TSL Podcast 184: Justin Fuente On Set

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TSL Podcast Episode 184: Justin Fuente On Set

The TSL Podcast welcomes Virginia Tech head football coach Justin Fuente to the set for a far-reaching interview about the roster, facilities, recruiting, NIL, the transfer portal, and his favorite music, TV, and movies. (65 minutes)

TSL Podcast 184 Transcription by Podscribe

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  1. First time I’ve seen a mention of Tyrell Smith’s long career at VT. You have to remember he was one of the “Grime’s five” albeit Grimes left before he got on the field. He will have played eight years? and even then there are some anomalies in his career I don’t understand, even before that he played at Don Bosco prep so he’s played “schollied” football for 10 – 11 years now?

    Agree with other comments here that this was great for Fuente. Things have to go reasonably well of course but guessing now that he’s got two years to make good. Yeah, I just said that. Great job, I mean a really great job and Fu (and you called him Fu three times!) really seemed to want to be there.

  2. One of the best broadcast I have ever listen to on TSL I think Chris,Will,and Evan were super professional and I did hear Coach Fu say we should make this a regular thing with him which would be wonderful. Thanks guys as I sure got my money’s worth on Podcast 184

  3. That was freaking amazing. Questions were exactly what fans wanted to hear, and Coach Fuente didn’t skirt around them, didn’t give the ole ball coach responses that praise everyone and don’t give any insights. This was very honest, he seemed very relaxed and he gave us some peeks behinds the curtain that we have been longing to hear. It’s gonna be a great year Hokies

    1. imagine Beamer doing the same – not to knock him – but, explaining a loss as “they’ll get after you” answer would be blowing you off.

  4. wow, I’m halfway through this thing and i gotta say this is an incredible interview. I don’t think i’ve ever seen this sort of honesty and sincerity out of an interview of a college coach before. NICE JOB!

  5. I was at Hardywood for the Hokie Club event on Monday and listened to this Tuesday. In both instances, Coach came across relaxed, genuine and transparent in his responses. I hope this can at least be somewhat regular for the Fans to get an inside look at the person leading the Team.

  6. Great Podcast, it should be a mandatory watch for all Hokie fans… especially the Fu Haters!

  7. Coach did more for himself with me in the interview than anything since he arrived. Outstanding effort by the TSL team and just a terrific interview with Coach Fu that we have not seen before. Keep it up, both TSL and Coach!

  8. This was great! Thanks Coach! I hope he does more of these. I can understand working very hard can put things like this way down the list but fan engagement is so important! Just be yourself Coach! And one very minor criticism……..can we at least get a water bottle that won’t make noise…..LOL!

  9. I’ve listened to just about every podcast ever posted on any TSL format or source, going back to Chris doing ESPN radio. This was the greatest ever.

    Thanks guys and thanks Coach for coming on!

  10. Great visual presentation. Great Audio. Great Interview. Fantastic all around. Great job fellas! Really good stuff.

  11. Best thing that TSL has ever done. And I’ve been around since Hokie Central. Great questions and Fu was great. Thanks hats the kind of content we are looking for!!!

  12. Best podcast ever – thanks to TSL for doing and congratulations for landing Fu as well – hope to see many more appearances and a successful football season. Now get Mike Young sometime this fall!

    1. Sorry, would LOVE to know a behind the scenes article about how this came to be, ect, ect…Go Hokies!!!

      1. I second that. The setup and what you went through to make this happen would be interesting to read about. Great podcast!

      2. To be honest, we didn’t go looking for it. Pete Moris emailed us way back in late May and offered for Fuente to come on the podcast. The time frame was a little tight, so we bumped it out to July (because in June, everyone went on vacation, plus recruiting kicked in big-time).

        So, it was all VT, reaching out and offering. Then we just did our regular podcast planning and production.

  13. I’m glad I watched this. Good job. Everyone got more comfortable as the interview progressed. Good info; I didn’t feel like I was given an hour of “..will really get after ya..”.

    More of this… Please!

    Will. You have a hole in your shoe. :o)

    1. No way. Those shoes are new. I think it’s just a different color rubber or something. 😄

  14. Thanks to FU for coming out to the podcast and for seeing the value that TSL offers him for reaching the fans. Great job!

  15. FU came across genuine and highly engaged. Great to see him take the time to be on the podcast.

  16. Hey guys, that was excellent and I am pretty sure I heard FU say ‘ Let’s make this a regular thing’ or something like that….good job..and it makes me think back to the early days with Jim Weaver where you could not get press credentials. LG

    1. Yeah, that sounded like a genuine off-hand statement. I’m always kinda listening for those boundaries in the conversations and I didn’t really feel them although I’m sure Pete Moris didn’t just come along for the ride, at the end he said he kinda enjoyed off-topic conversations which seemed pretty genuine, eg let’s talk about bbq next time.

      I mean, I’m sure it’s managed to some extend but however you say it, they trust Will and Chris, the interview is mapped out ahead of time etc. everyone’s guard is relaxed and they have a little more free rein.

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