Isi Etute Arrested For Second Degree Murder

Isi Etute
Isi Etute’s Virginia Tech career appears to be over before it really began.

Virginia Tech true freshman linebacker Isi Etute has been arrested and charged with second degree murder.  Andy Bitter of The Athletic was the first to report the incident, and a search on the Virginia court case database shows that it is true.

Etute was arrested today, June 2, and the alleged crime took place on May 31.  He has already been taken off Virginia Tech’s online roster.  He has been suspended from the university and the football team, per this release from Virginia Tech.

Etute enrolled at Virginia Tech this spring and was working at the backer position.  He played in high school at Cox in Virginia Beach, and he chose the Hokies over UVA, WVU, NC State, Vanderbilt and West Virginia.

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  1. Well there goes my chance at winning VT FB Player Arrest Bingo. Darn,I had “beating girl friend” as the next violation by a FB player for bingo. Oh well, there’s always next quarter for these stellar student athletes.

  2. Another shot in the foot for our fb program. Disappointing for the Hokie Nation but our main focus should be on the victim.

  3. Thoughts and prayers for the victim and his family are number 1 here. After that, I understand the whole innocent until proven guilty thing as well.
    By heaven above, please purge our program of this. Get rid of Hunter and others like him. I’m tired of all this “second chance” BS. It makes our university look beyond absurd and it’s way beyond old at this point. Just damn.
    Fire away.

  4. Let’s not be to quick to judge, while I would hope that the Blacksburg Police would have ample evidence to charge and arrest any person for murder, the details remain very sparse.

  5. Here we go again…WTF is spot on.
    Can’t these idiots/athletes stay out of trouble.

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