Virginia Tech’s Regular Season Comes To An End

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Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech’s regular season is over. (Matt Gentry, ACC Pool)

Virginia Tech’s final regular season men’s basketball game against NC State has been canceled per a release from the school on Wednesday afternoon.  That follows the announcement on Tuesday night that tonight’s scheduled contest with Louisville has also been canceled.

As a result, the Hokies’ 2020-21 regular season comes to a close, with Tech finishing 15-5 overall and 9-4 in the ACC.  Tech is a virtual lock to be selected for the NCAA Tournament, though the two shutdowns in the program over the last month means the team will head to the ACC Tournament having played just two games since the Miami game on February 6.  Overall, six of eight scheduled games have been postponed, including the rescheduled contest with Louisville that was originally supposed to be played back on February 13.

The 2021 ACC Tournament bracket will be revealed on Saturday night.  The Hokies currently sit in third place in the league standings.

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  1. I predict a short-lived ACCT for the team, and then a one-and-done in the NCAAT. It is going to be very hard to win after not having played much for so long. Bad ending for a good season, but who knows, maybe they’ll surprise me!

  2. I came here to find the news on the cancellation. Not much news in this article on the reason for the cancellation.

  3. After watching both the GT and WF games, it’s clear that the Hokies were rusty and out of synch, and got bullied by the rough and tough GT team, which is playing extremely hard and well. But then we bounced back and looked as sharp as a razor against (honestly) a rather pitiful WF squad. So how good is Tech when they are good? I have no idea. AH

  4. Were the last two games cancelled because of us , or them? So 6 out of the last 8 were cancelled!
    I hope we can keep the momentum going from the Wake game!

    1. The way that I read it was that contact tracing on our side. I hope we can learn how to attack the zone in the next week..

  5. Personally, given the pandemic, I don’t believe that NCAA tourney seeds matter so much this year….just get into the field. It’s gonna be wide open IMHO! Go Hokies (and get well soon!)!

  6. Our NCAA Tournament seeding most likely will be several spots lower unless we get a win or two in the ACC tournament. I’m guessing the dreaded 8 or9

    1. My prediction as well, especially if we come back and put up a stinker in our first game in the ACCT, which I think is a strong possibility. 8/9 seed is looming, and if by chance we win, it’ll then matchup against a #1 seed, and that’ll be that.

  7. How we managed to play football with over 100 people involved in the program, played 9 straight gms and didn’t miss one after first wk is a miracle. Pretty well managed considering in retrospect, especially compared to how the last month has been with 1/10 of the amount of people to.manage

    1. We had 20 out at one point in the season. That number is our whole basketball team and staff. The concern in football was about the position rooms, Basketball meets in one room. It is not about managing 15% of the number of people, it was about having a bunch more to fill in whether they were ready or not.

  8. Despite vaccinations and COVID seemingly winding down (somewhat) , I’m REALLY skeptical of any normal March Madness happening in 2021… it’s gonna be a crapshoot to get the scheduled games in with any regularity.

    1. Never doubt the power of the money! The powers that be will ensure there is a March Madness tourney in it’s entirety, there is no way in hell they miss out on that money 2 years straight.

      1. They already announced they will just sub in the next out team into whatever slot opens up. It’s going to be a crazy bracket, but they are going to play.

        1. And Duke gets in after all without having to play as many games, rested and ready to make a run. lol

          1. If Duke gets into the NCAAs (barring winning the ACC tourney) after a 9-8 season, then it’s clear this whole thing is rigged!

        2. I hadn’t heard that, but makes sense… that’s the only way they’ll be able to get this thing in.

    2. It’s already not normal…all in one city and first 4 out will fill in for any who can’t pass protocol

  9. If we have learned anything from COVID-19 it is that high performance athletes can not take time off and continue to maintain their fitness and game performance (practice or not). I hope VT gets a couple of ACC tournament games before the NCAA’s or this MBB season will be yet another pandemic casualty – and that would be a shame since this team could be special.

  10. Chris based on the conference records, have we locked in a double bye for the ACC tournament? In other words, can we end no worse than 4th based on everyone else conference records?

    1. Yes, we are a lock for double bye. Hopefully we can play next Thursday and get some practice time for that game.

  11. Stinks, but it is what it is. Hopefully CY and the team learned a lot on how to traverse the rapids of long layoffs and lack of practice players due to Covid restrictions. Guess we’ll see soon. Wonder if a double bye isn’t such a blessing now. May be better to play a Boston College or Wake again to get our legs under us.

    1. The double bye is a blessing because without it we would have had to have played earlier in the week next week, and because of covid protocols I don’t think we would have been allowed to participate. Hopefully, by next Thursday the covid pause time clock will have expired and we will be good to go.

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