Hokies Stunned: Liberty Beats Virginia Tech 38-35 on Late Field Goal

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Virginia Tech-Liberty 2020 scoring summary

Alex Barbir 95 of Liberty celebrates his 51-yard game-winning field goal. Liberty downed Virginia Tech 38-35. (AP Photo / The Roanoke Times, Matt Gentry, Pool)

It was pure exhilaration for a few brief moments. Virginia Tech had blocked Liberty’s 59-yard field goal attempt from Alex Barbir, and Jermaine Waller scooped the loose ball, returning it for the game-winning touchdown as time expired.

The Hokies would escape the scare from the Flames and walk out of Lane Stadium with an ugly victory. Only they didn’t. Instead, head coach Justin Fuente had called a timeout right before the snap, with eight seconds left.

Following an 8-yard completion, Barbir nailed a 51-yarder and in a shocking turn of events, No. 25 Liberty (7-0) knocked off Virginia Tech (4-3) 38-35.

“I’ve always done this,” Fuente said. “I don’t believe in waiting for the last second to call timeout in those situations because I don’t ever like letting the kicker get a free swing out of it. I hollered ‘timeout.’ I guess I waited too long. That’s what I told the team. It’s on me.

“I said ‘timeout.’ Didn’t hear me and I screamed ‘timeout.’ The refs blew the whistle. They snapped the ball and we blocked it. Obviously, it didn’t count. It’s pretty crushing. I told our football team I was really proud of the way they played situational football there at the end. Told them I may never get over it. Really wish I hadn’t called timeout.”

Those final few seconds were ravaged with questionable calls from the Hokies’ coaching staff, including that costly timeout. The biggest gripe with it is why a college kicker needed to be iced on a 59-yarder in the first place, especially when Barbir came into the game just 2-of-6 beyond 30 yards with a long of 42 yards. Fuente explained that it had nothing to do with actually icing the kicker.

“It’s more about making sure you’ve got the right guys out there to go execute the block,” Fuente said. “I don’t know about the whole icing the kicker thing. Whether it’s 59 yards, 51 yards or 21 yards, you call a timeout to make sure you get everything straightened out. I called it too late. It’s on me.”

The sound of the officials’ whistle was drowned out by the excitement on the field. The entire kick, block, and return was all played out before everyone came to the realization that the timeout had indeed been granted.

“I did not hear the whistle blown and I thought we had won the game,” said Divine Deablo, who was on the kick block unit. “I was looking for the ball and saw Maine (Jermaine Waller) running with it. I thought that was the end of the game right there.” 

Following the rollercoaster of emotions that took place over the few previous moments, Liberty was still facing a fourth-and-6 from Virginia Tech’s 41-yard line with eight seconds remaining. After the near disaster, there was no chance that Hugh Freeze was going to send his kicking unit back out again. Instead, the Flames’ offense took the field.

A confused Virginia Tech defense dropped back in prevent coverage, with over 15 yards of separation between the cornerbacks and the receivers. As a result, Liberty’s Malik Willis dumped off an 8-yard out route to CJ Yarbrough to get the first down and create a shorter field goal attempt that Barbir nailed.

“Well, it was pretty difficult to get everyone back out there is the first problem,” Fuente said. “Once you get the [Liberty] offense taking the field, not the field goal team. Trying to protect the end zone and they threw it underneath us.”

“We thought they were running a Hail Mary,” Deablo said. “We got our victory team on the field and their coach made a good play call and just ran a 5-yard out. That put them in better position.”

The Hokies were fortunate to find themselves with an opportunity to send the game to overtime in the first place. 

Willis put Virginia Tech’s defense in a bind the entire game. The one-time Virginia Tech commit and Auburn transfer put up 325 yards of total offense and four total touchdowns. Liberty’s offense torched the Hokies rushing defense for 249 yards on the ground. 

“I felt like the quarterback is just an added dimension of athleticism and strength,” Fuente said. “I feel like it was a combination. I can remember one play in particular, it’s second-and-10 and the ball bounces to the unblocked hat and we don’t make the tackle and they get eight yards. And that wasn’t the quarterback, that was the tailback carrying the ball. That’s pretty hard if you’re right there and you can’t make the tackles. It was a combination of not making the plays when they were there. We have not tackled particularly well. We did not tackle particularly well today.”

Trailing 21-20 with 10:49 left in the fourth quarter, the Hokies were getting the ball back with a chance to take the lead. Instead, Tayvion Robinson muffed a punt inside the 10-yard line. Liberty recovered and Willis connected with Johnny Huntley for a wide open touchdown one play later to put the Flames up 28-20.

Hendon Hooker drove the offense right down the field and hit Kaleb Smith on a gutsy fourth-and-3 throw for the 9-yard touchdown with 5:46 remaining. The two-point conversion was successful and notched the game at 28 apiece.

“Kaleb Smith, me and him have conversations every weekend,” Hooker said. “He’s my roommate in the hotel. He says, ‘Hendon you know wherever you put it I’m going to catch it.’ I said, ‘Alright, it might be off, but I’m going to need you to catch them.’ It worked out in the end, him stepping up big.”

Still, Virginia Tech’s defense was no match for Willis and Company. Freeze’s offense found little resistance on the next drive, marching it down the field. It got to the point where the Hokies had exhausted all timeouts. Facing a first-and-goal from the 9, Fuente sent in the call to allow the touchdown on purpose. As it was drawn up, Peytton Pickett walked untouched into the end zone, giving Liberty a 35-28 lead with 1:41 left when he instead could have kneeled down before the goal line to run out the clock for a chip shot field goal.

Again, Hooker operated at maximum efficiency and engineered a 6-play, 75-yard drive in just 49 seconds before finding Tre Turner for the tying 12-yard touchdown with 52 seconds left.

“If you’re a real ballplayer, then you want those times,” Hooker said. “You want the ball in your hands at those times. Those times are just part of the game, as well as just building on a legacy with the offense. We drove down and scored and executed the way we practiced it.”

Hooker finished the game 20-of-27 passing for 217 yards and three touchdowns. He did his most damage with 156 rushing yards on 20 carries and one touchdown. But it was for naught.

Virginia Tech returns to ACC play by welcoming D’Eriq King and Miami to Blacksburg. Kickoff time is still to be determined. 

“It’s a tough one and it’s a tough situation,” Hooker said. “We just have to bounce back from it.”

Virginia Tech News and Notes

  • There was some foreshadowing to Virginia Tech’s disastrous ending early in the ball game. On the offense’s opening series, Khalil Herbert injured his hamstring on the opening kickoff and never played in the rest of the game. In his absence, Virginia Tech’s running backs combined for just 10 carries and 45 yards.“He played one play and his hamstring is bothering him,” Fuente said. “It’s been a little bit of an issue for a little while.”
  • Herbert’s injury wasn’t the only key injury for the Hokies. James Mitchell did not play with an undisclosed injury and Rayshard Ashby never returned in the second half after he was banged up.“I knew James was going to be out,” Hooker said. “James was still trying to play today. You gotta think for the future.”“I just don’t know yet,” added Fuente on Ashby’s status moving forward.
  • In hindsight, one of the biggest plays of the game occurred toward the end of the first half. Willis and the Flames were deep inside Virginia Tech territory when Hokies defensive end Jaylen Griffin got to Willis and forced a fumble. Chamarri Conner picked up the ball and had a clear path to the end zone, but the officials ruled the play dead, saying Willis’ knee was down. The call was overturned upon review and Virginia Tech received the ball back, but the potential scoop and score was for naught. As it turned out, the Hokies ended up with three points on that drive before the half.“They blew it dead,” Fuente said. “We teach our guys that if there’s a ball on the ground you better pick it up because if you have an immediate recovery, even if they blow it dead you’re going to get the ball. That’s what happened. They blew it dead.”
  • Conner and Deablo led Virginia Tech with 10 tackles.
  • Nick Gallo started and caught three passes including his first career touchdown reception.
  • Evan Fairs recorded his first reception with the Hokies in the game.

— hokiesports.com box score —

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  1. I said 2 weeks ago that those letters on the helmets don’t mean what they used to. I have never seen such poor VT defense like I saw on Saturday. I general, when you score 35 points, you should win the game, especially against teams like Liberty. We made their offense look great because there were so many missed tackles and blown coverages. Let’s see how Liberty does the rest of the season as VT is the only team they have played with a winning record.
    We had to score 42 last week to win the game. We have no defense; lack of coaching, lack of talent, etc;
    Another lethargic effort similar to Wake Forest. We will be lucky to keep the bowl streak intact this year, but don’t worry, even if we go bowling, the way this team looks I project a 3-4 win season very soon; Then the fans will leave in droves after that!!

  2. Tired of watching high school football on Saturday. Don’t want to lose the winning expectations and culture. Where’s Urban?

  3. Time to take a page from Coach Harris’s inspiring speech from the “Revenge of the Nerds”

    Coach Fuente, you know, when you were a baby in your crib, your father looked down at you, he had but one hope – “Someday, my son will grow to be a man.” Well look at you now; you just got your asses whipped, by Liberty University.


    Well, if I was you, I’d do something about it. I would get up and redeem myself in the eyes of my father, my Maker, and my Fans!

    (This same speech probably should have been delivered to the team and coaches during half time and maybe we’d have seen more energy and, just maybe, better execution.)

  4. Looks like our pre season 2021 record will be no better than 5-6 or 6-5. Hopefully we can get the defense and tackling fixed before the season starts

    1. Hey, Amish
      Respect your thoughts and comment. But” hope” alone does not, will not get anything done. CJF has had five years to get to this point. His first two years were his best, while he still had a bunch of Frank Beamer’s players on the roster. Since then, what really has been accomplished by CJB? Recruiting has fallen off and a number of players have left for whatever the reason. He’s lost the team once, maybe going on twice. The same can be said for the fan base. Also, It seems to me as though VT has been viewed by some commits as more of a place to “settle and wait” until a better offer come about….. THEN THEY’RE GONE. We can’t recruit the best of the best (5-Star) recruits. We seem to have less 4-Star players than during CFB’s tenure, so we’re doing a worse job of recruiting even the “worst of the best” players.. So what’s the draw anymore to come to Blacksburg? It sure doesn’t seem to be Justin Fuente’s brand of football, that is for sure. I hope I am proven wrong but, like I said in my opening sentence, hope alone will not get anything done.

  5. Well it looks like our opponents will now know of one more way to defeat us: Go for it on 4th down. LU was 4 for 4. Dang, looks like there are 100 yards of 4-down territory on any field we play on. We sure didn’t scare or have the respect of LU.

  6. After 5 years Justin Fuente is no longer the “CURE” for this program.
    After 5 years Justin Fuente is now the “CAUSE” of what has happened to this program.

    Rats are jumping,….. Time to move on

    1. Interesting way to look at it. Here’s another thought: What will the NEXT 5 years with Justin Fuente at the helm of this ship look like?

      What are the odds he will turn it around with the recruits we have in the pipeline and his ability to coach up the <4 stars recruits? (Surely ever FB coach at Tech will have the same turn around as Beamer, right?)
      What are the odds we become irrelevant in the ACC and our "big game" of the season will be the hoped for win against a Duke or out of conference opponent carefully chosen to, hopefully, pad the win column?
      Or maybe something in between: What are the odds we will see a 10 win season over one, just one, season over the next 5 years while the others are something significantly less successful?

  7. Word is out that a few Hokie FB fans will be trying a new form of Saturday entertainment instead of watching the actual football game on TV. It involves banging one head into a wall once every 30 seconds for the entire allotted time of the game’s TV broadcast, about 3-1/2 hours. Indications are that some fans who have tried this technique report feeling much better after 3-1/2 hrs. of ” head banging” than if they had actually subjected themselves to another disappointing display of Hokie FB coaching failures.
    CAUTION: Don’t try this at home:

    1. As Quiet Riot said: “bang your head! metal health’ll drive you mad”

      Watching execution like we saw yesterday will also drive you mad.

  8. A grad of Liberty but a HOKIE through and through. Fu made a really bad call,but JH should never been hired. H e can t coach and cost us this game.

  9. My thoughts – it’s either time for Fu to go or at least come up with a new plan. Everybody has a bad day but the bad days have become routine. The trend has been bad for years and yesterday brought everything to a head.
    – Fu’s excuse for the timeout call is either BS or means he doesn’t trust his coordinators and assistants to do their jobs.
    – Penalties. These have been an issue and are getting worse. This lack of discipline is a direct reflection on the players respect for the coaching staff
    – Recruiting. Already well covered.
    – Transfers. It seems that anyone on the team who is on the edge of going NFL or not transfers. Superstars will always stay since they are safe but why are the “maybes” going elsewhere for their last years of eligibility?
    – Football attracts attention and talent to our school – in all areas. So yeah, how the team does and the character of the team has wide ranging influence on the institution.

    The alumni has given a lot over the last few years to make the team better – everything asked and more – and the results are not coming. There’s too much $ invested and school pride only makes a part of it. We like to win – we expect too. I want to see my team play on big networks in prime time and at least push the top-10 teams hard. I like selling my season tickets for games I can’t make for a profit that pays for the other games. I couldn’t get buyers for some games in the last 3 years and lost $ on my parking pass every week.

    Our school is too awesome and I hate seeing it burn like this.

  10. It’s now Sunday AM. Still in disbelief that we lost not just a winnable game, but lost to a school that should not be able to compete with us on any given Saturday. But here we are, again.

    I can’t control what happens to Fu and his coaching cohorts. But I can control what I do with my $$ support and my time on beautiful Saturday afternoons.

    I’d rather have a fiery young coach who CAN recruit, bringing in talent and that would die for a chance to lead this football program & this prestigious university. Tired of the secrecy regarding availability of players and so many other areas. And certainly tired of the annual “I can’t believe what just happened” games. Time to move on and go get that young fiery coach who would die for this opportunity…as opposed to one who believes he is somehow owed the keys to it.

        1. Time to hire Hugh Freeze?>>>>
          Seriously? Yeah, he can coach football. But… did you look at his personal resume’ as he departed Ol’ Miss? He fit right in with Falwell Jr. Whether Fuente is replaced of not, VT should never compromise any bit of professional or personal integrity for a single victory in any sport.

          But, this is an entirely different conversation than we should be having about how poorly coached VT was on Liberty’s last drive. Clearly VT’s coaching and execution were lacking.

  11. Can our defense get worse. Of course they can, we have 4 games left. I graduated in 1974. We used to have losing seasons every year and there were no expectations for anything else. We have come full circle. Not any fun watching this any more, so I won’t. Let the semi-pro teams keep spending their millions and I’ll find something more interesting to do on Saturdays.

  12. Liberty? Really? If you can’t beat ODU and Liberty, don’t schedule them. Alabama doesn’t play South Alabama.

  13. The better team won. Get over it guys we can’t recruit in B-burg like they can in Lynchburg. We don’t have the budget for facilities and coaches to compete with these big dogs. . . oh wait this was Liberty we played. We have every advantage over them but two weeks of preparation. That MUST be it, the team that has more prep time always wins … right? Geez, tell me we aren’t THAT bad?

  14. I do not believe Fuente when he says he wasn’t trying to ice the kicker. They were aligned for the block and he waited until the last few secs to call the TO. More poor coaching also allowed them another 8 yards w/ 8 secs to get closer in. This is basic stuff and these guys are paid far too much to get that wrong. I am now convinced Fuente needs to go. If you cant recruit, you had better be good on the field. He is neither.

  15. Sorry Hokies…… this Coach just isnt the one. If we really, really, really dig deep, i think we all knew or should have known this game was a trap……..I think we all tried not to give life to it. Nevertheless it was still the annual ODU type of loss all over again that his staff is prone to every year. I was hoping Fu was going fight and prepare like hell not to allow Blacksburg to feel this moment again. I know there are out lot of Fuente diehards out there so many of you wont like my remarks above but come back to me at the end of the year after Fuente loses to UVA 2years in row and tell me if he is still your guy then.

  16. How many indefensible losses can one fan take? Boneheaded coaching decision making, poor execution. How many four-stars does Liberty have? Tired of hearing that excuse for our ineptitude. Did ANYONE ever expect to see Tech lose to Liberty … Liberty … in our lifetime? Or two lifetimes? Something ain’t right.

  17. Hmmm…there’s a new boy on the block! What Commonwealth Cup?

    I hate Tech losses. But, Liberty came in and played with emotion. Two quarterbacks carried their teams, only 1 could win. Emotion aside, it was a fantastic game!

    1. I want to add to this: For all the Coach Fu haters, did you notice that Liberty was ranked (for good reason), Tech was not?

      Did you notice who else lost yesterday? Clemson, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, Georgia, Tennessee, etc. Let’s fire all those coaches!

      1. Every game is a crap shoot because of COVID. It’s more interesting to see what teams are are losing and to whom. Great observation.

      2. Thank you for your sanity. The Fire-Fu crowd played YMCA football and believes they can coach a D-1 team from their man cave wearing a Velveeta stained VT Jersey.
        To these folks::

      3. And they will. This argument is not a very strong one. But lets play this game: I GUARANTEE 5 of those coaches arent safe after this year…..Covid or not. Dabo has nothing to be ashame of and is totally safe.
        His team loses their ACE QB and has to walk into South Bend with his backup who was MORE than ready. They loss a close game on the road against Gods team…they will remain TOP 3 if not 2. Michigan continues to be mediocre and CANNOT beat MSU & OSU, PSU or WIS consistently then loses to a team they AREN’T suppose to lose to and hadn’t for 25years. MSU & OSU expectations should sound eerily familar (UVA & MIA maybe) and Iosing Indiana is like us losing to Temple- Harbaugh’s Alumnus coaching career is toast in Ann Arbor. He goes back to NFL in 2021. Mel Tucker is BIG10’s version of our Bronco Mendenhall….he is a 1st year head coach at MSU and he is already playing with house money…he properly beat his instate rival his 1st year end….end of their contract Bonus for everyone at MSU. The remaining four coaches all are mediocre despite their stellar recruiting rankings. Scott Frost is on the hot seat. Hes gone. He tried to take Covid, his administration, and the BIG12 on by threatening he would move his team to another league to play football because he had good fooball to get to. Now his team is 0-2 but Cornhuskers are such nice folks they are like Hokies….very slow to make a definitive decision; he probably sees next year. Georgia, Tennessee in the SEC is big boy football….watch the serious heat that happens for stubborn Kirby Smart who doesn’t appear to smart these last 2 years….how does the head guy lose 5 star Justin Fields and Justin Herbert to separate teams then you use a scholarship to “portal draft” a USC QB that you stil haven’t put on the field yet in favor of a 5ft 10 QB who is terribly mediocre when you have a stud freshmen Malick Willis on the team who almost game you a chance against the mighty Gators. $6.5M Smart goes 1st. Jeremy Pruitt earning $3.8M at Tennessee is not far behind him and could go 1st. Volunteers still haven’t seen the rewards of their investment. PSU may give $5.6M James Franklin 1 year stay of execution. They can be alot like Nebraska and James steered Penn state out of a very dark time when no one wanted to “touch” Penn State. So that alone gives him alot of benefit of doubt. Bottom line 5 of those coaches are walking the plank.

      4. Who cares about those teams. The only one I care about is VT. I am giving money to the Hokie Club and buying season tickets since 1978. I, for one, am almost through with all of this. I sat through the whole game yesterday and I did not see the emotion to win like I did on the Liberty sideline. A comment was made on the point after show yesterday that on Wednesday the coaches were having a hard time getting the players up for the game. We are literally paying them a 4/5 year education to see a good product on the field. If you can’t get them up to play any game, then you as a coach have a decision to make-get rid of these players and play the ones who want to or get the heck out of Dodge and get a coach who can bring kids in who will be excited to play and play to win. I have for the past 3 years defended Coach Fu, but after yesterday-NO MORE. And I am still deciding on what to do about supporting the team. A long time ago, I stopped buying men’s BB tickets when they hired Rickey Stokes and returned when they fired him. I am this close to doing the same thing here. Whit had better open his eyes or a lot of support for all of the players in all of the sports at VT will dry up and it will not be fair to them because we have a coach in FB who is over his head.

        1. Pretty well said!

          To namibiahoke:
          Clemson lost to Notre Dame
          Michigan lost to Indiana
          Michigan State lost to Iowa
          Nebraska lost to Northwestern
          Penn State lost to Maryland
          Georgia lost to Florida
          Tennessee lost to Arkansas

          Nebraska is on the fence. PSU & UT are both teams that are struggling this year, so it’s not a huge surprise that they lost. The rest of those teams you mentioned lost to some of the best programs in the country right now. That goes without saying that had the VT team (that played Liberty) would have been absolutely demolished (a la this years Clemson v. GT). None of them lost to teams as embarrassing as Liberty. At the risk of being wrong, I’d say that none of them have head coaches that have lost two FBS teams that are still so new they still have the shrink wrap on them. So if you think what Fuente is doing with the program right now is defendable, then I say have fun with your not-top-25 football program. I’ll go with the rest of the sane people who have commented that it’s time to cut this anchor we call a head coach so that we don’t sink all the way to the bottom.

          Oh, and for the record, I’m an unfortunate fan of the professional Footbal Team. So looks like, at least for the foreseeable future, my fall weekends are going to be free for the first time in a VERY long time. Not happy about it, but not much I can do about it either.

  18. Time for change. We need to make every game count! Liberty, ODU, and JMU…..We should not be losing to them….Wake Forest….really…

  19. I missed the 1st half. Did we really kick a field goal from the 1 yard line as the last play of the half? That’s what the ESPN play by play tracker suggests.

      1. Liberty had zero TFLs on 31 running plays and zero sacks on 27 passing plays.

        90+% chance we score the touchdown there. Bring in Quincy for that play.

        Bad decision.

  20. Time for coach Fuente to kicked to the curb before he destroys what coach beamer spent years building. He has been at Va. Tech for 5 years and the program has done nothing under him but to have one embarrassing loss after another.

    1. While Beamer did build a great program over a long period of time he left after 4 mediocre seasons and that’s what Fuente inherited. We are roughly in the same place as FB’s last 4.

    1. Ah yes, so true. I will always be a fan and pay my annual support but there are other things in life that are very important, so if this is the anticipated product we will put on the field it becomes less worthy relative to other responsibilities.

  21. We played a good football team with a great coach that had 2 weeks to prepare for Tech.Still looked like our players was not motivated to play Liberty from the very get go.Our coaches job is to prepare our team to play the opponent whoever it might be,they failed to do so.But, regardless the players have to be up for the challenge of the opponent ,They where not up for the game,they looked as if they were just going through the motions.We lack talent at many positions, def. tackle,Linebacker an size in secondary.Looks as if no help in the future either.

    1. Honestly, I’d be wary of any big-time coordinator who hasn’t had HC experience at some level of the FBS. But, on the other hand, Venables is an associate HC AND is part of a program that is now constantly in the CFP conversation. So, at VERY least in terms of being a fly on the wall, he knows what it takes to sustain that kind of success.

      Another worry I would have is that his starting HC salary at VT would have to be too high compared to the risk of him being the lone HC for the first time.

  22. What sad display of Hokie football. No need to waste anymore beautiful Saturday’s on this pathetic product. Will tune back in when basketball starts up.

  23. Mediocrity years – come back when they get a Vick or Tyrod level QB and some semblance of Defensive linemen and linebackers.

      1. Don’t blame this on the players. These games are on the coaches. They recruited them, they coach them, they start them. If they cannot perform, then get rid of them. Again, this on the coaches, not the players.

        1. It is squarely on both coaches and players, in my opinion. As they say, it takes two to tango. The players can’t succeed on the field if the coaches aren’t giving them the right knowledge, guidance, and motivation. The coaches can’t succeed as a program if the players aren’t listening and following through with what the coaches are teaching. Looking back through the rocky past 5 years, I can’t figure out a way to say that it isn’t both.

  24. Have a big problem with this portion of the write up: “Freeze’s offense found little resistance on the next drive, marching it down the field. It got to the point where the Hokies had exhausted all timeouts.” If VT had happened to exhaust all timeouts at that point Fuente wouldn’t have had the brilliant opportunity to ice the kicker on the 59 yard fg. VT would have blocked the kick and returned it for a TD leaving Freeze as the goat rather than Fuente and Hamilton. I no longer will be worrying about scheduling my Saturdays around VT football and I feel sad about that.

  25. I can take loosing to an ACC team. But to ODU and now Liberty. Our team was not sharp from
    the start to finish. Is it lack of talent on lack of coaching ?

  26. The prevent defense with no challenging coverage is my biggest gripe. Mike London is wearing a Fuente costume.

    A TO to ice the kicker is the least of my concern.

    1. This is right on. The TO in the kick is overlooking the big fact of the Hail Mary defense to allow them to complete a pass to setup the closer FG. Just mind boggling how they let that happen. (And I cant believe the TV highlights are not accentuating this blunder!!!)

    2. Lol, “Mike London is wearing a Fuente costume” that’s funny right there . . . and disheartening too

  27. “Virginia Tech’s defense was no match for Willis and Company.” That about says it all with a missing player here and there VT can’t field a team that can stop a powerhouse FB team. The better team won. Sad day, sad state of affairs. Not worth the time did go on a rant.

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