Virginia Tech Adds Transfer QB Connor Blumrick

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Virginia Tech added transfer quarterback Connor Blumrick from Texas A&M on Tuesday evening.  He is expected to compete with Braxton Burmeister for the quarterback job, though he could potentially play other positions as well.

Blumrick was an Elite 11 quarterback, but he suffered a Lisfranc injury in the first game of his senior season of high school, which knocked him out for the season.  That impeded his development, and he eventually moved to running back and tight end.  He is considered an excellent athlete, he’s one of the most popular players in the Texas A&M program, and he was recommended to Justin Fuente by Darrell Dickey, Fuente’s former offensive coordinator at Memphis who is now the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Texas A&M.

Blumrick is 6-5, 215, and he’ll have two seasons of eligibility remaining.  He is expected to enroll at Virginia Tech for the spring semester. 

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  1. Lisfranc is a tough injury to overcome. Happened to Kevin Jones in Detroit. Not sure he was the same after. If I remember correctly, it’s the top bones in the middle of your foot.

    1. Wow, not quite sure what Derailed Kevin Jones- a Hokie Superstar. Loved that Guy. The #1 RB in the Country from PA- pretty much recruited Tech-him and his Dad. Joe Paterno was crushed-begged him not to go to Tech-just like We begged DJ Dozier not to go to Penn State. Jones was the real deal-and a Class Act. Jones became intrigued with VT because of one Michael Vick-We were the Darling of ESPN. Dang.

  2. Life must be pretty dang easy if you are so bent outta shape when an 18-22 yr old kid doesn’t type out the formal name of your school correctly that you must post about it on the unofficial sports website. Find something else to be offended by. Lord knows it’s everything these days.

    1. Right on chagerma. Kids will be doing this, so maybe 2021 is the year to let it go. Just like I need to let the Squirrels EAT ALL OF MY BIRD SEED!!! GET OUTA HERE YOU %$#)[email protected]%^ BUSHEY TAILED RATS!
      Go Hokies!

    1. He can’t Pass, otherwise We beat Notre Dame last Year-when Hooker not ready to Go in Fuentes”s brilliant mind. Beat Em all Day long.

  3. With all the Dudes splittin every single Season, I’ll take what I can get. Cornell Brown was a Huge Recruit in the early 1990’s out of EC Glass{Lynchburg},the most highly sought Linebacker in the Country-damn near. Held a Press Conference-and pledged his Allegiance to the University of Virginia Tech-some Tech fans almost crapped their pants-I was one of Em’. Welcome aboard.

      1. Do you think they may have been playing with the statement delivery? University of Virginia……..Tech.

  4. … long as his Lisfranc stays healthy and will allow him to freely do, uh, whatever a ‘Lisfranc’ does.

    1. It’s a mid-foot injury that has a wide spectrum of severity. Hopefully his was of the minor variety.

    1. … long as his Lisfranc stays healthy and will allow him to freely do, uh, whatever a ‘Lisfrac’ does.

    1. Virginia (Poly) Tech (nic) (Institute and State) University – that is our name. He will learn to just say Virginia Tech when he arrives.

        1. VTU is Our name…..i dont get why people get so knotted up about this? My diploma starts with Virginia and ends in University…..common or Full name aside. I think we have to stop getting asphyxiated with the subtle alternate liberties that obviously exist within our institutions Full name. There use to be a time when my elders…my grandparents would only care to refer to VT as VPI. They loathe hearing younger generations refer to Virginia Tech as VT, Tech or Virginia Tech. We are a University and a university in Virginia the last time I checked.

          Prince, Sting, Cher, and Madonna have built careers on their common names or the illusion they were only born destined to be referred to on a one name basis. But in legal matters pertaining to the Police, the Law or the IRS, they will only be referred to and can never escape their full governent names: Prince Rogers Nelson, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, Cherilyn Sarkisian, Madonna Louise Ciccone. Arguably to some, all are great artists but for the fact of the matter both names are correct.

  5. Awesome. Not only did we pick up a back-up quarterback/utility player, we apparently got rid of that rotten Nike contract, signed a deal with Adidas, left the ACC for the SEC and are re-emphasizing our status as an “aggie” school. Onward!

    1. If you look closely, his A&M uni is peeling away like a snake skin to reveal a VT uni beneath.

  6. See There we go again criticizing something that I am sure the coaches know more about..the complainer was one who felt like getting a RB from Kansas was a poor choice!

    Or even better trashing mile young before he started coaching at Tech because he was not a big name in bb like the Snake at T A&M

    1. Take the Snake? I think you meant Tark the Shark.

      Or maybe Hale the Whale? No, no, that’s not it. Ratface McFatface! Yeah!

      Oh wait- I know it. Fanny Manny Hootenanny. That’s it. That’s the ticket!

  7. I had a Lisfranc injury in 2019 (not requiring surgery) and it is a tough foot fracture. There still is some discomfort at times. But if he returned as a running back and tight end it probably is sufficiently healed. Sounds like a nice pick up.

  8. A guy with 10 passing attempts in 3 years is going to compete with Burmeister for the starting job? Let’s hope not! Would be really nice if Fuente names a starter (should be BB) in the spring for once and actually gives him support, confidence, and plenty of time with the 1’s instead of juggling 3 guys all offseason and well into the season

    1. Pretty sure he will back Burmeister up. It is good to have a back up that has some experience and can run.

    2. You should at least see him play before trashing him. He might be a boom or a bust, but you don’t know at this point.

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