Virginia Tech-NC State Game Postponed

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Virginia Tech’s season opener against NC State has been moved from September 12 to September 26.  The Hokies’ season opener is now scheduled for September 19 in Lane Stadium against in-state rival UVA.

The reason for the postponement of the NC State game is because of a COVID-19 outbreak within the Wolfpack athletic department, and NC State will not be able to practice effectively over the next couple of weeks.

Both Tech and NC State had a bye week scheduled for September 26, so it was easy to move the game.  However, now that the game has been moved, the Hokies will have to play 10 games over the course of 10 consecutive weeks from September 19 through November 21.

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  1. Towson just reverted to virtual only and my nephew comes home. My neighbor had a point. Everybody thinks their plans are innovative and will work, and everyone has the same result eventually. Regardless of what happens this season will have an asterisk next to it.

  2. If the season were canceled what happens to the bowl record? It would affect every team so would everyone go back to 0 or just stay where they are?

    My thoughts are win 6 and get bowl eligible even with no bowl games streak is still there.

    1. You have to make your Bowl ticket donation thru the Hokie Club or the Bowl Streak is not recognized

  3. As much as I love and dream about college football, I believe the season should be canceled, or delayed until the spring. Since it will not be a financial boom to anyone this fall (no or little fans), it may even make more financial sense in the long run to delay until spring. It would only take one person on game day spreading the virus to make the whole team infected, and no matter how much safety protocol is in place, the odds are against us containing it. The liability and risk outweigh the positive gain. I actually admire the other conferences for canceling the seasons (or delaying them, if possible), as it speaks to common sense. If we do have football, I will enjoy it, but be apprehensive for the health of the players the entire year (and their families).

    1. They’re not playing in spring, makes no sense to make college kids play 20+ games between Feb- Nov 2021

    2. fact is the virus is not going away, it will be around next fall as well, we just need to learn to live with it.

    3. The pandemic of 1918 lasted for over two years. If what you say is the best course of action we may as well cancel two to three seasons. There will never be a total cure for Covid-19 just like all other flu viruses.

    4. According to CDC 45 million people ere infected with Flu in 2017-2018. I don’t recall any panic or shutdowns. I wonder why now? Have more than 45 million people been infected?

      1. Far, far fewer COVID Infections in USA than 45 million. Did you also look up the number of deaths from that same flu?
        Obviously, this is completely different.

        1. You’re right….very different….per the CDC report yesterday, less than 10,000 people in the US have died from only COVID and 61,0000 died from influenza. This is talking about people that have died solely from the disease without complicating factors.

    1. Probably not a good idea. We have one of the worst outbreaks per capita in the country right now.

  4. crazy gets crazier and sets crazier up to become still crazier.

    wondering if it is actually – individual players and coaches, each university’s athletic teams, and conferences-wide – to keep pushing when so many caveats, escape clauses and smoke screens are about to be deployed.

    i want to see live Hokie and college football this fall in-person as much as anyone; but what will be the cost in not only money, but persons infected (some possibly fatally and others with life-altering medical conditions for the rest of their lives), “sports-politics”, lifestyle alterations, etc. etc. ?
    it’s a “game” for players and coaches to be enjoyed by millions in person. it’s a game; it’s optional – not required for life. if we can’t attend as fans, it loses meaning and enthusiasm. if those people attending feel their health and lives are at risk, is it actually enjoyable?

    an early-spring college football season – to the angst of most who will read this – seems the safer and better, common sense alternative.

    1. Zero chance of spring ball. No way athletes will play two football seasons within the same calendar year.

  5. Breaking news…UVA announces COVID outbreak, says they’ll be back in action on 20 Sep. Due to this “unforeseen” delay in their fall athletic schedule, UVA was forced to cancel their 19 Sep game with Virginia Tech. UVA regrets this situation but will retain possession of the Commonwealth Cup until their next schedule game with Virginia Tech in 2021.

    Ya heard it here first!

  6. Is “practice effectively” a right? You look at what Texas Tech is doing, they just remove positive cases and everyone else continues on. I mean, it doesn’t sound like it was half of the team or anything like that. We’re going to have to have a higher bar for postponing games than this. Yeah, this one’s easy because we had the common open date two weeks later but future situations won’t work out that nicely, I can promise you.

  7. NCST is lucky. They should send VT a “token of appreciation” for being so obliging.
    What happens if we get an outbreak in VT athletics in the next few weeks? Do we forfeit?
    I guess their is an agreement in place that they simply cancel games if there is no alternative.

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