The Virginia Tech Quarterback Situation

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Quincy Patterson, Virginia Tech
Quincy Patterson’s departure causes the Virginia Tech quarterback depth chart to be reshuffled. (Ivan Morozov)

During his weekly press conference on Monday, Head Coach Justin Fuente formally announced that quarterback Quincy Patterson will be transferring from Virginia Tech.

“I just want to publicly thank Quincy for everything he has done in his time here. He’s a fantastic young man who played a vital role in our football team,” Fuente said. “Quincy knows how I feel about him, and his folks and we stand ready to help him in any way we can moving forward.”

Shortly after, Patterson released his own statement on social media, explaining his decision and thanking Hokie Nation.

“First and foremost, I want to thank everybody at Virginia Tech for standing by me and my team. I want to thank Coach Fuente and Coach Cornelsen for giving me an unbelievable opportunity to do what I love at such a high level,” Patterson wrote. “I would also like to thank all the other coaches and staff members who were a part of my growth at Virginia Tech. Lastly, I would like to thank all Hokie fans for simply being you and always having my back.”

The timing of this decision seems strange, considering the Hokies are entering the stretch run with two huge games against No. 3 Clemson and Virginia over the next two weeks. Fuente provided some clarity, divulging that Patterson hurt his thumb in Tech’s last game against Pittsburgh.

“He couldn’t really grip a football, so I’m not sure that he would’ve been able to play for us these last couple of weeks,” Fuente said. “I think that aided in that decision.”

There was plenty of hype around Patterson when the Chicago-native committed to the Hokies in the class of 2018. He was the first Hokies’ quarterback to be selected to the Elite 11 since Tyrod Taylor and was rated a four-star by all major sites.

However, after three years with limited playing time, the redshirt-sophomore has decided to move on with three years of eligibility remaining.

Updated Quarterback Situation 

Over the last few weeks, Patterson had been acting as the backup to starter Hendon Hooker with Braxton Burmeister sidelined with an injury. Fuente disclosed on Monday that the former Oregon Duck broke three toes during practice earlier in the season and hasn’t been ready to play.

However, Burmeister is back and should be able to fill the void left by Patterson over the last two weeks of the season.

“He’s been able to be out there in practice, we haven’t been able to feel good about — you know, he gets tackled one time and you can imagine the pain he goes through,” Fuente said. “We just bumped him down and put Quincy in there at the two, but Braxton has been practicing the whole time,” Fuente said. “I don’t think he’s missed a practice, so he’s been in there, and he’s been feeling good for over a week now. I feel good about it.”

Burmeister started the first three games of the season before being benched at halftime of the Hokies’ matchup with North Carolina. He went 2-1 as a starter completing just 45.1% of his passes with one touchdown and one interception.

Fuente also announced that the hole left at third-string quarterback will be filled by redshirt-freshman Knox Kadum. The Hokies hope that the former three-star recruit from Georgia won’t have to hit the field, but Patterson’s departure definitely cuts into the depth in Tech’s quarterback room.

Wide Receivers Transfer To Find More Playing Time

Patterson isn’t the only player who has decided to move on from Blacksburg during the bye week. Wide receivers Elijah Bowick and Darylle Simmons have also decided to enter their names into the transfer portal to find more opportunities to get on the field.

Both Simmons and Bowick joined the Hokies as three-star recruits in the 2018 and 2019 classes, respectively. Each had been dealing with injuries throughout the season and have decided to find a new program to get on the field. During their short time in Blacksburg, Simmons had one catch while Bowick did not see the field.

According to Fuente, Simmons will be exploring options at the FCS level and trying to find a new home before the spring semester.

“My conversation with him was that he desperately wants to get on the field,” Fuente said. “He’s going the 1-AA route to get some playing time, and he’s also dealing with some family issues.”

This has been a trend over the last few seasons with multiple young players, especially at wide receiver, transferring in order to find a team with more opportunities to see the field.

“There seems to be this quest to get on the field. We’re not losing guys who are moving up and performing incredibly well at other places,” Fuente said. “We’re losing guys that are desperate to get on the field.”

While plenty of players have left Blacksburg through the portal over the last few seasons, Tech has also brought in impact players from other programs. This season, multiple transfers have stepped into the starting lineup and had immediate success.

Burmeister, center Brock Hoffman, running backs Khalil Herbert and Raheem Blackshear, defensive end Justus Reed and safety Devin Taylor have all stepped into the starting lineup at some point this year after transferring from other schools.

“It’s not like we have lost guys that have gone on to be productive at other places. In fact, we’ve actually picked up guys that have actually added to productivity here and added to locker room chemistry,” Fuente said. “Overall, I’d say it’s been a net-win for us.”

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  1. I was afraid that QP would become the odd guy out when they got Burmeister. I think that was a mistake since Burmeister was only going to be a 1 year guy. They should have just committed to making QP better and going after a younger QB target. WIth Burmeister in town, QP got fewer reps instead of more. Bad move by Fu but I wish the best for QP. I think he’ll do well!

  2. Very sorry that VT didn’t work out for QP. I have a high regard for his character. I only wish him the best. It would be awesome for him to have a degree from VT.

  3. Thanks to QP and best wishes as he makes his next move. Headed for success after football; regardless when that happens. Smart, classy young man.

    1. Wouldn’t surprise me at all! Good luck QP. The Hokie Nation’s loss is another teams gain. Hate to see him go.

  4. Sorry we are losing a young man like QP. I wish him success, and I will follow where he goes and what he does.

  5. I’m curious about Knox Kadum, r-Fr QB. Is he running the scout team? He did have good credentials coming out of HS. Is he a viable back up down the road? He doesn’t have the weight and size of HH or QP at 6-3 and 185#, but is he a good or more accurate passer? Just thinking about next year. As we have a better O line than we’ve had in years, a good pocket passer may be a good thing. I’m sure Sean Glennon would’ve loved to play behind this line.
    Just a query.
    GO HOKIES!!!

  6. Never quite understood Quincy’s development. He stayed when Hooker entered the transfer portal, either won or gave us opportunities to win games, and was Fuente’s top QB recruit. Wonder, if he got proper coaching. All indications were that he was a winner with a lot of potential. Wish him all the best.

  7. QP –> Will never forget your ND near win and the VicTory over uncheat in 6OT’s!
    Good luck out there and hope you find a great place and shine!

  8. I’m guessing QP couldn’t compete with HH & BB in practice when it came to throwing the ball accurately. I was holding out hope he’d be the guy at some point. Hope he ends up with a team where he can excel. Good kid. I’m disappointed.

  9. Nothing wrong with these guys leaving and nothing wrong with what Fuente said. I wish them luck in their search to find a field to play on & hope somewhere along the way they get an education that benefits them.

    1. Part of the real world if you cant plsy here then go somewhere else.he will find a mid american school to play for , he is from illinois

  10. If we need another QB, there is always Gill Williamson from the BB team. Per his bio he was an all-state quarterback out of Richmond and at 6’8′ he has some height , but needs to add some right mass.

  11. VERY odd comments from Fuente, taking a shot at “desperate” guys who’ve chosen to transfer out. Stay classy, Fu. This guy…. SMH.

    1. I would want to hear the question he was responding to, if it was a Q&A format. If he volunteered that without being questioned about it, then yeah, that’s a terrible look even if it’s accurate.

    2. That’s spin on your part. You’re looking for something to take a shot at Fuente. These guys have realized the pros probably aren’t in the cards yet they are still wanting to play somewhere at some level because it’s no fun working in practice when there’s no playing time on Saturday. No player plays forever, so yes these players are desperate to get on the field because they know the end is near.

    3. Normally, I don’t think he would say things like that. But it seems he knows that most of the fanbase is saying something different and he is maybe being pushed to set the record straight or just change the narrative. I’m not saying I agree or disagree with that, but he likely feels that everything is being used against him right now. He knows what is going on.

      1. Geez, what’s the big news that guys want to get on the field. They want to play. Yes, they’re desperate. It’s no big deal. It’s a simple word.

        1. Exactly, it’s ridiculous to think of it of anything more than that. Players will transfer out every year, because they simply haven’t developed and are not playing. Most if not all of these players will transfer to smaller schools with less competition. This is frankly needed at every school as his is how scholarships are opened up for the next class.

    4. Flag on the play – you taken it WAAAAAAAY outta context…!
      Thats the most info Fu has given out in a long time…now we know what happened to QP vs Pitt too…hurt thumb…only incompletion was the bubble screen in the dirt…he was done then.

      Bowick and Simmons are ??? hurt most the time, come back, cant beat out Tre, Kaleb, and Tayvon but are also not clear 2nd string – Fairs got in ahead of them and C Hodge too…then leave…oh well…good luck guys – I hope you get to play somewhere!

    1. Not if his head and heart aren’t in it. Several positions he could play with his size, strength, speed, and brains but those are secondary things to head and heart.

  12. QP’s great. Can’t fault him for looking for playing time. He was excellent whenever we needed him and I will always be a fan.

    I think we missed on Pimpleton. He could have been a good slot guy for us.

  13. A big thanks to QP and all that he did for our team- outstanding QB when given the chance and an even better human being. Completely understand his decision to cut bait at this time- can’t blame him in the least. Totally underutilized from day one in my opinion. Best of luck to him wherever he ends up.

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