TSL Podcast 181: Virginia Tech’s Mount Rushmore

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TSL Podcast Episode 181: Virginia Tech’s Mount Rushmore

Who belongs on the Virginia Tech Mount Rushmore for football, basketball, and other sports? The TSL Podcast has fun with this topic — see if your choices match ours! (86 minutes)

Tech Sideline Podcast 181 Transcription by Podscribe


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  1. BB MR- Chris Smith/Alan Bristow/Dell Curry/ Justin Robinson.

    5- Bimbo
    6- Pardue
    7- Ace Custis
    8- Dale Soloman
    9- Wayne Robinson
    10- AD Vassao

  2. Freddie Cobb Class of 66. The last Hokie footballer to die for his country. A penultimate team player who rarely saw the field, he was an inspiration to his team and to the Marines he led in Vietnam. He won the Navy Cross for extraordinary heroism under fire. His citation included these words “bold determination and unwavering and selfless dedication to duty.” During his senior season the RTD wrote “Cobb said that he would have liked to play more football, but “I’ve learned to accept it. I came here for an education first. I have no regrets.” His character and work ethic was so high that the Colts offered him a contract despite not being a star on the field. But duty came first. The transfer portal back then included an intermediate stop in the Republic of Vietnam. And NIL recognition was what your widow got for a few fleeting moments when she met your casket at Travis. Semper Fi

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