Virginia Tech Basketball Adds Transfer Center Michael Durr

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Virginia Tech
Michael Durr will give Virginia Tech more size in the paint. (via

Virginia Tech men’s basketball added South Florida transfer center Michael Durr on Wednesday afternoon.  Like every other transfer this year, Durr will be eligible immediately.

Durr spent three years at South Florida, where he averaged 6.7 points and 6.5 rebounds per game for his career.  His best season came as a junior in 2020-21 when he averaged 8.8 points and 7.9 rebounds in 19 games for the Bulls.

Listed at 7-0, 250, Durr is a center.  His presence on the roster means that Keve Aluma could now see minutes at the power forward position if Mike Young feels like that’s a better fit.

Durr, originally from Atlanta, scores nearly all of his points in the paint.  However, he can step out and hit the outside jumper at times, making four of his 20 three-point attempts this past season.  He had 10 points and seven rebounds against Virginia Tech back on November 29.

Note: Durr later decommitted, on May 10, 2021.

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  1. Im excited to see VT bring in another player that size. That’s great. I’m not too excited at this point, because I’d expect that he’ll need more than a few months to learn CMY’s system.

    I posted this earlier this week but only got one response saying there’s no concern here-

    When the Storm arrived, fans were excited given his previous familiarity with CMYs inherent X/Os complexity. What’s the level of risk / concern with a portal or grad big coming to VT who is not yet familiar with the CMY system?

    VT has him for two years. Automatically it will improve the team just to have another big body to add for practice, especially against Aluma, Mutts and Ojiako. I’m just expecting more fluidity by 22, rather than 21.

    Either way, I’m glad VT was able to bring him in now rather than later in the year. It’s basically preseason already, so the sooner the better.

    1. I don’t feel there’s much risk/concern regarding him being able to come in and contribute right away next season. Assuming he’s finishing up the semester in Florida, Durr will have the full summer and fall to gel with the guys and get familiar with MY’s system. Maybe I’m naive but the guy has been playing college ball for 3 years and he’s a center…there can’t be that huge of a learning curve for a guy with that much experience who plays a true 5. Just be a big body in the paint, box out, rebound, protect the rim on D, and space yourself well to be open for a drop off dunk occasionally. Now for a PG who controls the offense like Storm that’s a much bigger learning curve so is a big plus he knows MY’s system. I don’t think it’s as much of a concern with Durr.

  2. He should help us against the trees at UNCheat and F$U…even if his presence takes up lots of space and he can rebound and play defense…Ojiako needs to stay healthy and there is plenty of room for both of them on the floor with sensible roation

  3. Bamisile to George Washington, Cone to Northern Arizona. Good for them. Welcome Mr. Durr!

  4. I wonder how these student/athletes make these decisions – seems very chaotic. Do schools recruit guys that are in the portal (can’t call their agents)? I hope all this churn results in a better team next year.

    1. Yes, schools can recruit players who are in the portal. That is a big change to the transfer business.

  5. After watching Khalil Herbert last fall and then losing Jalen Cone and Joe Bamisile, It is easy see why the coaches would consider a transfer over a high school recruit that might leave in a year or two. Welcome Michael Durr !

  6. You can’t teach height. Great addition. Tallest player we have had since Roy Brow. If he protects the rim, grabs some boards and fits in the system I’m stoked.

  7. Something that I would like to have added to the stats for incoming athletes would be “potential years of eligibility”

    1. Maybe not if you’re Ojiako. But it is CMY’s job to construct an effective, competitive, and deep roster. I trust him.

        1. JO needs a guy his size to practice against. That’s how u get better at the 5.

          John needs to kick it in gear with diet, s&c. One more season to catch up on what he’s missing.

          1. Yeah, without casting aspersions, time waits for no one. Maybe it was just injuries this past year, but sometimes, for whatever reasons guys don’t develop. Clocks ticking on JO now.

            1. He might depending upon how he and his coaches handled his injury down time.

              He’s going to have to recondition his body regardless which will take big total commitment. Having this new big to work against will make him better and VT is set up for 2 years of very good basketball in the ACC, so I hope he considers that.

            2. Doesn’t seem like a jumpy guy, would think guys w/pretty good reps out of HS might be more impatient, JO? kinda need a little “fit in right away” at other schools, not sure he has that.

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