Tyrece Radford Enters The Transfer Portal

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Virginia Tech, Tyrece Radford
Tyrece Radford has entered the transfer portal. (Ivan Morozov)

The transfer portal giveth, and the transfer portal taketh away.  On Wednesday afternoon, it took Tyrece Radford away from Virginia Tech.  A Virginia Tech spokesman confirmed multiple internet reports that Radford has entered the portal.

Radford, a redshirt sophomore, started 47 of his 50 career games at Virginia Tech over the last two seasons, averaging 10.9 points and 6.1 rebounds.  He is one of the Hokies’ best players, and his loss creates a void that will be difficult to replace with such a short time between now and the start of the fall semester.

Sophomore guard Hunter Cattoor is the most likely player to fill Radford’s starting position, with freshman guard Darius Maddox in line for more playing time as well.  Both players would be an improvement from a shooting perspective, but Radford is also arguably the best rebounding guard in the country and Tech’s best player when it comes to putting the ball on the floor and driving to the basket.

Mike Young signed guard Sean Pedulla as part of the 2021 recruiting class, but he is expected to play the point guard position.  To find a replacement for Radford on the roster, Young will have to mine the transfer portal between now and August.

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  1. The only speculation missing is his performance in the classroom. Sad to lose him. I wish him well.

  2. I truly think we are too hard on these young men! Everyone has goals in life, but these young men are chasing a dream to go to the NBA! I like the transfer portal, it keeps the current coaches on top and in tune to the players they lead! It is a report card on the day to day involvement with each player! I wish this young man the best, thank you for your contributions and future endeavors!

  3. The remuneration is much better in the SEC – just ask the FBI. Wade should be in jail, instead he is making millions coaching LSU.

  4. The portal needs adjustment. It has taken me to IDGAF mode. When NCAA and University AD’s realize it creates fan apathy – less money streaming into programs – it will change. The whole thing is out of wack. I’ve been saving for my son to attend college since he was born and still am paying for some of it out of pocket today. I find these type of situations disrespectful to families that sacrifice and students who work hard to attend college. To a small percentage of the basketball and football athletes its all a joke and what they’re really receiving isn’t appreciated.

    1. Right on brother! I never thought I would give up on college sports but that day is quickly approaching…

      1. Agreed! I got my Sunday’s back due to giving up on the pros I fear I may be on my way to getting other days back with college sports going this way. But for now I’m a close follower of my beloved Hokies

    2. You’re spot on – but it’s gonna get worse as the sleaze will ooze even more via the NIL’s that some schools will negotiate with players through “reps” to transfer. This is Adidas on steroids.

  5. This guy thinks he’s an NBA quality player and he should think that. I think he knows he needs to play in a system that features him more in order to get to the NBA. He won’t get to the big leagues being known as a great rebounding guard. He needs to handle the ball more and show that he can score.

    Was looking forward to seeing him play so this is disappointing. Best of luck to him.

    1. If you have NBA talent, then the scouts will find you no matter where you play. If you are a tweener then maybe a change would help.

  6. I just don’t get it, at all. VATech gives You an incredible opportunity-believes in You-treats You Great-respects You-and You smack Em in the mouth. The Transfer Portal is like a huge Call in a Football or Basketball Game-when it goes your way-Great! When it doesn’t-it Sucks! Too easy for Today’s pissy Athletes. That said-I’ll miss Khalil Herbert-they probably despise him back at Kansas. They probably enjoyed when Pemcil took the last shot against Florida in the NCAA’s.

  7. Just a couple of thoughts I have no inside info so just guessing.

    I wonder if this is somehow related to his run in with the law? Does he need to be somewhere where an addiction can be accommodated?
    Is he bitter ? Or just need a fresh start?

    Does it have to do with Frazier leaving? Is he just too far from home? Is Blacksburg too whitebread for him? Does he see playing time loss in the future?

    Just puzzled why he would do this so late in the year? He was main cog in very good team returning where can he get a better fit? Is it a chemistry issue with Storm? Or Mike Jones?
    Young’s system? Is he headed to Texas A&M and Buzz?

    Just so surprised by this move! and disappointed.

  8. MY and VT stood by him after his ridiculous bonehead action. Thanks a lot. I will not be rooting for his success.

  9. The Joe B departure stunk at the time. However, now that loss is even more painful. I can’t believe we finally get the good news that Aluma is staying, and then we get hit with this. Really blows!

  10. This hurts.
    Hurts a lot and how does MY adapt without him. We lost our 2 most athletic players this off-season (and Redford arguably tech’s best player)…hope is starting to fade for big aspirations this season. Man…

  11. Chris Arvin, Staff at 247 VT SCOOP says he’s headed to Will Wade and LSU…GC and Rev say no…will find out shortly.

  12. Most disappointing after Coach Young stood by him and reinstated him after a major mistake on his part.

      1. No concept of loyalty..This jumping around crap has ruined college athletics for me… I don’t even care anymore….Next up, start spending my money elsewhere…I’m getting close

        1. Can’t disagree and it is going to get worse. I’ve already turned off pro sports, and college is just about there.

  13. College sports is heading down the drain. The portal and the NIL are going to kill college sports. There is no way I would coach with things the way they are now! College sports “gone with the wind.”

      1. College sports are awesome. Just need to adjust the mindset. Coach Young is doing a great job and needs to continue to work the portal to find the gems.

            1. Well it was not too long ago he talked (paraphrasing here) about all the bad influences he had escaped by coming here…

              Shame after MY stood by him thru his off the court issue last season.

  14. This is quite disappointing. If it is a Mike Young decision then I’d feel better, but if it’s a Radford decision than it really leaves me more concerned about the impact to the team. I’m speculating this is a Radford decision, and him departing the team may significantly impact our overall team performance.

    Any info on why he’s leaving?

  15. Well that just ruined my day !!
    My favorite player since Deron Washington jumped over Bobby Hurley.

      1. Funny, that Dude was off by a few years fer sure. I wish Washington had Tea-Bagged Hurley-that woulda been one for the Ages. Somebody shoulda.

  16. are you really watching the end of college sports as we have come to know it? I’m sorry but this is almost like free agency on steroids. NFL teams have more stability.

  17. Not that it matters at this point, but I wonder if Bamisille would have stayed with both Cone and Radford departing. Also, maybe there should be a rule that portal decisions need to be made by May 1, not in the summer.

  18. We can’t have nice things. This is a dagger, once again, the hearts of Hokie Nation. After all he has been through. This just sucks!

  19. So like where is he looking to go???
    Any chance of returning if he doesn’t find greener grass??

    Fits the definiation of a Hokie player – great effort, hustle, playing better than his physical talent

    1. Twitterverse and Reddit are awash with rumors that LSU will be the destination. Take that for whatever it’s worth which is probably not much.

  20. This sentence seems to contradict itself and makes no sense to me: “Both players would be an improvement from a rebounding perspective, but Radford is also arguably the best rebounding guard on the country”. How can they be an improvement if Radford is the best rebounding guard on the country ?

  21. That hurts. Parallels between football and basketball similar. Early success, good players leaving in the portal, HS recruiting is meh abd very reliant on portal for talent. Hoping new hire brings in some elite HS talent. What hurts most is Radford is a crowd favorite and he is very good

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