Virginia Tech Releases 2021 Football Coaches Salaries

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Virginia Tech
Justin Hamilton will be Virginia Tech’s highest-paid assistant. (Ivan Morozov)

Head coach Justin Fuente had previously indicated to news outlets that Virginia Tech would release annual salary compensation for the coaching staff as soon as the staff was in place.  On Tuesday, those numbers were supplied by a Tech athletics representative. 

Tech released two sets of numbers: regular compensation, and 2021 reduced compensation.  It is presumed that each coach will continue to make their reduced salary until the Hokies’ financial situation improves, at which case their salaries will revert to their original amount.

The 10 on-field coaches will combine to make a total of $3,168,000 in 2021.  That is a decrease from their regular combined compensation of $3,520,000 thanks to budget shortfalls within the Virginia Tech Athletic Department due to COVID-19.

Here is how the 2021 reduced salaries break down on offense and defense…

Offense: $1,638,000
Defense: $1,530,000

Head strength and conditioning coach Ben Hilgart will make $252,000 in 2021, down from a regular compensation of $280,000.

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  1. Despite not gettin Raises-and even some pay cuttin- Fuentes is barely hanging on. The VT Staff merits no Bonus points from Me and a cast of Thousands. Better times ahead with a new Regime-sorry that they brought in a proud Tough Guy like JC Price to be a part of the Downfall. He had no choice-Hope the new Staff keeps him-what a Baller.

  2. Another PR disaster by sharing all salaries except for Fu. Whether we know it or not he should be listed and what percentage decrease did he take

    1. This info was released because there have been changes to the assistant coaches, and typically, VT releases updated salary info for them this time of year.

      Fuente is set to make $4.25 million in 2021, which, when reduced by 10%, is $3.825 million. But there are rumors that he has distributed some portion of his salary — $400k or $600k — to other employees in the athletic department.

  3. Totally agree we’re going to lose coach Vice, he’s talented at evaluating, recruiting and coaching. I’m surprised he’s not gone already.

  4. I am always amazed how the chemical engineering professor who might be doing cutting edge research to benefit society gets a pittance compared to these guys. On the other hand no one pays good money to see him/her work. Of course it is comparing apples to oranges and I know that, but I still shake my head at it all particularly when you talk about Clemson numbers.

    1. Have you seen what some of those researchers make? And they have far, far more job security than a football assistant coach.

      1. Some of these researchers have small Tech firms, patents, books and etc. where they are making a financial killing. So they are definitely not “broke” or scrounging for money.

      2. Please do point out some examples of VT research faculty making the kind of money (VT salary) that the coaches (other than Tyler, who’s brand new) of our .500 football team are making. We’ll wait.

        1. Dude, there are plenty of engineering professors pulling in base salaries of 150K to 250K. You can look that up anywhere.

          1. More are closer to $150K than $250K… those making the latter likely have significant administrative duties. My point remains, that the only football staffers who make that kind of money are the newbies, like Tyler. Most researchers don’t make that kind of money…

      1. Not sure that’s true – as someone with lifetime tenure who continues to work hard, it’s not something I think about as a great benefit. It does, however, really benefit those who don’t work so hard.

  5. So what is Fuente’s salary and did he take a reduction. All of the coaches took 10% it looks like. Fu should take 20% min

    1. That was the one I thought Vice should have been higher. I can spot talent and coach ’em up. Nice to have had a good consistent coach on the O; the last few years under Beamer I think we went through 3 in 4 years.

      GO HOKIES!!!

  6. Vice way under paid, J Ham & Corny way over paid.. At $300k Vice will be gone soon unless more $$ become available to him. He is good, J Ham too soon to know and Corny is CJF buddie.

    GO HOKIES!!!

    1. You mean the guy who leads our amazing football team that’s winning like nobody else, who’s making more than all of the assistant coaches combined? That guy who’s the second-highest paid coach in the ACC?

      Yeah, I noticed that omission too…

      1. Maybe b/c we already know Fuente’s contract and salary? I swear people will complain about anything.

        1. Well, based on his salary he’s underperforming, A LOT. You can cheer for that, but some of us can’t. As the highest paid state employee (unless Bronco has him beat), he should be delivering more than he does, in both recruiting and wins.

  7. Clemson’s coordinator make $1m more than the entire VT staff. Venables – $2.4m, Elliott – $2m. Clemson’s staff is over $8m, with nine assistants making more than $500k. Their WR coach makes $300k, which would be our 5th highest salary.

    1. The NC caliber team brings in more $$ than VT, and can afford to hire the top talent. Simple economics

  8. Why are Vice and Williams only $20K apart? One supervises more kids and has produced far better results.

  9. Little surprised Hamilton makes more than Corny, given the experience gap.

    We need to get Vice to $500,000 or we will lose him at some point. At $300,000 it is screaming for him to get picked up by somebody else with more money.

      1. Which will cause him to leave, sooner rather than later. Vice is under paid. Everyone else on O is over paid.

        1. He’s as good as gone and we r over paying a youngster at DC and an old coot at special teams.

          Fuente is a lost cause because he can’t manage a staff. Not sure if he and Whit actually do detailed staff talent reviews and pay according to pre set goals.

          Vice will bring the house down when he heads for green pastures.

          1. Vice won’t bring down the house and Fuente is not a lost cause. Get a clue. This is Va Tech, there’s turnover and it’s a stepping stone program. Get used to it. #reality

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