Virginia Tech Men’s Track and Field Wins 2021 ACC Indoor Championship … By a Ton

Virginia Tech ACC Champions

Virginia Tech Men’s Track and Field dominated the ACC Indoor Championships, winning the title with 136 points, well ahead of second place UNC with 81 points.

The indoor championship is the sixth for Virginia Tech, including 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 (tie with Florida State). That’s the fourth-most in conference history, despite Virginia Tech only being in the ACC since 2004-05:

  • Maryland 26
  • Florida State 13
  • Clemson 12
  • Virginia Tech 6

Virginia Tech’s men have also won four outdoor track and field championships, giving the Hokie men ten ACC track and field championships in all.

The Virginia Tech women, winners of last year’s ACC indoor championship, finished fourth:

Rather than attempt to recap Virginia Tech’s individual achievements, personal bests, Virginia Tech records, and ACC records — which were all numerous — we refer you to recaps on and As of this writing, recaps were not yet published on either site, but they should appear soon:

Note: the original version of this story said that Virginia Tech’s women finished sixth. Scores were later updated, and due to some disqualifications, the Hokies women moved up, into fourth place.


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  1. Awesome performance by Fredo (BC for the uninformed). They would have done better but they ran in their ice hockey skates by accident. I knew it was you Fredo.

  2. There was a late DQ or two on the women’s side, so they ended up at 4th.

    A bit of a role reversal as I think FSU would have been the favorites on the men’s side and Tech had the edge for the women, but of course, that’s why you play the game. Congrats to the men!

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