TSL Podcast Episode 143: Whit Babcock on Facilities, Finances, the ACC Network, and More

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The Fisher Law Firm TSL Podcast

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TSL Podcast Episode 143: Special Guest Whit Babcock

Virginia Tech Director Athletics Whit Babcock dropped in on the TSL Podcast today and talked for half an hour about facilities, finances, the future of the Virginia Tech football program, and more. (35 minutes)


  • This interview was conducted via Zoom.
  • For a transcription of this podcast, click here.

NOTE: This podcast is audio-only. We plan on being back in the video studio for Thursday (Episode 144).

The Fisher Law Firm TSL Podcast



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  1. Will- great interview flow, great questions, great guest

    Whit was more candid than I expected…Both of you are pros and understand the need to have reasonable transparency/direction while protecting university interests (and competitive insight). Well done

    1. Interesting listening to the “pros” talk. He knew he had to give Will something but be careful not to provide any soundbites. He didn’t really acknowledge Fuente going to Baylor as a coach candidate but did talk about what Fuente saw there as facilities – like it was a planned facility tour or something – and what they are going to do about that…so yeah if you read between the lines you get the story.

      But yeah, good stuff on Will’s part a couple not softball questions.

  2. Join the Hokie Club and be an invested VT fan. Make a difference that takes our team and coaches better! Don’t just talk big! Back it up with $,

  3. Great set of questions and Whit did a good job filling in detailed answers for the most part. We have some good size financial hurdles to go over, but it’s good to know that most of the ongoing capital projects are fully funded and the West Lane Stadium debt will be gone by 2028. The big whales seemed to have forked over sizable donations to increase football operations / staffing and that won’t be cut. Looks like Cassell renovations may be put on hold, which is no big deal.
    Sounds like salary cuts, possible furloughs may be in store in 2021 within athletic department.

  4. Excellent interview! Whit was very transparent and laid out a positive plan and future for VT athletics. Tough times but I liked what I heard.

  5. Excellent interview! More of these please.

    The AD expressed his appreciation and thanks for TSL and TSL fans. It’s been a very long road, from Weaver to Babcock.

  6. Awesome, can’t wait to hear this. I was thinking how great it would be for TSL podcasts to start including the guests (which were part of the vision the whole time I realize).

    1. They’ve had guests on before. And I doubt Whit drank more beers during this interview than their previous in studio guest did.

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