Virginia Tech Earns No. 3 Seed In 2021 ACC Tournament

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Virginia Tech
Justyn Mutts and Virginia Tech will be the No. 3 seed in the ACC Tournament. (Virginia Tech sports photography)

Virginia Tech will be the No. 3 seed in next week’s 2021 ACC Tournament.  The Hokies will receive a double bye, and they’ll face No. 6 seed UNC, No. 11 seed Notre  Dame or No. 14 seed Wake Forest on Thursday, March 11 at approximately 9pm.  The game will be televised by ESPN.

Tech finished the regular season with a 15-5 record, including a 9-4 mark in ACC play.  Seven of the Hokies’ 20 scheduled ACC games were canceled, and their 13 conference games played tied Louisville and Boston College for the lowest mark in the ACC.  Tech finished the regular season ranked No. 22 in the AP Poll.

With Florida State’s loss to Notre Dame and UVA’s victory over Louisville, the Hoos will be the No. 1 seed in the ACC Tournament.  The Seminoles are the No. 2 seed, while No. 4 seed Georgia Tech rounds out the list of double byes.

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    1. Meh, it’s been a rough year, credit for working through it, if things fell the right way there, great. This is a team with several stars who were barely recruited, not a team that was given anything.

  1. Hate to potentially draw UNC in our first game. They are playing better. Hope the rust if off and the extra game will give us the edge we need.

      1. But you usually get a team that is tired from playing less than 24 hrs ago while you did not…gotta win one minimum in the ACC tournament solely because we have not played much recently. There are only 10 guys on the team, let’s freaking lock fhese kids in for 1.5 wks so we can play. Unreal to miss so many gms with so few players to monitor.

  2. Brent Williams’ first year. 11-22.
    Brent Williams’ second year. NIT.

    Mike Young’s first year. 16-16.
    Mike Young’s second year. Big Dance (unless something clinically insane happens).


    1. As I’ve mentioned many times- Brent Who? So glad he headed to A&M. Just wish it had been a couple of years sooner.

          1. Grateful for Buzz, glad MY doing well. One MAJOR factor left out of the equation above. Last 2 seasons= by far the 2 worst seasons in ACC history. The league has been very very poor the last 2 yrs, and it is worse than I have seen in my 40 yrs.

            I am glad we are where we are, but also wondering who we really beat. Take away an early season win over Nova and a UVA win at home, I am not sure we have beat many good teams this yr…how many wins vs teams that will make the tournament? 3?? UVA, Clemson, Nova??

            1. With all that has gone on this year, it is anybodies ball game. Even the BLUE BLOODS are having a hard time in this day and age, DUKE, KENTUCKY and others. So why not TECH. Always want to down grade the program. I get tired of so called HOKIE FANS doing this. Just be glad and happy and roll with the flow. I will support them even if they go o-fer. Mike Young is a GREAT coach and he will have them ready. As far as what’s his name before CMY, glad that he is gone. I want coaches who are committed to VT and not their own agendas.

        1. Seriously.

          I get that people were frustrated with the circumstances of Buzz’s departure. Sadly, the siren song of “home” was too strong to ignore.

          Buzz rebuilt the Tech hoops program and got us back on the map. I was skeptical
          of the MY hire initially, but was content to be patient and see what he could do. I couldn’t be happier with the results thus far.

          But it is intellectually dishonest to downplay the tremendous accomplishments under Buzz’s tenure. He elevated our recruiting, elevated our record, and elevated the team’s GPA by leaps and bounds… to the highest level EVER. Getting to know the players during his tenure, I was impressed by the caliber of young men he brought into the program. And I was impressed by his coaching skills, too… the players seemed to come out of timeouts with a clear understanding of what to do and very crisp execution (something I don’t see quite as clearly under MY). I was talking to a senior Tech administrator at Mike Young’s tip-off booster banquet, and he said that Buzz is one of the few truly elite coaches in college basketball, and that losing him was a loss no matter how you slice it. I agree with him; Buzz re-established the Tech BB brand and some of MY’s success is a direct result.

          Buzz is now sleeping in the bed he made, and that’s fine. He got the big contract and is back where he always wanted to be. In the long run, I hope he finds his happiness (I actually don’t think he’ll coach forever… he’s ultra-intense and will retire before too long).

          Coach Mike Young has similarly made his way back to where he always wanted to be and I believe is well-positioned to have great long term success here at Tech. If that consistency leads to better recruiting over a sustained period of time, MY may even be able to raise the ceiling of our program to higher than what Buzz achieved. While I still think Buzz is probably the slightly more talented of the two, MY may well have the better record over the long run and will be a deserving Hokie legend.

          1. Well said. I’ve seen this program struggle mightily for far too many years. I’m very appreciative of Greenberg, Buzz, and now Young. These guys put some good teams out on the floor, and it’s been fun watching them.

            1. I don’t think Greenberg gets as much credit as he deserves. Too bad he was his own worst enemy.

          2. Yep, sure he annoys me, I laugh at the same lines at TAMU “Mama raised her son right speeches” etc. but we got our money’s worth, didn’t even have to pay a buyout either. VT had no momentum. And even now, two of our starters are still Brent pickups.

            1. I think a lot of the frustration with Buzz is that he knew he was leaving and did absolutely no recruiting the last two years and left MY a hot mess with the roster. I am grateful with the tournament appearances.

    2. Kudos to MY for sure. But, to be fair, the two years before Brent we were 22-41. The two years before MY we were 47-21. The program was in a different place.

      1. Brent left the cupboard pretty bare, when he skipped town. Not much left of that 47-21 record.

        At the end, he used recruiting time for his own upcoming departure. I believe we had to lobby for more recruiting time, because of it.

        Mike Young hit the ground running, and put together a staff quickly, got Jalen Cone to commit within a month of Young being hired, and got creative, just to put a competitive team on the floor. And that he did.

        All those who said it was a bad hire (not referring to those who had mere doubts; I get that), are eating crow.

        1. Yes! Agreed!

          And, it’s your 2nd para about Buzz-ard using many months on OUR nickel (while being paid by us) to set up his future…on behalf of A&M. That’s really what it’s all about (not the Hokie Pokie😳.)

          I can’t complain about his record. He did well.

          He just cheated us with a major ‘grin-blank’ (an old term, but all should get it.)

          It’s about lack of ethics and his BS patriotic ‘storyline’ which, in the end, most semi intelligent people realized was just part of his totally unethical approach that clearly also helped him get into one of the other schools that clearly relishes patriotic people, with the A&M similarities to VT. It was Buzzard’s ‘schtick’…he played us. However did same to A&M.

          Sadly, I’m not too sure there wasn’t full disclosure of his plan, at a much earlier point, to our own AD. He probably told Whit, and said here’s what I’m gonna be doing and you can watch or you can do damage to yourself by being difficult.

          CMY has his own ethical issues… he eats 🍿 popcorn 🤣🥳. He loves southwest Va…and… those crediting Buzzard’s record as a component of CMY being here …are smoking something.

          This was, and is, CMY’s dream job and he loves VT, and the geo region.

          Passing thru, like Buzzard did, is not a crime… it’s just how he ended it over MANY months of disregard for what he was doing to us.

          I wish Buzzard well…but wish anyone thinking that we all have to love, cherish and admire Buzzard with any level of some ritualistic dedication to his lack of class, lack of ethics and lack of honesty — no popcorn 🍿 for life!🥳

          1. Correction EDIT to above “ and… those crediting Buzzard’s record as a component of CMY being here …are smoking something.” SHOULD HAVE READ —> “ and… those crediting CMY’s record as a component of BUZZARD being here …are smoking something.

          2. Couldn’t agree with you more HOKIEGOBBLE. Being in Texas, I was able to witness Brent’s first TV interview with the local College Station TV station upon taking the A&M job. Was mistakenly expecting some nice words about his time at VT- unfortunately not one word about that during his interview. Had to turn the interview off after about 5 minutes before I was going to vomit. Being a Longhorn as well as HOKIE grad, I am glad to see him at CS.

            1. He’s an excellent coach. As an individual, he has some definite faults and failings.

              I can’t say he built a program, except if you want to say he made people notice us, but you don’t do that by leaving us high and dry for the next coach. He did build an excellent team; I have to give him credit for that.

              I don’t miss him, though, and although I can’t say I wish him bad luck, it’s hard to wish him well, either, at this point. I simply don’t care either way.

              If I remember correctly, during the press conference announcing the hiring of Mike Young, Whit did not mention Williams by name. Mike Young did.

              GO, MIKE YOUNG!
              GO, HOKIES!

          3. It is indeed Mike Young’s dream job. I love hearing of how he went to VT games as a kid. Now, he coaches in that same Cassell Coliseum!

            I don’t know how high we will go, but something tells me, he will be Hokie Basketball’s version, of Frank Beamer!

    1. I believe so, certainly don’t remember any double byes. 2019 we might have been o so close but were the #5 seed. Irritating b/c we lost to FSU in OT, think fresh legs would have won that one.

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