Virginia Tech Wide Receiver Changa Hodge Tears ACL

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Virginia Tech, Changa Hodge
Changa Hodge will miss the 2021 season. (Dave Knachel, Virginia Tech Athletics)

Virginia Tech head coach Justin Fuente confirmed Thursday morning that wide receiver Changa Hodge has torn his ACL and will miss the 2021 season.

Hodge transferred to Virginia Tech from Villanova last August after catching 65 passes for 1,118 yards and 13 touchdowns for the Wildcats in 2019.  However, he struggled to acclimate to the Tech offense and caught just three passes during the 2020 season.

Finally having an opportunity to pick up the offensive system in the spring, Hodge was expected to be a part of the rotation at wide receiver in 2021.  However, his injury will keep him out for the season, and younger players will have to fill the void.

Hodge, a redshirt senior, could potentially be eligible to return for a seventh season of college football in 2022.  He also missed all but two games of the 2017 season due to injury.

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  1. Would love to see our injuries compared to other schools. Do we really have a great S&C program???? 🤷🏻‍♂️

    1. Great Great question. I have wondered and asked the very same.

      Think back to when we were not such a household name. We rarely had season shattering leg news every single year.

      Something doesnt add up right? Every single year we are Never healthy.

  2. I 100% hope that Hodges recovers quickly and completely! Given his IR status for the year, can he take the year off without losing his scholarship?

    I’m just wondering if this could free up an extra scholarship against the total number of scholarships allowed. Meaning, keep him on scholarship, but allow VT to beam up a portal receiver on scholarship for the 21-22 season?

  3. Tough situation and I feel bad for the player. This happens to all teams not just us. We just don’t follow other teams as much as we follow our own. This is a hard sport with a lot of sudden movements.

  4. #headontable

    Of the guys outside of Tre and Robinson, this is the guy I was expecting to break out. Just gutted for him and yet another setback where we could least afford it.

  5. Tough break and tough decision ahead. Nobody ever wants this to happen but especially late in your career. Everybody wants to go out on a high note. Whatever he decides is best for him, I hope he makes a speedy & full recovery.

  6. The punishment that these guys put their bodies through for their best or only option for a better slice of life, their love of the game and our entertainment will often have lingering affects for the remainder of their lives. I appreciate each and every one of the players from the future pros to the walk-ons who don’t get a number.

    Hoping Changa has a speedy and complete recovery.

  7. And how long was this after Chris posted the article mentioning how healthy the team appeared? 🤦🏻‍♂️🧐😔

  8. It’s a punishing game- best wishes with recovery and whatever you decide to do next young man.

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