Tyrece Radford Suspended Indefinitely

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Tyrece Radford
Tyrece Radford has been indefinitely suspended. (Johnnie Izquierdo)

UPDATE TO THIS STORY: Multiple outlets are reporting that Tyrece Radford was charged with driving while intoxicated (first offense) and carrying a concealed weapon. — 1/25/2021, 12:45 PM

Virginia Tech redshirt sophomore guard Tyrece Radford has been indefinitely suspended by the Virginia Tech men’s basketball program.

Radford is arguably Virginia Tech’s best player.  He leads the team in minutes per game (31), he’s second in scoring (11.1), second in rebounding (6.3), and second in assists (30).  He’s also a 72.9% free throw shooter.

A starter in 43 of his 46 career games in Blacksburg, it is unclear who will replace Radford in the starting lineup for Wednesday’s game at Notre Dame.

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  1. You just don’t see UVA players making this horrendous mistake…are they that much smarter than us? I’m all about second chances….but this is going to cost him and the team. Hope someone will step up in his absence.

    1. Your comment about UVA players and players at most other programs is EXACTLY the heart of the matter we need to be digging at. I know it’s the players committing the stupid unwise acts but where is the accountability in the administration and coaches to keep far away from these kinds of Bad trouble. We see this every stinking year from some key player. Arent we warning them daily? Are we using other programs and our own as teaching tools on what dangers to avoid? I would keep a rolling video power or log if every egregious mistake programs make each year and roll it out quarterly so they can see live account of their former peers and the mistakes they made. I would ask him each week and each month…..Are you next? Dont let it be you!

      That’s the least I can do for my kids and their parents…….keep them safe and out of trouble while in my care and while on my watch.

      1. Well…surely u know it’s the bloodlines 😬. Those wahoo boys are dna tested by AI before the offer is made.

        If they aren’t direct bloodlines to Pilgrims or Nigerian Royalty they play at places like VT🤣

  2. He needs to buy a Boat or an RV. Then the gun wouldn’t be a concealed weapon since it qualifies as a second home. And as long as you’re anchored out or parked you can drink what you want.

  3. Three weeks ago said to my bro – the unstoppable player is Tyrece, best player on the team, the one the ACC teams won’t be able to stop. After Duke I said, finally got an all ACC player.

    Don’t drink during the season, Don’t get drunk, don’t drive drunk. Success involves smarts and discipline, lack of both – consequence – failure. It’s a shame.

  4. OK enough of this “but he’s just a kid” talk! These athletes and students have heard “don’t drink and drive” every year multiple times in their life since 1st grade. There is NO excuse for this behavior, and Coach Young should immediately kick this dude out of the program. No excuses. This is just stupid behavior which unfortunately has consequences. His career is over at VT. Good luck in the transfer portal to Mississippi Valley State Community College, if he avoids jail.

    1. he’s not a kid but he deserves his day in court, right? i am not condoning him risking his college future nor am I playing down a potential crime but folks should let the legal action play out before convicting him.


  5. Let’s all remember we we kids too. How many foolish things have we done. Forgiveness is the key to a good life. He committed a crime and he will pay his dues. Being a great athlete will make it even more public. Tyrece from all I know you are a good man but made a mistake just like we all have done. Here’s hoping you will be allowed to have a second chance.

    1. I cant accept this my friend. There are too many past and present examples In this socially connected society for TRad to know better or know thered be bad consequences if Murphy goes wrong….. and Murphys law always goes wrong!

      Just plain stupid and I’m tired of seeing this s!$t every single year out of the Hokies. Do these guys need 24/7 chaperones? No I havent forgotten what it’s like to be a student. Yes I do know and came from a similar background as Radford yet rose above it si I know it can be done. And No I’m not an insensitive elitist.

      Off the field improprieties is killing us and killing our ability to sustain positive momentum in our Fball and Bball programs. We have ZERO margin for error. Someone in the administration has got to study this and put an end to this.

  6. Sometimes I fail to appreciate the fact that I was so poor in college I did not have the resources to be stupid.

  7. Hokies gonna Hokie. We must lead the nation in shootin our selves in the 5th metatarsal in all sports. And he was my fave

    1. I totally agree with this comment. It just seems that whenever a Hokie team is doing well something goes wrong that was caused by a player not respecting what has been given to him/her.

  8. Why a gun?? Come on man…you are getting a free education from a great school and you are playing a game I’m assuming you love. How can you be that stupid?! This is disappointing as hell. He let himself down and it’ll ride on him forever.

    1. Please tell me there were no other VT players or students involved! This is going to be another Chris ? story. Sorry his last name escapes me. Did he get a second chance at another school?

      1. I believe you are thinking of Chris Clarke. He transferred to Texas Tech, where he played last year and did reasonably well. He averaged a little over 24 minutes per game, 5.6 PPG, and 6.6 RPG. I believe his eligibility has concluded.

      1. He’s from Baton Rouge, not NOLA. According to relatives of mine in Louisiana, he nevertheless came from a tough neighborhood.

    2. Maybe he had a reason for protection. If he’s 21 and has a permit that’s legal. I assume he was not on campus property?

      Now drinking and exercising your second amendment rights is stupid and he will pay a price for that.

      I carry anytime I know I won’t be in prohibited places…which is 95% of the time. I quit drinking years ago so that’s not an issue. I stay out of restaurants with bars in them.

      BTW- 2 million carry permits in the GREAT FREE STATE OF FLORIDA almost a million more than Don’t Mess With Texas. We have the right to work, attend schools and churches as defend ourselves from the wolves of society.

  9. You gotta know Sheriff Bubba is parked right across the street from the bars. Call a friend to drive you!

  10. DUI + concealed weapon

    Note – he could have a valid concealed weapon carry permit and still be charged for illegal concealed weapon, as he was deemed intoxicated (DUI)

  11. For the life of me, I do not understand why kids who have so much to lose put themselves in these positions. Then again, I was a kid once…

    1. I was lucky I made it through school with all the similarly stupid things I got away with, so I can’t criticize the kid.

  12. Very hard to believe as it’s either injuries, attitudes, or troubles with the school or the law. Our basketball team just can’t seem to put an entire team on the court yearly. Very discouraging to be honest.

  13. That had will leave a mark. Hopefully, it will be cleared up. If not, the status of STUDENT-athlete will be upheld.

  14. I sure hope whatever the situation was is “fake news” Tyrece is my favorite on this and last year’s team. Let’s all wish and hope for the best for Tyrece, aka “Boots.”

  15. Just have to hope that Tyrece is either innocent of whatever and/or learned his lesson. I’m with Late 80’s on this.

  16. WHAT?!?!?!

    Dammit, why can’t we have nice things? I really hope this is like that Duke guy’s indefinite tripping suspension, that lasted all of 1 game.

    1. “why can’t we have nice things?” LOL, this literally sums up my feelings as a Hokie fan over the past 25 years!

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