Virginia Tech Camp Photo Gallery: Offense

The media was invited to two Virginia Tech practices last week, so TSL photographers Ivan Morozov and Jon Fleming (and Will Stewart!) got plenty of good shots.  Today we bring you a photo gallery of some of the Hokies’ offensive players, and next week we’ll follow with the defense.  You can click on each picture for a larger image.

Braxton Burmeister, Virginia Tech
Braxton Burmeister at Virginia Tech Media Day. (Will Stewart)


Tyrell Smith
7th-year senior Tyrell Smith. (Will Stewart)


Kenji Christian, Virginia Tech
True freshman tailback Kenji Christian. (Will Stewart)


Braxton Burmeister
Braxton Burmeister fires a pass. (Jon Fleming)


Conner Blumrick
Texas A&M transfer quarterback Conner Blumrick. (Ivan Morozov)


Knox Kadum
Redshirt freshman quarterback Knox Kadum. (Jon Fleming)


Tahj Bullock
True freshman quarterback Tahj Bullock (15) and UMass transfer slot receiver Jared Cole. (Ivan Morozov)


Chance Black
True freshman running back Chance Black. (Ivan Morozov)


Marco Lee
Marco Lee gives Adam Lechtenberg a bigger option at running back. (Ivan Morozov)


Kenji Christian
Kenji Christian has a big frame and plenty of room to grow. (Ivan Morozov)


Raheem Blackshear
Raheem Blackshear is hoping for a breakout season. (Jon Fleming)


Braxton Burmeister, Brock Hoffman
Roommates Braxton Burmeister and Brock Hoffman. (Ivan Morozov)


Da'Wain Lofton
True freshman wide receiver Da’Wain Lofton. (Ivan Morozov)


Justin Fuente and Vance Vice look on. (Ivan Morozov)


Tre Turner
A dropped pass means pushups for Tre Turner. (Jon Fleming)


Da'Wain Lofton
Da’Wain Lofton. (Ivan Morozov)


Kaleb Smith, Tre Turner
Wide receivers Kaleb Smith (80) and Tre Turner (11). (Ivan Morozov)


Jaylen Jones
True freshman wide receiver Jaylen Jones hauls in a pass. (Jon Fleming)


Drake DeIuliis
Tight end Drake DeIuliis. (Jon Fleming)


James Mitchell
Tight end James Mitchell. (Ivan Morozov)


Silas Dzansi
Offensive lineman Silas Dzansi. (Jon Fleming)


Brad Cornelsen
Offensive coordinator Brad Cornelsen directs his quarterbacks. (Jon Fleming)


 Lecitus Smith
Offensive guard Lecitus Smith is poised for a big season. (Jon Fleming)


Keli Lawson
True freshman wide receiver Keli Lawson has plenty of length. (Ivan Morozov)


Keli Lawson
The ball looks small in the hands of Keli Lawson. (Ivan Morozov)


Keli Lawson
Keli Lawson turns it up the field. (Ivan Morozov)

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  1. Lecitus Smith is a TANK! Running backs have to feel very excited about running behind our Oline this year….thanks for the pics….getting us pumped to man Lane for UNC!

  2. Lawson looks like the ball could be thrown to the 35 yd line and he reaches out and catches it at the 40 . That is some serious length…

  3. Whew, Need to get some of those Freshman a bike and get them working on biking up hill to build up the thighs. I see some skinny legs that need some muscle.

    BTW: who is #20 behind Kelli Lawson, he is a full head shorter. How tall is Lawson? 6-4?

    GO HOKIES!!!

    1. I think that’s P.J. Prioleau, son of Pierson Prioleau. He’s listed at 5’11” but either that is a real stretch or the camera angle is playing tricks (or maybe both)..

    2. Ha!!! Thought the same thing. Don’t skip Leg day. That being said, impressive looking group.

  4. Lawson looks like some of the basketball players ole Bobby used to roll out at WIDE.

    If they get separation it’s a catch.

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