga and Griffin on the field.

  4. I saw Luke Tenuta standing next to Bucky Hodges and he was at least 3 inches taller…so 6’10” at least

  5. Will – the surprises you mentioned on the O and D lines were the biggest surprises to me too. Any additional thoughts as to why Moore is getting the nod at RG or Williams is only a co -starter? I sort of laughed at the non-commitment at RB. Not sure if that is good or bad.

    1. I had the same exact thoughts as you. With Johnny Jordan being a Big10 honorable mention OL last year and a super senior I would have thought surely they’d fill the open guard spot with him so very surprised to see Moore listed as starter. Also completely laughable they have 3 co-starters at RB. Here comes the ol’ Fuente running back by committee…which never seems to work!

  6. A true freshman gets the start at RG! That’s a huge deal! This kid must be exceptional – can’t wait to see him play

  7. Thank God the UNC game is a sell out. Was watching something the other day when a highlight from 2019 flashed and the SEZ was about 1/2 full. Just doesn’t feel like Lane when it isn’t full, particularly for a big game.

  8. On a long FG try, can the holder receive the snap and punt instead?

    Just wondering, bc the Punter is also the Holder.

    1. That is actually a good scheming question for Tech to put on video.
      So basically when VT is lining up for a long 50+ FG, stop and quickly punt it instead.
      This on tape will make future opponents think twice about an all out blitz on long FG attempts.

      1. Couldn’t find punting out of a field goal line-up, unless this is supposed to cover that contingency:

        “During a fake field goal, most teams will choose one of two different alignment options. The first one is out of the normal field goal formation. The holder receives the snap and can either pitch it to the kicker, throw it during a designed pass play, or run the ball themselves. The second option is to shift into a special formation. Out of these special formations, multiple plays can be brought to the field.“

        From the internets.

    2. Answers I found:

      1. A team can fake a FG try or punt.

      2. Doug Flutie can drop kick a ball through the NFL uprights for an extra point.

      Aside from that, can our back up QBs kick or punt? If we only had an actual Danny White among our back-up QBs:

      That’s pretty cool. Hi

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