Evan Hughes Wins Prestigious Jim Nantz Award

Evan Hughes, Jim Nantz Award winner

One year after finishing second in the Jim Nantz Award voting, Tech Sideline podcast host Evan Hughes has reach the pinnacle and brought home the prize: he is the winner of the 2021 Jim Nantz Award. Congratulations to Evan!

A 2021 graduate of the Sports Media and Analytics program at Virginia Tech, Evan is Virginia Tech’s first-ever winner of the award, which is governed by the Sportscasters Talent Agency of America (STAA). The Jim Nantz Award is presented every spring to the nation’s most outstanding collegiate sportscaster.

Not only is Evan a tremendously talented broadcaster, but he is a great human being as well, and we’re proud to see him rewarded for all his hard work. Please join us in congratulating Evan on this tremendous accomplishment!

In addition to hosting the TSL Podcast, Evan is past Director of Radio Broadcasting for the St. Cloud Rox in the Northwoods League, where he was named the 2018 Broadcaster of the Year. Evan does select work for the ACC Network Extra, including play-by-play and sideline work for various Virginia Tech sports.

Here’s the 2021 highlight reel that won Evan the award:

And here’s the moment that Evan was announced the winner, as well as a personal message afterwards from Jim Nantz to Evan:

About the Jim Nantz Award

Founded in 2009, the All-America Program and Jim Nantz Award is presented by Sportscasters Talent Agency of America. Each year the judging panel is comprised of leading members of the sportscasting industry and former Jim Nantz Award winners.

Award Winners
2021 – Evan Hughes (Virginia Tech, Senior)
2020 – Scotty Gange (Arizona State, Senior)
2019 – Drew Carter (Syracuse, Senior)
2018 – Katie Emmer (St. Cloud State, Senior)
2017 – Nate Gatter (Missouri, Junior)
2016 – Josh Appel (U. of South Florida, Senior)
2015 – Eric Gallanty (Syracuse, Senior)
2014 – Kevin Fitzgerald (Syracuse, Senior)
2013 – Ross Lippman (Emerson College, Senior)
2012 – Bill Spaulding (Syracuse, Junior)
2011 – Alex Faust (Northeastern, Junior)
2010 – John Twork (Eastern Illinois, Senior)
2009 – Adam Cavalier (Marshall University, Senior)

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  1. Awesome accomplishment Evan!!! Your natural talent along with hard work, dedication, and passion for your craft have paid off! Can’t wait to see where you go from here!

  2. Ahh, I remember a 12-13 year old Evan Hughes in the middle school gym asking if I’d come on his “internet radio show.” I was coaching middle/high school sports at the time. Way more famous than I’ll ever be. Evan joked that he had a listener in Colorado (maybe Arizona?) He was just so enthusiastic about sports broadcasting. He was a super, neat kid. Evan was a student, and my wife has now had the privilege of teaching both him and his sister in school. Tremendous family, his sister was our waitress last weekend. We, as Hokies, stumbled upon the next big voice in athletics that just so happened to be a die-hard fan of VT. Who knew how famous he’d become. Best of luck to Evan, and as Will & Chris mentioned, he’s a super dude.

  3. Congratulations Evan! Well deserved recognition for hard work coupled with talent. Have enjoyed your work for the Hokies for the past three years but will miss your contribution as you venture out to make your mark on the sports broadcasting world.

  4. From one broadcaster to another I’m sure all have told you. Enjoy the ride remember your roots. Great job

  5. You are an impressive young man Evan! Congratulations on this award and your recent graduation. Best of luck we are proud to call you Hokie!

  6. please do everything you can to replace joe buck. he ruined football for me!!

  7. Wow! So Evan won the Heisman of student broadcasting. I am so proud to see this! He is already a role model for my son, who wants to follow those footsteps.

    Congrats Evan!

    1. I was trying to find the right words to say Congrats. I like “Heisman” description of the award.

  8. Congratulations Evan. I wish you all the best in the future but I don’t think there is any doubt you will do great in the sports announcing world.

  9. Enormous achievement Evan . Hokie Nation is very proud of you … especially your friends in RVA

  10. When I first heard Evan on the podcast several years ago, I had no idea he was a student. He was then, and is today, polished, professional, and poised well beyond his years. I’m still not sure how he lost out on this award last year, but I’m glad he is this year’s winner. Well deserved!

  11. Congrats Evan! Good luck to you on your journey and remember “Once a Hokie, Always a Hokie”.

  12. LET”S *&^%*( GO!!!!

    Congrats Evan! I sincerely look forward to following your career!

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