Virginia Tech Athletics Announces JumpStart Program

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Virginia Tech

On Tuesday morning, the Virginia Tech athletics department announced the launch of JumpStart, a comprehensive name, image and likeness program for Virginia Tech student-athletes.

From this morning’s press release…

“Through an enhanced partnership with INFLCR, VT Athletics is launching JumpStart, an immersive name, image, and likeness program which will empower current Hokie student-athletes with the knowledge and resources to build their personal brands, seek out business opportunities, and write their future while living in their present. Hokie student-athletes will have the tools, tips, and training to maximize their individual benefits. Virginia Tech can grow your personal brand and is equipped to deliver tremendous results in this area.”

Name, image and likeness issues are only part of the program, however.  The JumpStart program will provide student-athletes with the following…

1: Personal branding and brand development
2: Endorsement and business opportunities
3: Business formation and entrepreneurship
4: Financial literacy
5: Career planning
6: Capitalizing on name, image and likeness


There will also be a leadership institute featuring speakers from industry experts, former Virginia Tech student-athletes, as well as leadership training.  A student-athlete internship program is in the cards, as well as a mentorship program that enlists the help of professionals and former student-athletes to provide networking opportunities and professional connections.  There is even a financial literacy program called “Show Me The Money” which teaches student-athletes about budgeting and spending decisions.

Also included is a career-focus program, which includes resume development, networking and interviewing preparation, partnerships with professional organizations, and more.

Click here for the complete press release from Virginia Tech.

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  1. I think this is a great idea for a new project that will have a positive effect on our student athletes.

    1. I’m not sure how the bear skin rug pictures and other famous or infamous references will go over in today’s environment.

  2. Be sure to provide education on capitalism and why it is so important in the US and why it has made us the caretaker of the world. They also need to be aware that giving back to the school that provided a scholarship is an important concept.

  3. If one of the primary benefits of this entire movement is that these student athletes (regardless of NIM and/or professional opportunities) learns the basics of sound financial decision making then that will have benefits that far outweigh the additional income generation that accrues directly to some players.

    The vast majority of us overspend and under-save, if you can start good habits early it will pay dividends for a long time.

  4. Great news. We should really be able to leverage our high level busines/marketing school (top 25 program) as well as the link to DC/NOVA business markets (top 3 value area in US). Hopefully if we can truly leverage our strong institutional amd geographical advantages as a university we might be able to elevate our recruiting with respect to our peers. Maybe also be a link to high value boosters/private donors/commercial donors we don’t have links to today in athletics but have strong links to as an academic institution. Awesome opportunity for us. Go Hokies!

    1. Indeed, this is a great start. I have read on TSL about concerns about how we address the changes in regard to student athletes. Kudos to the admin.

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